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Neiko Will


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Neiko Will is a producer for KPBS Midday Edition and KPBS Evening Edition.

Recent Stories

Roundtable: Taking A Stand On Immigration, Mattis As Defense Secretary, Effects Of Legal Pot

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Democrats at the state capitol launch an offensive on the proposed immigration policies of President-elect Donald Trump. Will retired Gen. James Mattis be a good fit for Secretary of Defense? And the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in the state is already having effect on criminal justice in San Diego.

Roundtable: Update On Local Races, Putting Presidential Race In Perspective And Politics At The Movies

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What can an analysis of "Citizen Kane" tell us about the presidential race? And how will history remember the 2016 election? Find out on the Roundtable.

Roundtable: Breaking Down San Diego Ballot Measures

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Election Day is fast approaching. Do you know enough to make an informed decision on the local measures on the ballot?

Roundtable: Final Presidential Debate, Congressional Races, State Propositions

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Presidential candidate Donald Trump continues to flirt with the idea that he won't concede the election, should he lose on Nov. 8. Will there will a Trump Effect on San Diego races? And is California ready to say goodbye to the death penalty...and hello to recreational pot?

'Gilmore Girls' Fans Flock To Luke's Diner Pop-Ups In San Diego

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Industrial Grind Coffee in Hillcrest and Cafe Virtuoso in Barrio Logan on Wednesday transformed into Luke's Diner, a restaurant on the TV show, and served free coffee.

Roundtable: Tony Gwynn Tobacco Lawsuit, Maintaining The Border, Future Of Del Mar Fairgrounds

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Ban "dip" from baseball? Tony Gwynn's family hopes their lawsuit will help make that happen. The San Diego border fence as a test case for Donald Trump's "build a wall" campaign promise. And the upside and downside to living where the surf meets the turf.

Roundtable: Trouble at Lincoln High, Council Race Heats Up, Getting Californians To Vote

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The brawl at San Diego's Lincoln High exposes long-standing problems at the school. The race for the San Diego City Council District 1 seat gets exciting. And what will it take to get more people to the polls?

Oboe Player Featured In San Diego Youth Symphony Documentary

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To mark its 70th anniversary, the San Diego Youth Symphony traveled to China this past summer to perform and participate in musical and cultural exchanges. A documentary about the trip airs Friday on KPBS TV.

A Physicist, An Engineer And A Cosmologist Discuss The Science Of 'Star Wars'

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Is it possible that light could be contained in a lightsaber? Could a weapon destroy a planet? How long would it take to hop around a galaxy, even one far, far away?

Actor Hershey Felder Brings Irving Berlin To Life At La Jolla Playhouse

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Hershey Felder channels the composer for a special holiday engagement that runs through Jan. 3.

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