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Neiko Will


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Neiko Will is a producer for KPBS Midday Edition and KPBS Evening Edition.

Recent Stories

What's Behind Trend That Has Mexicans Leaving U.S.

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A study from Pew Research Center found that in recent years the number of Mexicans leaving the U.S. is larger than the number coming to the U.S.

Author Brings Real Stories Of English Housekeepers To San Diego

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How realistic is Mrs. Hughes in "Downton Abbey"? "The Housekeepers Tale: The Real Women Who Ran The English Country House" by Tessa Boase takes a look.

La Jolla Playhouse ‘Indecent’ Explores Legal Battle Over Artistic Expression

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"Indecent" is a play about another play — one that got the cast and producer arrested when it premiered on Broadway in the 1920s.

San Diego Professor Wants To Revive The 'American Dream'

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An ambitious study launched at UC San Diego will look at practical ways to make the "American Dream" a reality.

Will San Diego Take More Syrian Refugees After Paris Attacks?

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Governors from several U.S. states balk at taking in Syrian refugees after attacks in Paris.

San Diego Man's Role In Uncovering Priest Sex Abuse Featured In 'Spotlight'

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A San Diego mental health counselor was instrumental in helping Boston Globe investigative reporters uncover the priest sex abuse scandal in 2002 and cover-up that followed. The investigation is depicted in the new film "Spotlight."

Courage Under Water: Swimmer Shares Message Of Perseverance In New Book

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Diana Nyad accomplished something at 64 that she had set out and failed to do at 28: swim from Cuba to Florida. She is the only person to make the 100-plus mile swim without the aid of a shark cage.

New Book Explores All Things Pacific

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Author Simon Winchester likes big topics. He has followed up on his 2010 book on the history of the Atlantic Ocean with an even more enormous subject, the Pacific.

Roundtable: 2016 Tax Proposals, Clearing Storm Drains, Future Of Rural Metro

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Numerous tax measures on next year's ballot could confuse San Diego voters. Many storm drains are choked with overgrowth and debris as we head into a big El Niño winter. And, the city's troubled ambulance service that's been missing response-time targets has been sold.

Drought Taking Heavy Toll On San Diego Trees

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California has lost an astounding number of trees to the ongoing drought. Among them, many of San Diego's beloved Torrey pines.

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