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Natalie Walsh

Executive Producer of News

Photo of Natalie Walsh

Natalie Walsh has worked for KPBS since 1993. As executive producer for news, Natalie oversees our local news programming and operations, including KPBS Midday Edition on radio, KPBS Evening Edition on TV, as well as Morning Edition and All Things Considered, and special projects like our election coverage and the Fronteras Desk.

Natalie launched KPBS television’s first nightly news program, Full Focus, which aired until 2007. Natalie was producer and production coordinator on more than 60 documentaries and specials for KPBS television, and senior producer for KPBS's long-running daily talk show These Days.

Natalie earned a master’s degree in mass communications from San Diego State University, and a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Cincinnati. Natalie lives with her husband and daughter in San Diego and enjoys gardening and traveling.

Recent Stories

How San Diego's Redistricting Map Could Shortchange Democrats

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Despite the city having more registered Democrats than Republicans, Republicans may get a majority on the San Diego City Council.

A Look At San Diego's Fiscal Health After The Great Recession

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San Diego's economy is expected to exceed $200 billion in GDP in 2014. A new report looks at how San Diego navigated fiscal challenges in the years following the Great Recession.

Mission Trails Campgrounds Reopen After Budget Cuts Restored

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After being closed for nearly three years, San Diego city leaders celebrate the reopening of Kumeyaay Lake Campgrounds at Mission Trails Regional Park.

Roundtable: Race For San Diego County District Attorney

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On a special edition of The Roundtable, the candidates for San Diego County district attorney talk about prison realignment, the death penalty and other issues facing that office.

Roundtable: Wind & Fire; Minimum Wage; Sterling Racism

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The marine layer disappeared this week, and suddenly May seemed like your typical October. Donald Sterling was outed as a racist by TMZ, and banned for life by the NBA. Dueling minimum-wage proposals will duke it out, unless they won't.

2014 Rings In New Laws For California

The first of the year is a handy date for putting new laws into effect. So on Jan. 1, expect changes in a range of areas from voice-activated texting while driving to gun sales to financial literacy for school children.

San Diego Small Businesses Are Banking On Saturday Shoppers

The Saturday after Thanksgiving is designated Small Business Saturday, a day created by American Express to encourage shoppers to buy local. In San Diego, many businesses are hoping shoppers will spend money at their stores.

Aquilla Fire Fully Contained in Lakeside, Calif.

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A brush fire that broke out Sunday morning in Lakeside is 100 percent contained. It's the second fire to burn amid the weekend's red flag warning.

Roundtable: More Filner Trouble, UCSD Student Awarded $4.1 Million, Future Of SD's Wild Horses Uncertain

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San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has another rough week as more people call for his resignation. A UCSD student who was forgotten in a DEA holding cell for nearly five days was awarded $4.1 million by the Justice Department. The fate of wild horses descended from steeds ridden by the Spanish military here in the 1700s is uncertain in East County.

Roundtable: Gay Rights Victory, San Diego Hospice Bankruptcy, Climate Change Challenge

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The U.S. Supreme Court's dual rulings on same-sex marriage establishes a major victory for civil rights. Creditors are lining up to get their share of what's left of San Diego Hospice. The military cites climate change as a vital national security issue and leads the way on alternative energy.

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