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Stories by Peggy Pico

Has San Diego Recovered From Lehman Brothers Collapse?

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On Sept. 15, 2008, Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy marking the beginning of public awareness the U.S. financial structure was at serious risk. Six years later, KPBS Midday Edition asks has San Diego County recovered from the financial fallout?

Prostate Cancer: What You Need To Know

Recently, San Diego Bishop Cirilo Flores died of prostate cancer. September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, we take a look at testing, diagnosis and treatment options available.

Temple Grandin In San Diego To Speak About Inclusiveness In Education

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Celebrated autism advocate Temple Grandin is in San Diego to talk about inclusiveness in education.

Prop H: Escondido Golf Course Dispute To Be Decided By Voters

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Escondido voters will decide the fate of the Escondido Country Club property when they head to the polls in November.

One Man's Quest For Good Bread Turns Into An Adventure In Baking Around The World

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A journalist turned award-winning baker and author is sharing his secrets about making the perfect loaf of bread in a new memoir, "In Search of the Perfect Loaf — A Home Baker's Odyssey."

Are Consumers Paying Too Much in Proposed San Onofre Settlement?

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A settlement deal on the costs of the San Onofre shutdown, approved by the utilities and three consumer advocate groups - must now be changed. What's the cost to consumers?

School Kids And Vaccines: New Numbers Show More California Students Are Not Getting Their Shots

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The number of parents delaying or declining to vaccinate their school-age children is climbing in California. We'll speak to San Diego doctors and hear about a new NOVA documentary about vaccines.

San Diego Hosts Ideas@50+ AARP Convention

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At this week's conference of the AARP, staying brain smart is one topic many in the over 50-crowd are interested in.

Deportations Affecting Homelessness In San Diego, Tijuana

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A forum Wednesday night at the University of San Diego will highlight the issue of homelessness on both sides of the San Diego, Tijuana border.

How The Affordable Care Act Is Changing San Diego Community Health Clinics

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Now that the Affordable Care Act has opened up healthcare for more people, how are community clinics managing an influx of patients while maintaining quality care?

College Life 101: Easing The Transition For Students And Parents

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It's the time of year when freshman are moving into college dorms and away from home — it can be stressful for both students and parents. We take a look at how to survive the transition and thrive in college.

Why Are Minority Men Struggling To Finish Community College?

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Very few male students of color graduate with a certificate or degree. A new collaborative policy brief aims to address that problem on a national level.

Saving Lives At San Diego Humane Society's 24-Hour Kitten Nursery

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Kitten season is here and that means animal shelters are getting an influx of homeless litters. The San Diego Humane Society says many newborn kittens wouldn't survive if it weren't for its 24-hour kitten nursery.

Unintended Consequences: Bird Deaths At California Solar Power Plants

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The goal of the huge Ivanpah solar electricity plant in the Mojave desert is to provide clean, affordable energy to thousands of households. But what it's also doing, say wildlife officials, is killing birds.

Reaching Out For Help With Depression

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The death of comedian Robin Williams is teaching us a lot about depression. We look at treatments available and who to reach out to when you need help.

California's Plastic Bag Ban Bill Moves Forward

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The debate over a statewide plastic bag ban is heating up, as a key legislative committee last week passed a bill that would phase out single-use plastic bags in California grocery stores.

Killing Of Missouri Teen Reminds San Diegans Of Problems Between Minorities And Police

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The fallout from the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, has reverberated across the country. Black community groups in San Diego, as well as the San Diego Police Department, are evaluating law enforcement equity in our city.

Depression Is Not A Death Sentence

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The death of comedian Robin Williams sparked conversations about depression. We look at resources available in San Diego and what to say to someone who may be suffering.

Can U.S. Intervention Keep Iraqi Minorities Safe?

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San Diego's Iraqi community asks for continued humanitarian aid for religious minorities.

What's Behind San Diego's Crazy Weather?

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Above average temperatures for more than two months. Humid, desert-like thunderstorms at the coast. What's going on with San Diego's weather? Does this unusual weather help or hurt our fire risk and the drought?

What You Need To Know About West Nile Virus In San Diego County

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West Nile virus has been found in two dead birds in San Diego County. We'll tell you what you need to know to protect your family — and how you can help the county track the mosquito-borne virus.

SDSU To Offer Music Entrepreneur Program

The music entrepreneurship and business program is believed to be the first of its kind in the country.

How The Ebola Serum Traveled From San Diego To West Africa

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The serum used to treat two American aid workers infected with the Ebola virus was developed based on research conducted in San Diego.

How Many Back-To-School Gadgets Does Your Child Need?

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What's hot when it comes to back-to-school technology? We take a look at how San Diego County uses technology in the classroom and sort through the latest gadgets for kids and adults.

San Diego Teens Facing Slim Job Market

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We take a look at where the summer jobs in San Diego are and why it's so hard for a teen to find a summer job.

San Diego Author Aims To Tackle Lack Of Diversity In Children's Books

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Diego's Dragons is a fantasy series for middle grade and young adult readers by San Diego author Kevin Gerard. The series features a Latino boy as a hero.

Bridging San Diego's Digital Divide

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The digital divide still exists for many of San Diego's underserved communities, but there are efforts underway to close the gap. We take a look at San Diego's Futures Foundation.

A Check-Up On Obamacare In California

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Reports out this week found that huge number of previously uninsured Californians now have health care coverage but the cost of that coverage has increased dramatically since 2013.

So Say We All Is Calling All San Diego Storytellers

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So Say We All is a writing and performance workshop, that takes the stories of regular San Diegans into nurtures them into performance pieces that can hold an audience. The next event is July 31 in South Park.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer: From Minimum Wage To Comic-Con

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San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer talks to KPBS about the minimum wage ordinance, tax rebates for businesses and trying out a zip line at Comic-Con.

Complaint: Juvenile Detention Facilities Abuse Kids With Pepper Spray

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Youth advocates filed a formal complaint Monday urging the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate the use of pepper spray in San Diego County juvenile detention facilities.

New San Diego Architecture Up For Orchids And Onions Nominations

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What makes a building great or what makes it a dud? You get to decide during nominations for the Orchids & Onions.

Developing San Diego's Zero Waste Plan

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California cities have to recycle 75 percent of their waste by 2020. San Diego has set an ambitious goal of zero waste by 2040. A series of meetings are underway to jump start the efforts, we'll tell you about the program and how to get involved.

Lilac Hills Project In North County Nears Public Comment Deadline

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Developers of the proposed Lilac Hills Ranch want to build more than 1,700 homes on 608 acres in an area between Valley Center and Bonsall.

SDPD 'Flooding' North Park Area After Series Of Attacks On Women

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San Diego police are looking for at least two suspects in a series of attacks in North Park. They've released a sketch of one of the men.

Hunting Proposed In Otay-Sweetwater National Wildlife Refuge

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The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing that hunting be allowed in an area of the San Diego National Wildlife Refuge, and the idea has sparked a wave of criticism.

Filner's First Accuser Reflects On Sexual Harassment Scandal

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"I did this for other women ... who have been at the sharpest edge of an arrow, the target of somebody who's abusing power," said Irene McCormack Jackson, in explaining why she sued then-Mayor Bob Filner and the city of San Diego for sexual harassment.

Traveling Stories Uses Farmers Markets To Get Kids Reading

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Literacy in San Diego is getting a boost from the Traveling Stories nonprofit, a Santee-based group that uses a special space at local farmers markets to encourage kids to read and get "book bucks" in return.

What Mandatory Water Conservation Means For San Diegans

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Spurred by the State Water Board for mandatory water conservation, the San Diego County Water Authority is recommending adoption of a "Level 2 Drought Alert." On KPBS Midday Edition we'll talk about what that means for San Diego County.

1 Year Later: How Filner Sexual Harassment Scandal Impacted San Diego

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San Diego was thrown into the national spotlight last summer as numerous allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced against then-mayor Bob Filner, forcing him to resign. We take a look at changes to the city one year later.

Plan In The Works For Seasonal Del Mar Train Platform

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Racing season begins at Del Mar this week and North County residents are bracing for the usual traffic jams along I-5. But what if the races or the annual county fair didn't bring stalled traffic?

Report: California Making Progress On Pain Medication Policies

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Advocates are pushing for policies that enhance pain management for cancer patients and others suffering from chronic pain while preventing prescription drug abuse. A new report gives California a B-plus on how its handing the dual concerns regarding prescription medication.

How Animals With Mental Illness Can Help Humans Heal

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A growing consensus on animal behavior is leaning toward the theory animals have complex emotional lives more similar to our own than realized. "Animal Madness" takes its cue from the problems of one disturbed dog and examines what we can learn about ourselves from the emotional problems of animals.

Preparations Underway For 27th Annual Stand Down For San Diego Homeless Vets

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The 27th Annual Stand Down for homeless vets takes place as local and national leaders work to end homelessness for veterans. Organizers expect attendance to hit a new record high.

Public Forum For San Diego Trolley Expansion On Tuesday Night

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The second in a series of public forums on the new trolley expansion is Tuesday night in Clairemont

What's A Public Document?

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San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis says a controversial college letter of recommendation she wrote is not a matter of public record. KPBS Midday Edition takes a close look at the California Public Records Act.

What Does Increased Consumer Borrowing Mean To San Diego Economy?

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The federal government reports that consumer borrowing continues to increase. KPBS Midday Edition takes a look at what this means to San Diego's economy and making sure you don't get into debt.

Sally Ride's Public And Private Life Shared In New Biography

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Former ABC correspondent Lynn Sherr discusses her new biography "Sally Ride: America's First Woman in Space."

40 Years Of Pride In San Diego

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The world has changed fundamentally for gays and lesbians since the first Pride Parade in San Diego. This month marks the 40th anniversary of the parade and celebration. And the change continues, with Gov. Jerry Brown on Monday signing a law to recognize legal same-sex marriage in the state code.

Audit Finds SDSU Fails To Adequately Train Employees On Sexual Violence

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A state audit finds there's room for improvement in how San Diego State University handles reports of sexual misconduct.

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