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Stories by Peggy Pico

'I Love A Clean San Diego' Celebrates 60th Anniversary

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The local beach clean-up group marks six decades, making it the longest-running environmental nonprofit organization in the county.

Props. B & C: Barrio Logan Plan Goes Before Voters

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San Diego voters will be deciding on whether the Barrio Logan plan, approved by the San Diego City Council, will stay or go on June 3. We take a look at both sides of the issue.

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Cartoonist Steve Breen Inspired By Kids For His New Book

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A Tyrannosaurus Rex eating Donald Trump, Miley Cyclops and Santa Claus blowing up a Nazi with a bazooka — these are some images from the wild imagination of Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist Steve Breen and his kids.

Study: Most Adults Arrested In San Diego County Not On Probation

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A new study by the San Diego Association of Governments finds that contrary to what some had feared, prison realignment has had little impact on countywide arrest rates.

Program Aims To Help Every Californian Reduce Energy Use By 10 Percent Per Year

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Californians are being asked to reduce their home energy use by 40 percent. The goal is in line with the state's aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020.

Reviewing Emergency Management Officials' Response To San Diego Fires

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We review the county's response to more than a dozen wildfires that broke out across San Diego last week.

San Diego Political Legend Tom Hom Talks About 'Bumpy Road' To American Dream

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Tom Hom, the first Asian-American to serve on the San Diego City Council, opens up in a new memoir about growing up in San Diego and the challenges to achieving the American dream.

Study Shows Impact Of Diabetes On San Diego Health Care Costs

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Skyrocketing costs associated with rising rates of diabetes are being felt by San Diego hospitals. A new study finds diabetes is not only affecting patients, but also the health care system.

Documentary Chronicles History, Culture Of San Diego's 'First People'

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New documentary airing on KPBS is full of fascinating details about the ancient Kumeyaay way of life.

Tracking Santa Ana Winds During San Diego's Wildfires

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As San Diego recovers from last week's Santa Ana wind-driven fires we take a look at a weather network run by SDG&E providing cutting-edge data during crucial wildfires.

How To Deal With San Diego's Stressful Fire Outbreak

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How are San Diegans dealing with multiple fires and the anxiety, stress and fear that goes along with evacuations, power outages and watching homes burn? We get an update on the fire and talk to a mental health expert.

New Bias Seen In Workplace: Treating Race As A Qualification

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In his recent Op-Ed in The New York Times, Skrentny warns that too much reliance on matching race and ethnicity between employees and customers or teachers and students could lead to a new form of racial discrimination.

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Extreme Fire Danger Hits San Diego County — Is Your Home Fire-Safe?

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Firefighters and emergency officials are bracing for extreme fire danger across tinder-dry San Diego County this week as another round of Santa Ana winds blows into the region, along with single-digit humidity and triple-digit heat.

Scientists Coming To San Diego To Talk About Roots Of Human Violence

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Men have been at the forefront of human aggression and violence since pre-historic times, now UC San Diego and Salk Institute are bringing scientists from around the world to San Diego to examine why. A public symposium will be held May 16.

Local Farmers Help San Diegans Connect To Their Roots Through Agriculture

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The New Roots urban farm in City Heights was set up to help new refugees to San Diego use their skills to help put food on the table. Now, the expanding farm has become a business.

Federal Report: Warming Disrupts Americans' Lives

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Global warming rapidly is turning America the beautiful into America the stormy, sneezy and dangerous, according to a new federal scientific report. And those shining seas? Rising and costly, the report says.

Speaking Out: How One San Diego College Addresses Sexual Assault

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Sexual assault is not something people like to talk about, especially if it takes place at a college campus. We hear about programs and outreach offered at San Diego's Mesa College and how it's keeping students safe.

Reducing Skin Cancers In Sunny San Diego

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San Diegans are ramping up for summer, but there are some precautions you need to take when soaking up the sunshine.

Report Shows Arts And Culture Have Major Impact On San Diego's Economy

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The future of the San Diego Opera may still be up in the air, but a new report shows arts and cultural organizations have a major impact on San Diego's economy.

What Would A 'Frictionless Border' Between San Diego And Tijuana Look Like?

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The report's authors believe that such a change in diplomatic and economic strategy would enable the San Diego-Tijuana border crossing to greatly accelerate binational economic growth and prosperity.

Is The Initiative Process Jamming The System In San Diego?

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The initiative process is democracy in action, but is it jamming up San Diego and its courts?

New Book Explores The End Of Suburban Sprawl

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It used to be part of the American dream to escape the city and build a life in the suburbs. But that dream now is fading, as people turn away from suburban sprawl. We'll hear how San Diego is moving toward a new urbanism.

Ask The Mayor: San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer Answers Your Questions

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San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer joins us for an update on the business of the city — and he's taking your calls! Call in at noon on 1-888-895-5727 or tweet us @KPBSMidday. We'll discuss what's been going on the last month from the mayor's proposed budget to infrastructure bonds.

It's A Handmade Revolution At Maker's Arcade Saturday In Barrio Logan

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Handmade jewelry, fabrics, clothing, art and paper goods by San Diego artists and crafters will all be on this display this Saturday at the Maker's Arcade.

San Diego County Report Shows Drop In Violent Crime In 2013

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The latest report on crime in San Diego County is out, and a lot of people have been watching the trends carefully, concerned that realignment — the transfer of thousands of offenders from the state to the county system — might result in higher crime rates here.

U.N. Report: Avoiding Climate Change Possible With 'Substantial Emission Reductions'

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The U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has just released its fifth report on the rapidly closing window of time to take action on reducing greenhouse gases.

San Diego Health Report Card Shows No Improvement In Child Immunization Rate

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Every two years, The Children's Initiative offers a detailed analysis of 25 key indicators of the health and well being of children throughout San Diego County. But the Report Card goes beyond metrics. It also reveals why the findings are important and recommends ways to improve each problem.

Teen Pregnancy Rates Down In San Diego County — But More Can Be Done

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Pregnancy rates are down around the county — and nation — but health officials warn there are still 1,700 births by teens every week. We take a look at what's being done to educate teens in an effort to prevent teen pregnancy.

Plan In The Works To Save San Diego Opera

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After the final show of the season this past Sunday, the fate of the San Diego Opera remains up in the air. At least two board members are working to save the arts institution from closing and are set to release a reorganization plan Thursday.

Mexico's Drug-Related Homicides Are Down But Not In Tijuana

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A University of San Diego report on drug violence in Mexico finds that homicides are down overall in the country, but the number of killings in Tijuana is up from 2012.

Heartbleed Bug: Is Your Financial Info Vulnerable?

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Some are saying it's the biggest security threat the internet has ever seen: the Heartbleed bug. Is your personal financial data vulnerable? We get some insight from SDSU information security expert Professor Murray Jennex.

What Do You Think About San Diego's Future?

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KPBS joins up with national documentary producers for a special film project that aims to show both the promise and the problems facing our city.

Closing San Diego Unified's Student-Teacher Diversity Gap

A new report shows Latinos account for almost half of students at San Diego Unified, but only make up a quarter of the workforce. Now, district leaders are drawing up plans to tackle the student teacher diversity gap.

Pinpointing A Crash Site: San Diego Analyst Shares Lessons From Air France Search

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A San Diego analyst helped locate Air France 447 two years after it crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. She talks about the challenges investigators face pinpointing the exact location of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight.

Organization Provides Health Care To Poorest People In The World

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We're all used to seeing the images of sick and desperate people in the poorest nations of the world. Some of us may be moved to send a donation, many of us will simply be thankful that our lives are better off. Only a few of us see those images and say this must change. Paul Farmer is one of those few.

Meet Ed Harris, San Diego's Newest Councilman

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Infrastructure and the minimum wage increase are just two issues facing San Diego's City Council. This week Ed Harris, retired Marine and career lifeguard, was appointed to fill Mayor Kevin Faulconer's term in District 2. He joined us to discuss what his first week was like on the council and where he stands on the issues.

New Medicare Program To Allow Some Hospice Patients More Treatment Choices

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A KPBS series on end of life care, focused on the gap in insurance coverage for hospice patients who wanted certain medical procedures. Now, Medicare is conducting a test program to combine hospice and curative care.

San Diego's Gender Pay Gap Narrower Than National Average

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Equal Pay Day is April 8, 2014 — the day that women across the nation have earned as much as men did last year. New laws are being proposed to close the gender pay gap.

California Rebate Meant To Encourage Energy Conservation

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Check your utility bill - SDG&E is rebating $36 to its customers as part of a program to fight climate change.

San Diego Business Helping Rwandans Thrive 20 Years After Genocide

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Twenty years ago this month, a brutal massacre took place in Rwanda where political rivalry between Hutus and Tusis tribes led to the genocide and 1 million deaths. A San Diego company is one of many working in the region helping Rwandans thrive and heal.

Encinitas To Spend $10 Million To Keep Coastal Property Public

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The Encinitas City Council voted recently to buy the Pacific View Elementary school site for $10 million in an effort to prevent a prime piece of public land from falling into private developers hands.

Groups Merge To Make San Diego More Pedestrian, Bike Friendly

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Two local groups, Move San Diego and Walk San Diego team up to form Circulate San Diego, a new organization that aims to boost efforts to bring alternative forms of transportation to San Diego.

Washington Landslide A Wake-Up Call About Threat Of Natural Disasters In San Diego

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As of the latest update, officials say 29 bodies have been recovered from the collapse of the Hazel Slide in the town of Oso. Another 20 people are still reported missing.

U.S. Supreme Court Takes On San Diego Case Involving Warrantless Cellphone Searches

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Should police need a warrant to search your smartphone? A San Diego case goes before the U.S. Supreme Court late this month and tackles the ongoing debate over privacy rights and technology.

How Might A Union For College Athletes Change Collegiate Sports?

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SDSU management professor Gangaram Singh discusses the implications across college sports of the recent decision allowing Northwestern University football players to unionize.

San Diego Study Looks At Impact Of War On Children

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The study found that if the challenges faced by the children of wounded warriors are not addressed, they could have long-term consequences.

Former San Diego Mayor Sanders On Upcoming Mexico Trip, Linkage Fee, Balboa Park Celebration

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A conversation with former San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders and current Chamber of Commerce CEO about a range of topics from a California-Mexico trade initiative to the Balboa Park Centennial.

San Onofre - Decommissioning A Nuclear Power Plant

With San Onofre nuclear power plant shutdown for good -- the attention has turned to decommissioning the plant. But many questions remain about the process, the cost and the security of the radioactive waste onsite. Last night the first public meeting was held to address concerns. The Community Engagement Panel was created by Southern California Edison to advise the public on decommissioning.

Drought Continues As San Diego Looks At Reusable Water

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San Diego Public Utilities officials will present a plan called "Pure Water San Diego" to a city council committee Wednesday. It calls for turning wastewater into reusable potable water by 2035. We explain the plan and its challenges.

City Heights Photo Exhibition To Be Unveiled At USC Urban Poverty Conference

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Top urban poverty scholars will look at ways to combat poverty at a conference this week at USC, where a photography exhibition gives a glimpse of what everyday life is like for City Heights residents.