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Stories by Megan Burks

State Glitch Holds Up 90,000 San Diego Medi-Cal Applications

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A state computer glitch is holding up Medi-Cal applications across California, delaying health coverage for thousands of San Diegans.

San Diego County Responds To Growing Link Between Childhood Trauma And Health

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As statewide conversations on childhood trauma grow, San Diego health, welfare and education leaders push service providers to get "trauma-informed."

Tapped-Out Farmers Applaud Escondido Decision To Recycle Wastewater

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Escondido is moving forward with a wastewater recycling program that could provide relief for farmers struggling with rising water costs.

The Scope Of San Diego's Gang Problem

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For a city whose gang problem pales in comparison to so-called gang capitals Los Angeles and Chicago, we sure have been talking about gangs a lot lately. Here's a primer on San Diego's gang landscape.

What You Need To Know About Today's Obamacare Deadline

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Today is the deadline to sign up for health care insurance under the Affordable Care Act coverage – sort of.

San Diego Police Chief Hears Racial Profiling Complaints Firsthand

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San Diego's police chief goes from being unaware of racial profiling concerns to hearing them firsthand.

Bringing Legitimacy – And Money – to San Diego Street Outreach Workers

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Tasha Williamson, an activist and educator schooled in fighting gangs in Los Angeles, is using her street skills to battle gang violence in San Diego. She's one of dozens of street outreach workers new group License to Serve is working to organize and support.

MTS, City Move Toward Compromise For San Diego Cabdrivers

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The Metropolitan Transit System board of directors took steps Thursday toward renewing its contract with the city to oversee San Diego's taxi industry.

‘At-Risk, Whatever That Means’: Who Actually Needs Gang Intervention

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A street outreach worker in San Diego says the term "at-risk" is too vague and too broadly applied — sometimes to the detriment of those truly in danger of becoming entrenched in gang life.

Iraqi Refugee Doctor In San Diego Learns Whether She'll Practice Medicine Again (Video)

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It's Match Week for soon-to-be doctors and there's a lot at stake. For refugee doctors, it's a career they've already lost once.

San Diego Police Helping End Gang Retaliation With Text Messages

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The San Diego Police Department shares real-time information on gang homicides so former gang members can work to stop retaliation — starting at the hospital.

Mid-City Business Selected To Sell Compass Cards Following Albertsons Closure

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City Heights lost its main grocery store but gained two additional spots to buy monthly transit passes.

In Southeastern San Diego, The Fine Line Between Gang Policing And Gang Behavior

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Some community members community have likened members of the San Diego Police Department's gang suppression unit to Stormtroopers or a gang itself.

City Heights School Opens Recycling Bins To Parents

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The city of San Diego's ordinance mandating recycling has been on the books since 2007. But some residents in the city's dense, older neighborhoods still find it difficult to recycle at home.

San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne Abruptly Retires

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San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne announced his retirement effective March 3.

California Prison Realignment Complicates Voting Rights For Felons

The state's prison realignment effort has drawn up a complicated matrix of detention options for felons in California, and with it a lot of confusion about which ones can vote.

What It Means When Police Ask: 'Are You on Probation?'

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Residents concerned about racial profiling say they're tired of being asked whether they're on parole when they get pulled over.

Lansdowne Proposes Body Cameras To Help Combat Racial Profiling

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San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne heard from community members who said they've been racially profiled and proposed sweeping changes to address their concerns.

San Diego Mayoral Candidates Field Questions From Mid-City Youth

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Youth groups join San Diego 6 in hosting a debate on neighborhoods and youth.

San Diego Police: 'We Do Our Very Best To Reach Everyone'

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Police Chief William Lansdowne let a key check on racial profiling slide because he hadn't heard it's a concern in the community. Here's what the department does to open lines of communication, and why some voices aren't being heard.

Albertson's Closes Store In San Diego Food Desert

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The Albertson's in City Heights is one of eleven in southern California closing its doors next month.

In Defense Of Investigatory Traffic Stops

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A New York Police Department transplant defends the San Diego traffic stops at the center of racial profiling claims.

San Diego Has Fallen Behind On Combating Police Racial Profiling

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The San Diego Police Department often has failed to follow its own rules regarding the collection of racial data at traffic stops, saying the community isn't concerned about racial profiling.

Second Opinion: What We Learned About Health Care — And Our Readers — in 2013

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Second Opinion answered questions about the Affordable Care Act from 24 San Diegans in 2013. The requirements to participate were simple: You had to have a question about Obamacare and you had to do it on camera.

Mid-City's 'Year of Funding'

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If 2012 was the year of campaign promises in City Heights, 2013 was the year of paying for those promises.

A Food Bank's New Year's Resolution

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An increasing need for long-term help has Feeding America thinking less about filling bellies and more about nutrition.

Second Opinion: How Will Feds Enforce Individual Mandate?

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Americans who want health coverage starting Jan. 1 have one more week to sign up for Obamacare. But how will the government know whether they do or not?

With Filner Out, San Diego Spins Its Wheels On Taxi Reform

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Disgraced former-Mayor Bob Filner set the wheels in motion for San Diego to take over the taxicab industry. A proposal by interim Mayor Todd Gloria could bring that work to a sudden halt.

Second Opinion: Will Obamacare Streamline Care For Disabled People?

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The Affordable Care Act will fund a three-year pilot program aimed at streamlining health care delivery to seniors and people with disabilities.

What's Behind San Diego's Gang Problem?

Local law enforcement say gangs have gotten worse in the last five years. Officers say it's due to prison realignment. Researchers say San Diego is behind the gang deterrence curve.

Second Opinion: Will Obamacare Help If My Company’s Plan Is Too Expensive?

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How much is too much when it comes to health care premiums for employer-based coverage? You and the federal government might disagree.

Why San Diego County Will Lose Half Its State Health Funds (And Why It Might Not Matter)

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The San Diego region is poised to lose at least half its state funding for indigent healthcare and public health programs.

Second Opinion: What Does Obamacare Mean For My Paycheck?

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We've tackled what you need to know about the Affordable Care Act this year. Now for the long view — will it ever reduce payroll taxes?

Covered California Enrollment Strong Among Young Adults, Weak Among Spanish-Speakers

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Covered California administrators are happy with the rate of young people enrolling in new health plans but said they have some work to do enrolling non-English speakers.

Second Opinion: Which Mental Health Services Have To Be Covered Under Obamacare?

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Insurance providers must cover mental health services, but which ones and how well?

Food Stamp Cuts Could Hurt City Heights Farmers Market

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Families who use food stamps have $36 less this month for stocking their cupboards. The cuts are also affecting businesses and, ultimately, the communities they serve.

Second Opinion: What Does Obamacare Mean For Health Savings Accounts?

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A La Jolla resident wants to know if she can window-shop on Covered California if she has a health savings account.

Second Opinion: Do Student Health Center Fees Satisfy The Individual Mandate?

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A graduate student can get most of her health needs taken care of on campus for a small fee. Does that count as health coverage under the Affordable Care Act?

New City Policy Would Change Way Infrastructure Money Is Prioritized

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San Diego City Council considers a policy to better prioritize parks, libraries and fire stations in underserved neighborhoods.

Second Opinion: What If My Income Increases After I Sign Up For Obamacare?

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A San Diego artist with a variable income wants to know what happens if she gets a health insurance subsidy, only to find out later she made too much to qualify. Contractor's Other Client: The City Of San Diego

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One of the government contractors responsible for the botched health care site is also responsible for information technology at the city.

Meetings Let Residents Weigh In On Infrastructure Priorities

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San Diego City Councilman Mark Kersey wants your help drafting the city's infrastructure budget.

Second Opinion: What If I Get Sick Before My Obamacare Coverage Starts?

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Nearly 100,000 Californians have started applications on the state's new insurance exchange, Covered California. But completing the process won't mean they can start scheduling check-ups. What happens between October and January?

Gov. Brown Vetos Program For Medical Interpreters

Gov. Jerry Brown has vetoed a bill to establish face-to-face interpretation at doctors’ offices and hospitals.

Second Opinion: Can Domestic Partners Apply For Obamacare Coverage Together?

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A mechanical engineer's out-of-state employer doesn't cover domestic partners. Can the couple get coverage through California's health insurance exchange?

Second Opinion: Does Obamacare Give Employees More Choice Over Coverage?

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A Scripps Ranch health care advocate says the Affordable Care Act hasn't necessarily helped consumers who don't like their employer's insurance options.

Second Opinion: Does Obamacare Reduce Costs For People With Pre-Existing Conditions?

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A University Heights resident with a pre-existing condition wants to know if her wallet will get any relief under the Affordable Care Act.

For Refugee Doctors, Journey Back To Practicing Medicine Is The Longest

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Here's something you don't think about when you get into a taxi: your driver could be a doctor. Why foreign-licensed medical professionals have a tough time getting into a health system that needs more doctors.

Second Opinion: I'm Nearing Medicare Age. Can I Get Gap Coverage?

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A retiring microbiologist considers how to fill a gap in coverage before she's eligible for Medicare.

Obamacare For Californians: It's Not That Confusing. We Promise.

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Use this easy, click-through web application to find out how the Affordable Care Act impacts you, your family and your business.