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Stories by Neiko Will

Bike To Work Day: Promoting Cycling As Viable San Diego Transportation Option

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Government leaders have included biking in its climate action plans for San Diego city and the larger region.

Journalist Documenting His Experience With Alzheimer's Comes To San Diego

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Greg O'Brien made his living as a newspaperman. He shares his experience on reporting the most personal, painful and perhaps important story of his life, this week at a luncheon in La Jolla.

Let's Talk About Sex: San Diego Study Shows Shifting Attitudes On Premarital Sex

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An SDSU researcher found the Millennial generation is fine with hooking up before marriage, but may have fewer sexual partners than their parents.

Before Force Awakens, New Star Wars Book Satisfies Carlsbad Fans

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The countdown to December has Star Wars fans atwitter. Will the new movie meet expectations? Or will we get burned by another Jar Jar Binks?

Free-Range Vs. Helicopter: What's Best For Kids And What Works For Parents?

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Does allowing your kids to walk home alone, or play by themselves in a park constitute neglect? San Diego authors chime in.

San Diego Researchers Caught Up In Ethical Debate About Altering Human DNA

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A DNA modification technique that helps mothers avoid passing serious medical conditions on to their children is raising ethical and safety questions.

San Diego Professor Delves Deep Into Politics, Culture of 'Mad Men'

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A new book takes an academic look at the TV series that has become a cultural phenomenon.

Earth Day: Environmental Group Highlights San Diego Restaurants Eliminating Plastic Waste

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The Surfrider Foundation is tapping San Diego restaurants to help with its mission to keep oceans and beaches clean, and reduce plastic waste.

San Diego Homeless Advocates Work To Provide Year-Round Shelter

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Changes to temporary homeless shelters in San Diego left more people living on the streets as the city pivots to a permanent housing plan.

'Weed The People' Author Examines Growing Support For Legal Marijuana

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Could California be the next state to legalize recreational marijuana? Backers of an initiative filed this month hope to get the issue on the November 2016 ballot.

Balancing Rights In College Sex Assault Cases

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As colleges scramble to do a better job dealing with assaults on campus, are they trampling on the rights of the accused?

'Serial' Effect: KPBS Taking Podcast Pitches After 'This American Life' Spinoff Success

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Podcasts are enjoying a surge in popularity, thanks in part to the success of "Serial." Looking to get in the act? KPBS is accepting proposals for content.

Roundtable Looks At Water Restrictions, Oversight At Civic San Diego And Attorney Cory Briggs

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No more lawns, judicious flushing and severe punishments for water wasters could be coming, as state and local agencies unveil conservation plans. Critics call for more oversight of the Civic San Diego development agency. And San Diego reaches a settlement in a conflict of interest case involving San Diego attorney Cory Briggs.

Roundtable Looks At Mandatory Water Restrictions, Unlimited Taxi Permits, And A New Start For The Padres

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For the first time ever, California is under mandatory water restrictions. San Diego has lifted the cap on taxi permits. Baseball season is back, and the Padres actually look pretty good this year.

California Housing Restrictions Relaxed For Some Sex Offenders

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The California Department of Corrections has changed its policy of prohibiting all sex offenders from living near parks, schools and other places where children congregate.

Roundtable: Another Referendum; The Future of Logan Heights; Bike Lane Backlash

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The battle over the massive One Paseo development may play out in the voting booth. Gentrification fears lead Logan Heights residents to opt for keeping the status quo. And it's bikes versus businesses in Hillcrest.

Roundtable Reviews the SDPD, Baja Press Problems, Salton Sea Crisis

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The results of the federal audit of the SDPD are in. Government leaders in Baja are accusing a newspaper chain of extortion. And the Salton Sea is still in deep trouble and the consequences more apparent.

Rep. Scott Peters Talks Plans For Upcoming Congressional Term

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Democratic Congressman Scott Peters narrowly won re-election in November, beating Republican Carl DeMaio in a close race that included a lot of negative campaigning from both sides.

Balboa Park Centennial Celebration Kicks Off With December Nights

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The opening of the annual December Nights on Friday will also mark the beginning of a year of special centennial events at Balboa Park.

King Tut Exhibit Arrives In San Diego

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The Discovery of King Tut exhibit opened this weekend at the San Diego Natural History Museum. The exhibition recreates the fascinating empire on the Nile using state-of-the art technology.

'Kingdom City' Examines Conflict Between Artistic Freedom And Community Values

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A world premiere production currently at the La Jolla Playhouse was inspired by a true story and the Arthur Miller classic "The Crucible."

California Drought Forces Farmers To Adapt

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Dry weather, coupled with high water prices, has forced some farmers to stop watering crops and trees. Others have switched to new irrigation methods or less thirsty crops.

Brush Fire At Mission Trails Regional Park Kept To 95 Acres; Blaze 95% Contained

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Firefighters moved quickly Sunday afternoon to attack the blaze in the San Diego park from the ground and air. Mission Trails Park should be open Tuesday.

Roundtable: Supervisor Horn's Charity; San Diego Opera Future; Fire Lessons

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San Diego County Supervisor Bill Horn's religious charity is questioned. The show will go on at the San Diego Opera. What last week's fires say about this coming season.

Roundtable: Wind & Fire; Minimum Wage; Sterling Racism

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The marine layer disappeared this week, and suddenly May seemed like your typical October. Donald Sterling was outed as a racist by TMZ, and banned for life by the NBA. Dueling minimum-wage proposals will duke it out, unless they won't.

Roundtable: More Drama At San Diego Opera Unfolds

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Journalists analyze the spell-binding tale of the San Diego Opera, part cliff-hanger, part soap, part farce and part whodunnit. Will the sum of these parts end up a heroic saga or a tragedy?

Last Chance To Request Mail-in Ballot

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If you want to vote by mail, you must request your ballot by Tuesday, October 30th.

TSA Quietly Replacing X-ray Scanners In Major U.S. Airports

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The TSA is quietly replacing controversial full-body X-ray scanners at some airports around the country. But, they remain at San Diego's Lindbergh Field for now.

San Vicente Dam Reaches Full Height

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Construction continues on the San Vicente dam in Lakeside, but has reached a major milestone.

Citrus Pest Creeps Into San Diego County

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The Asian Citrus Psyllid has arrived in San Diego County and could have dire consequences for the citrus industry.

Deferred Action Records Requests To San Diego Unified Higher Than Expected

San Diego Unified staff has been busy handling transcript requests from immigrants looking to take advantage of the new Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. So busy, in fact, that the office designated for such requests will serve at least a month longer than originally expected.

Bike Lane Goes Green For Safety In College Area

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Bicycling has been in the spotlight lately in San Diego. From corrals to a new sharing program, the city seems to be moving in a more bike-friendly direction. The city's newest bike-related improvement addresses safety on the road.

Faulty Solar Panels Removed From San Diego Schools

San Diego Unified removed solar panels that posed a potential fire risk from 24 schools. But, the district plans to add new solar panels at 15 more.

Farmers' Market Opens In Barrio Logan

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The San Diego Public Market is scheduled to open this week on a limited basis. It's phase-one of a larger project to transform industrial space in Barrio Logan into a community hub and tourist attraction.

VA Addresses Increase In Suicide Among Veterans

Suicides among San Diego veterans are up this year. The VA takes steps to keep up with the growing problem.

SDSU Fall Semester Starts Today

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It's back to school for SDSU and Cal State San Marcos today.

Gov. Brown Makes 'Yes on 30' Campaign Stop In San Diego

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Gov. Jerry Brown was in San Diego today to bolster support for his tax initiative, Proposition 30, which would increase the sales tax and income tax to help finance education from kindergarten through community college.

Dole Expected To Sign 25 Year Lease

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Fresh fruit from South America will continue to flow through San Diego's port if a new lease deal is approved on Tuesday. We'll look at the deal and what it means to San Diego.

'Zoot Suit' Gives Students Real World Experience

So much for the lazy days of summer for some San Diego High School Students. They're teaming up with the San Diego Repertory Theatre on its production of "Zoot Suit."

UC San Diego Researches Discover Why We Sunburn

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Overexposure to the sun can cause pain, swelling, and red and itchy skin. But until recently, scientists didn’t know why we respond this way to ultraviolet radiation.

Fate of Salton Sea Rec Area Murky

The Salton Sea State Recreation Area is slated for closure on July 1st. But an organization is working with the state and private donors to keep the park open.

Fried Twinkies And Racing Pigs - The County Fair Is Open!

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Twinkies are frying and pigs are racing, the San Diego County Fair in Del Mar is officially open. The gates opened today for the fair's 24-day run.

Last Chance For Foie Gras

Some say it’s cruel. Others say it’s delicious. But either way foie gras will not be sold in San Diego eateries after July 1st.

San Diego Council To Consider More Off-Season Events At Petco Park

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A plan that could result in more events taking place at Petco Park during the baseball off-season will be considered by the City Council today.

Council Considers Flag Project Celebrating Gay Pride

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A request to place a huge "rainbow flag" atop a 65-foot pole in Hillcrest was rejected by the city's Planning Commission. Now the Council will consider the project.

Street In Hillcrest May Get New Name

The San Diego City Council is expected to vote Tuesday on renaming a city street after Harvey Milk who is recognized as one of the first openly gay politicians to hold public office in the United States.

Tax Tips for Last-Minute Filers

April 17th -- tomorrow -- is tax day. If you haven't filed yet, you are not alone. The IRS reports a third of taxpayers wait until April to file.

CHP Targeting Distracted Drivers

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Local law enforcement agencies are focusing their attention on motorists who are talking on their phones and texting while driving this week.

Cathedral Catholic High Reopens After Staph Scare

A Carmel Valley high school closed its doors on Friday due to a possible outbreak of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus or MRSA.

Border Construction Hampers Commerce

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Motorists caught in traffic jams are not in the mood for shopping in San Ysidro.

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