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Stories by Patty Lane

Help For San Diegans Dealing With Holiday Stress

While the holidays can be a joyous time for many, it can also be stressful, especially if you have overcommitted yourself with tasks or perhaps are dealing with the loss of a loved one.

Escondido Golf Course Fate To Be Decided By Property Rights Case

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A battle over property rights in Escondido is headed to court. The case involves the defunct Escondido Country Club golf course and the city of Escondido. The golf course owner wants to develop the property; the city has designated it open space.

Holiday Safety Tips: Avoiding Hazards And Illness

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With children and older adults visiting, a loose carpet or small item that can be swallowed can mean a trip to the emergency room. We have some tips from an ER physician and San Diego's fire marshal.

San Diego Discussion On Military Use Of Drones And Unintended Casualties

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On Human Rights Watch Day, we take a look at the use of military drones in warfare, and the unintended casualties: civilians.

San Diego Study: Acupuncture Effective For Pain Management In Children After Tonsillectomy

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A new study by a San Diego pediatric surgeon finds acupuncture is effective for pain management in children post-op tonsillectomy. Codeine was often used for pain relief after this surgery until it was banned by the FDA earlier this year because of the risk of death.

San Diego Businesses Join Fight Against Distracted Driving

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It's against the law in California to drive while talking on the phone or text, but many are still doing so, which increases the risk of a collision four-fold. A UC San Diego campaign is targeting businesses to get the word out to employees about the risks.

San Diego Professor Discusses Warning Signs For Communication Difficulties In Children

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After a poll finds many caregivers are missing the warnings signs, a new campaign underway aims to educate them about identifying the signs of a communication disorder in children.

Will San Diegans Spend Cyber Monday Shopping?

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The rat-a-tat-tat of keyboards will be clicking all day as Cyber Monday gets into full swing. Those who dislike packed malls and parking lots will be taking advantage of sales from behind their desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Award-Winning Chefs Offer San Diegans Tips For A Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner

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It's become an annual tradition at KPBS Midday and Evening editions: turkey talk! This Thanksgiving Eve, we're taking your questions on how to prepare a dinner that will make them coming back for more. Call in at 1-888-895-5727 at 12:15 p.m.

San Diego Transfers Low-Level Prisoners To Help Fight Wildfires

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San Diego County's program to transfer low-level offenders to state-run fire camps is underway.

San Diego Interim Mayor Todd Gloria Update On City Business

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From water rate hikes to Barrio Logan to the mayors race, San Diego Interim Mayor Todd Gloria joins us with his monthly update on the business of the city.

John F. Kennedy's Legacy In San Diego

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Friday marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. We explore his legacy in San Diego.

'Talent Wants To Be Free' — A Look At Innovation In The Workplace

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Many businesses require employment contracts and non-compete clauses to protect their intellectual properties. But a new book suggests doing so restricts creativity of workers and hurts innovation.

Public Hearing Set For San Diego's Proposed Water Rate Hikes

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San Diego's water rates have gone up dramatically in the past decade and water officials predict increases are likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

SANDAG: San Diego County Arrests Have Decreased Along With Public Safety Spending

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A new SANDAG study finds that as public safety budgets decrease, the number of arrests in the county have dropped as well.

UCSD Students Presenting Latest Ocean Research At UN Climate Conference

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Ten UC San Diego graduate students are presenting the latest ocean research before delegates at a major international climate change conference underway in Warsaw, Poland.

Vapor Vs. Smoke: A Look At The E-Cigarette Craze In San Diego

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E-cigarettes claim to pose fewer health risks than cigarettes, but some San Diego cities disagree.

Addiction, Unemployment, PTSD: Challenges Facing San Diego Veterans

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On Veterans Day, KPBS honors our military members and looks at some of the issues facing San Diego's veteran population.

Breaking Down San Diego's Proposed Zero Waste Initiative

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A proposal before the San Diego City Council is calling for zero waste by 2040. We take a look at the plan to recycle, reuse and compost.

Hidden Letters: Keeping Alive The Message Of The Holocaust

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Discovered in Amsterdam in 1997, a batch of 1940s letters show communication between a teen Dutch Jew working in a labor camp and his parents, revealing life of Dutch Jews in Holland during the Nazi terror in Europe in the 1940s.

Nonprofit Offers Support For San Diego Military Caregivers

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San Diego is home to the largest concentration of veterans in the country and the effects of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has left many to deal with life-altering injuries. Many spouses and family members find themselves overwhelmed and alone in a role they've never played before: caregiver.

Education, Colonization And The Law: Native American History In San Diego

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Thanksgiving was one of the few bright spots in the history of whites and Native Americans in America. We discuss education, colonization and the law in Native American history and how that played out in San Diego County.

Which City In San Diego County Is The Most Walkable?

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The San Diego Regional Walk Scorecard is out: How does your city stack up? We take a look at the county's most walkable cities and why it matters.

San Diego Interim Mayor Todd Gloria With An Update On City Business

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San Diego Interim Mayor Todd Gloria gives an update on the business of the city, from the proposed infrastructure bond — to plastic bags.

Marshal South: An Experiment Of Primitive Life In The San Diego Desert

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In 1930, writer Marshal South and his wife moved to a mountaintop for a life of isolation and naturalism, documenting their experiences while raising three children in the desert.

Cleaning Up San Diego's C Street Corridor

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Downtown San Diego planners are prioritizing C Street as an area that needs revamping downtown. It's part of a 20-year plan called Imagine San Diego.

Shakespeare Meets Buckley In 'The Last Goodbye'

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A new adaptation of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, now playing at the Old Globe, is likely to appeal to a new generation. The production of "The Last Goodbye" is set to the music of rock icon Jeff Buckley.

San Diego Museum Of Art Explores How Women During Wartime Influenced Industrialization

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An exhibition launching this weekend at the San Diego Museum of Art explores how women during wartime influenced industrialization.

No Jail Time, No Vote, No Pension: Inside Bob Filner's Plea Deal

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Former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner pleaded guilty to three criminal charges in a plea agreement that will keep him from serving time in jail. We take a look at how plea agreements are reached and who benefits.

Valerie Plame: From Real Life Covert CIA Operative To Writing Fiction

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Valerie Plame became a household name back in 2003 when it was revealed she was a covert CIA operative and left the agency. Now she's channeling her experiences into a spy thriller "Blowback." We find out why she's turned to fiction and what it was like being a female in the CIA.

Crucial Vote Coming Up On San Diego Convention Center Expansion Plan

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The California Coastal Commission will decide if it moves forward, but an attorney for two local organizations says the price tag is higher than the figure given for the project.

10 Years After Cedar Fire: Lessons Learned And Stories Of Survival

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From Ramona to Escondido, Mt. Laguna to Julian, Lakeside to Scripps Ranch, the blaze was responsible for 15 deaths and the destruction of more than 2,200 homes. We take a look at those who survived the blaze and lessons learned.

U.S. Supreme Court Justices Head Back To Court

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We take a look at some of the most watched Supreme Court cases this year, from labor unions to copyright law.

One Man's 300-Mile Ride Against Parkinson’s Showcases At San Diego Film Festival

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After 20 years of living with Parkinson’s disease, Larry Smith bikes 300 miles across South Dakota. His story is a feature-length documentary showcasing at the San Diego Film Festival.

San Diego Conference Examines Link Between Peace And Commerce

Conflict and violence in a country can affect its people, their surroundings and economy, but what effect does peace have on a nation's commerce? A conference gets underway this week at the University of San Diego examining the link between peace and commerce and how the private sector can get involved.

Why We're Losing The War On Cancer And How We Can Win It

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It's been 40 years since America declared "war on cancer," sinking hundreds of billions of dollars into research. While survival rates for some forms of cancer have improved, many are just as deadly as they were decades ago. Health writer and former cancer patient Clifton Leaf joins us to explore the topic. He will speak tonight at UC San Diego's Exploring Ethics Series.

After 30 Years, San Diego Central Library Now Open To The Public

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A dream 30 years in the making is now reality as the new San Diego Central Library opens its doors to the public.

The Monterey Shale, Fracking For Oil And San Diego Concerns

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California's second Gold Rush is underway as the oil industry converges on an area known as the Monterey Shale, but how that oil is being removed is causing debate. We take a look at hydraulic fracturing, why it's used and new legislation regulating the process.

Cyberbullying In San Diego Schools And The First Amendment

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Online cyberbullying has become a problem for many school districts. How do you solve the problem while respecting a student's rights under the First Amendment?

San Diego Interim Mayor Todd Gloria Gives An Update On City Business

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San Diego Interim Mayor Todd Gloria sits down to talk about his busy month.

Report Shows San Diego Economy Recovering, But Many Children Still Living In Poverty

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The economic recovery might have started taking off, but according to data released by the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 140,000 San Diego children lived in families with incomes below the poverty level in 2012.

Barrio Logan Gets First Community Plan Update In Decades

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The San Diego City Council voted 5-4 Tuesday night to approve the first update to the Barrio Logan Community Plan in 35 years.

No Funding For Year-Round Homeless Shelters In San Diego

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One homeless advocate in San Diego says ending homelessness in our county is within reach -- but news there's not enough money to fund year-round shelters could set them back. Former Mayor Bob Filner set aside additional funds to keep the city's two winter shelters open year-round, but after crunching the numbers it's learned there's a shortfall. We take a look at how this could impact San Diego's communities.

Making A Difference In The Lives Of San Diego's Fatherless Teens

A San Diego nonprofit is working to mentor fatherless teens. The Boys To Men Mentoring Network gives teens alternatives to getting in trouble by providing role models.

Using The Sound Of Tibetan Bowls For Healing

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Exploring the healing energy of sound with a San Diego practitioner of Tibetan singing bowl therapy.

Taking A Stand To Stop Suicide

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Last year 413 people committed suicide in San Diego County. The Not On My Watch campaign is an effort to educate college students about suicide prevention and support resources available.

Weekend Preview: Punk Rocker Dads, Fig Fest and 39 Steps

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Get ready for the weekend. We'll tell you what fun and exciting events are happening in and around San Diego from punk rocker dads to a passion for figs.

How To Prepare San Diego For Disaster

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This week, the local Red Cross is focused on disaster preparedness. At the heart of the initiative is a goal to get one million people prepared for emergencies, such as wildfire or earthquake.

Tracking Ovarian Cancer Through Blood Cells

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With no reliable screening tests and few symptoms, ovarian cancer is among the hardest forms of cancer to diagnose. Research underway in San Diego analyzes blood from women with ovarian cancer to track tumor cells and better understand the spread of cancer.

Congressman Scott Peters Discusses Syria, Immigration, Sequestration

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With congress in recess, we're sitting down to talk with each member of San Diego's congressional delegation. Congressman Scott Peters shares his thoughts on everything from Syria to to balancing the federal budget.