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Stories by Peggy Pico

Meet Ed Harris, San Diego's Newest Councilman

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Infrastructure and the minimum wage increase are just two issues facing San Diego's City Council. This week Ed Harris, retired Marine and career lifeguard, was appointed to fill Mayor Kevin Faulconer's term in District 2. He joined us to discuss what his first week was like on the council and where he stands on the issues.

San Diego's Gender Pay Gap Narrower Than National Average

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Equal Pay Day is April 8, 2014 — the day that women across the nation have earned as much as men did last year. New laws are being proposed to close the gender pay gap.

New Medicare Program To Allow Some Hospice Patients More Treatment Choices

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A KPBS series on end of life care, focused on the gap in insurance coverage for hospice patients who wanted certain medical procedures. Now, Medicare is conducting a test program to combine hospice and curative care.

California Rebate Meant To Encourage Energy Conservation

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Check your utility bill - SDG&E is rebating $36 to its customers as part of a program to fight climate change.

Encinitas To Spend $10 Million To Keep Coastal Property Public

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The Encinitas City Council voted recently to buy the Pacific View Elementary school site for $10 million in an effort to prevent a prime piece of public land from falling into private developers hands.

San Diego Business Helping Rwandans Thrive 20 Years After Genocide

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Twenty years ago this month, a brutal massacre took place in Rwanda where political rivalry between Hutus and Tusis tribes led to the genocide and 1 million deaths. A San Diego company is one of many working in the region helping Rwandans thrive and heal.

Groups Merge To Make San Diego More Pedestrian, Bike Friendly

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Two local groups, Move San Diego and Walk San Diego team up to form Circulate San Diego, a new organization that aims to boost efforts to bring alternative forms of transportation to San Diego.

Washington Landslide A Wake-Up Call About Threat Of Natural Disasters In San Diego

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As of the latest update, officials say 29 bodies have been recovered from the collapse of the Hazel Slide in the town of Oso. Another 20 people are still reported missing.

U.S. Supreme Court Takes On San Diego Case Involving Warrantless Cellphone Searches

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Should police need a warrant to search your smartphone? A San Diego case goes before the U.S. Supreme Court late this month and tackles the ongoing debate over privacy rights and technology.

How Might A Union For College Athletes Change Collegiate Sports?

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SDSU management professor Gangaram Singh discusses the implications across college sports of the recent decision allowing Northwestern University football players to unionize.

San Diego Study Looks At Impact Of War On Children

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The study found that if the challenges faced by the children of wounded warriors are not addressed, they could have long-term consequences.

Former San Diego Mayor Sanders On Upcoming Mexico Trip, Linkage Fee, Balboa Park Celebration

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A conversation with former San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders and current Chamber of Commerce CEO about a range of topics from a California-Mexico trade initiative to the Balboa Park Centennial.

San Onofre - Decommissioning A Nuclear Power Plant

With San Onofre nuclear power plant shutdown for good -- the attention has turned to decommissioning the plant. But many questions remain about the process, the cost and the security of the radioactive waste onsite. Last night the first public meeting was held to address concerns. The Community Engagement Panel was created by Southern California Edison to advise the public on decommissioning.

Drought Continues As San Diego Looks At Reusable Water

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San Diego Public Utilities officials will present a plan called "Pure Water San Diego" to a city council committee Wednesday. It calls for turning wastewater into reusable potable water by 2035. We explain the plan and its challenges.

City Heights Photo Exhibition To Be Unveiled At USC Urban Poverty Conference

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Top urban poverty scholars will look at ways to combat poverty at a conference this week at USC, where a photography exhibition gives a glimpse of what everyday life is like for City Heights residents.

Tax Filing Deadline Less Than A Month Away

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April 15 is the deadline to file your taxes, we're taking your calls and answering your questions about your state and federal returns.

San Diego Mayor: SDPD Allegations; Balboa Park Centennial; Mexico

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San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer joins us for the first of his scheduled monthly updates on KPBS. He'll discuss issues surrounding allegations of police misconduct within the San Diego Police Department and today's appointment by the U.S. Justice Department of an officer who will conduct an independent assessment of SDPD in an effort to restore public trust. Other issues include Balboa Park's Centennial and ongoing relations between San Diego and Mexico.

Documentary Examines Suspicious 1970 Death Of LA Times Journalist Ruben Salazar

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Premiering at the San Diego Latino Film Festival, the documentary presents information from newly released documents in an effort to shed light on whether the Los Angeles Times reporter's death was an accident or murder.

Cyber Security Industry On The Rise In San Diego

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The report, compiled by the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation, Sentek Global and Bank of America, says the region is positioned to experience substantial job creation in the industry, outpacing other local business sectors.

Study: Fewer Rainy Days Ahead For San Diego

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California is experiencing one of the driest years on record and things could get worse according to a new Scripps Institution of Oceanography study.

Young San Diego Filmmaker Attempts To Tell The 'Truth' About Sex Trafficking

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In a second report on the illegal sex trade in San Diego, a local teenager talks about her new documentary called "TRUTH."

Study: San Diego Street Gangs Deeply Involved In Commercial Sex Trade

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The study documents what local law enforcement officials already know, that many of the sex workers in the San Diego region are vulnerable young women, forced or manipulated into a trade that is highly profitable

San Diego's First Female Police Chief Says She Welcomes Sex-Abuse Audit Of Department

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San Diego's new police chief, Shelley Zimmerman, is a 31-year veteran on the force. She is now one of only eight women police chiefs in major U.S. cities.

Survey Of San Diego County Stores Shows Food Placement Matters

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A new survey looking at the availability and marketing of tobacco, alcohol, healthy and unhealthy food products in San Diego County finds some troubling trends.

Report: 38 Percent Of San Diegans Can't Make Ends Meet

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The latest numbers on income versus cost of living in San Diego finds that 38 percent of families in the region can't make ends meet.

20 Years Later: NAFTA's Impact on San Diego-Mexico Trade

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It's been 20 years since the North American Free Trade Agreement was put into place. We take a look at what it's done, what it hasn't and its future goals as talk of a Trans-Pacific Free Trade agreement picks up steam.

Balboa Park Centennial Planning Group Disbands

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Mayor Kevin Faulconer said he will work with Council President Todd Gloria, whose district includes Balboa Park, on a more realistic celebration that recognizes the character and history of the park.

San Diego Bookstores Receive Grants From Best-Selling Author James Patterson

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Author James Patterson says he wants to help develop the next generation of readers and is giving a financial boost to dozens of bookstores nationwide, including two in San Diego.

The Cost Of Attracting Companies To San Diego

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What does it take to attract and retain a business to our region? We take a look.

Ukraine Crisis Concerns San Diego Community

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As Russian troops demand the surrender of Ukraine's Crimea, San Diego's Ukrainian community is watching and waiting. We take a look at how this crisis is unfolding and what it means to local residents.

San Diego Moving Ahead With 2024 Summer Olympic Bid

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San Diego is going for the gold and moving forward with a bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympic Games.

International Rescue Committee's David Miliband On What U.S. Can Do To Help Syrian Refugees

This week, the United Nations officials said Syrians are about to replace Afghans as the world's largest refugee population. The International Rescue Committee is calling on the U.S. to bring 12,000 Syrian refugees to the United States. If that happens, some may come to San Diego.

Report: Nearly 500,000 Working San Diegans Have No Paid Sick-Leave

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It's still flu-season in San Diego, and many businesses tell employees to stay home if their feeling sick, to keep the workplace healthy. But what if you're not paid when you take a sick day off? Would you decide to stay home and get better, or drag yourself in to work, no matter what?

What's Next For San Diego Police Department After Lansdowne's Abrupt Retirement?

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San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne abruptly announced his retirement Tuesday amid allegations of sexual misconduct in his department. We take a look at his retirement and what's next for the department.

UC San Diego Welcomes First Muslim Fraternity

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Alpha Lambda Mu is the first Muslim fraternity in the U.S. and a chapter opened this school year at UC San Diego.

Arrest Of Sinaloa Kingpin "El Chapo" Won't Reduce Drug Trafficking Through San Diego

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Drug kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman is in a maximum security Mexican prison following his capture. His prosecution on dozens of charges could last for years. But experts say it won't stop the flow of drugs across the border.

Law Enforcement, Social Media And The Courts: San Diego Judge, Attorney Weigh In

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The personal and business use of social media is growing, but law enforcement agents are also using it to their advantage.

Operational Diary Of WWII US Pacific Commander Adm. Nimitz Posted Online

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The 4,000-page multivolume collection includes a running summary of the situation for every day of the war in the Pacific compiled by Nimitz’s planning staff.

San Diego Assemblywoman Proposes Mail-Only Voting For Special Elections

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Special elections can cost governments millions of dollars. A new proposal would cut costs by making them mail-in ballot only.

Interim San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria Updates On Infrastructure To Police Audit

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As San Diego's new mayor, Kevin Faulconer, takes the oath of office next week, Todd Gloria joins us as interim mayor for the last time.

Will Audit Of San Diego Police Department Lead To Reform?

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San Diego Police Chief Lansdowne is pushing for an external audit of the department to deal with allegations of officer misconduct. But will an audit be enough?

Gathering Of Great Minds: Creating San Diego's Salk Institute

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Dr. Jonas Salk is known for developing the vaccine that wiped out polio, but his contributions went far beyond that discovery. Salk had another great scientific mission: to create a research institute bringing together the best scientists in their field to unlock the mysteries of human biology.

Another SDPD Officer Faces Sex-Crime Accusation

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Police Chief William Lansdowne announced Wednesday evening that another patrolman in his department was under investigation for possible sexual misconduct involving a woman in his custody.

San Diego City Council To Decide Again On Medical Marijuana Ordinance

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The San Diego City Council will consider a new set of zoning regulations for the establishment of legal medical marijuana dispensaries. What remains unknown is whether the U.S. Attorney's Office will allow licensed dispensaries to operate.

Women And Military: Focus Of Conference In San Diego

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The 2014 Women and the Law Conference at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law this Friday will focus on women in the military, explore how the military handles sex assault cases and the topic of women serving in elite combat units.

Path From Pain Pills To Heroin Addiction Nothing New In San Diego County

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Addicts who abuse prescription drugs like Oxycontin have been switching to heroin for a number of years now. While tragedies like the death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman remain shocking, they are not actually surprising to those who track the epidemic of opiate abuse in the Unites States.

Fukushima Fallout: San Diego State Researchers Monitoring Sea Kelp for Radiation Exposure

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SDSU researchers are taking part in a Project Kelp Watch 2014 - a program where 50 scientists will monitor sea kelp off our coast - to determine if radiation exposure has reached our coastline.

Put Your Name On A San Diego County Trail, Ballfield Or Playground For A Price

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The San Diego County Board of Supervisors recently voted to allow individuals, businesses or nonprofits to name sections of public parks, including ball fields, playgrounds and trails, for fees starting at $1,000. Your favorite park garden or pool could soon be brought to you by your neighbor or a local pest control business.

Supervisor Jacob Weighs In On San Diego County Priorities, Challenges

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While many in San Diego have been focused on the city's mayoral race, Jacob's "State of the County" address recently outlined plans and priorities for our whole region.

Mayor-Elect Kevin Faulconer Discusses What's Next For San Diego

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San Diego City Councilman Kevin Faulconer will take the oath of office as San Diego's new mayor early next month. He talks to KPBS Midday Edition about how he plans to move the city forward.