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Neiko Will

Morning Edition Producer

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Neiko Will is the producer of Morning Edition.

Recent Stories

San Diego Researchers Caught Up In Ethical Debate About Altering Human DNA

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A DNA modification technique that helps mothers avoid passing serious medical conditions on to their children is raising ethical and safety questions.

San Diego Professor Delves Deep Into Politics, Culture of 'Mad Men'

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A new book takes an academic look at the TV series that has become a cultural phenomenon.

Earth Day: Environmental Group Highlights San Diego Restaurants Eliminating Plastic Waste

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The Surfrider Foundation is tapping San Diego restaurants to help with its mission to keep oceans and beaches clean, and reduce plastic waste.

San Diego Homeless Advocates Work To Provide Year-Round Shelter

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Changes to temporary homeless shelters in San Diego left more people living on the streets as the city pivots to a permanent housing plan.

'Weed The People' Author Examines Growing Support For Legal Marijuana

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Could California be the next state to legalize recreational marijuana? Backers of an initiative filed this month hope to get the issue on the November 2016 ballot.

Balancing Rights In College Sex Assault Cases

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As colleges scramble to do a better job dealing with assaults on campus, are they trampling on the rights of the accused?

'Serial' Effect: KPBS Taking Podcast Pitches After 'This American Life' Spinoff Success

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Podcasts are enjoying a surge in popularity, thanks in part to the success of "Serial." Looking to get in the act? KPBS is accepting proposals for content.

Roundtable Looks At Water Restrictions, Oversight At Civic San Diego And Attorney Cory Briggs

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No more lawns, judicious flushing and severe punishments for water wasters could be coming, as state and local agencies unveil conservation plans. Critics call for more oversight of the Civic San Diego development agency. And San Diego reaches a settlement in a conflict of interest case involving San Diego attorney Cory Briggs.

Roundtable Looks At Mandatory Water Restrictions, Unlimited Taxi Permits, And A New Start For The Padres

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For the first time ever, California is under mandatory water restrictions. San Diego has lifted the cap on taxi permits. Baseball season is back, and the Padres actually look pretty good this year.

California Housing Restrictions Relaxed For Some Sex Offenders

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The California Department of Corrections has changed its policy of prohibiting all sex offenders from living near parks, schools and other places where children congregate.

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