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Stories by Padma Nagappan

Grocery & Clothing Wholesalers Stock Up As Market Demand Rises

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Food, produce and clothing sales have been increasing steadily, prompting wholesale suppliers to boost inventory levels as they anticipate more business from retail clients.


From Gang Member To College Student With Positive Peer Influence

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A free tutoring program helps troubled teens turn their lives around and win scholarships to college.

Solar Power To Save Marine Lives In Afghanistan

Making fuel runs through enemy territory is dangerous and expensive. The Marine Corps wants to switch to solar.

Jobs Outlook Brightens In SD County

The job market is improving; San Diego County saw its largest monthly hiring increase in more than a year. We speak to Dean Calbreath business columnist for The San Diego Union-Tribune about the upbeat report.

Enterprise Zone Tax Breaks A Bone Of Contention For Labor And Industry

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Labor unions want to end the tax breaks that companies located in enterprise zones enjoy. But cities and businesses hope to keep them.

Entrepreneur Makes Big Business Out Of Beads

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Local businessman Shlomo Gruer taps into customers' shopping habits and is rewarded with loyal customers.

Cycling Gives Wounded Vets Hope, Determination

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Soldier Ride in San Diego helps wounded warriors bond and approach life with renewed purpose.

General Atomics Sends Critical Tool To Japanese Nuclear Workers

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A local defense contractor donated entire supply of radiation measurement device.

Small Businesses At Risk For Cyber Attacks

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Small businesses might think only big corporations need to worry about cyber attacks. But that's not true.

Quake May Disrupt Production Of Popular Electronics

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Delays in chip production could mean longer waits for the new iPad and fewer deals on other hot items.

Genomatica Turns Sugar And Trash Into Wearable Items

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A local biotech firm is working with a major trash company to turn landfill waste into green chemicals used to make everyday items.

Competition Heats Up For Smart-Grid Market

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Firms find lucrative new market for their technological devices that help power companies transition to a smart grid.

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Small Business Outlook For 2011

What challenges are local small businesses facing in 2011? From the lack of adequate financial resources and the impact of health care reform to low-cost marketing resources, we'll touch on the issues facing small business owners nowadays. And, we'll offer some pointers for local small businesses.

Local Success Stories Defy Slow Economy

Two small businesses have not only weathered the recession well but have actually expanded to new locations.

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Veterans Hit Hard By Recession

Unemployment is twice as high for veterans compared to the average Californian. The state's unemployment rate is 12.4 percent, but young vets have it worse with one out of four out of work. Many have turned to business, and others are trying to figure out their options. We talk about the reasons why vets struggle to find work, and the programs out there that can help them find jobs or start businesses.

Green Jobs Are New Sunrise Industry

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San Diego leads the state in green jobs for which local colleges now offer training.

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Where Are The Green Jobs In San Diego?

Like wireless and biotech, cleantech is now an emerging hub in San Diego. The city is at the center of research focused on developing algae as a biofuel. We take a look at how the local industry has fared, where the green jobs are and how much progress has been made with algae.

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Construction Industry Outlook For 2011

What's the outlook for the local construction industry in 2011? We review the key issues for the new year, and discuss which segments of the local construction industry might experience an uptick.

No snail mail tax forms this year

Don't look for tax forms in your mail. State tax returns are going electronic from this year.

San Diego Is 'Roll-Out' City For Electric Cars

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San Diego is among a handful of cities chosen for the roll-out of the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt electric cars.

More Vets Choose To Be Entrepreneurs

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In this tough job market, many war veterans are deciding to become their own bosses.

No-Contract Smart Phones Hit Market

No-contract, affordable smart phones offer an option for to low- and moderate-income shoppers.

Unemployment Rate Twice As High for Young War Veterans

Job prospects are bleak in California for veterans of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.