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Stories by Rachel Goetz

The U.S. Debt Crisis - What Does It Mean To San Diego?

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The threat of a U.S. debt default looms but what does it mean to San Diegans. We break it down and also look back in history to find out how did we get here?

The Future Of Redevelopment In San Diego

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Along with a new state budget, late last week Governor Jerry Brown signed two bills drastically changing redevelopment agencies in California. These bills end the agencies as we've known them and require future agencies to use less property tax, with more going to local school districts. The change puts in question some major redevelopment projects in San Diego, along with making a serious impact on affordable housing.

Is Perception Of Success More Important Than Actual Success Nowadays?

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Why are today's teenagers and young adults more arrogant and conceited than previous generations? We speak to SDSU psychology professor Jean Twenge about her new study that looked at how self-perception among young people has changed over the last 45 years.

The Roundtable: How Will Local Military Community Be Affected By Troop Drawdown?

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How will local Marines be affected by President Barack Obama's plans for a troop drawdown in Afghanistan? We examine the details of the president's plan, and the impact it could have in San Diego's military community.

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San Diego Unified School District Considering 900 Layoffs To Balance Budget

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The San Diego Unified School District is facing an estimated $114 million budget deficit for next academic year. The deficit could be cut in half if voters approve tax extensions in a statewide special election the governor has proposed for June. We talk to the school board president Richard Barrera and the president of the teachers union, Bill Freeman, about the possibility that more than 700 teachers could be laid off. Plus, we talk about what actions the district should take to prevent future budget deficits.

Editors Roundtable

What Changes Will Result From Current Uprisings In North Africa?

How might the uprisings in Libya, Tunisia, Yemen, Bahrain and Egypt affect global politics? And, what role should the United States play in shaping the future of the Middle East and North Africa? We discuss the latest news on the political unrest in Libya and its surrounding countries.

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New Initiative Aims To Put More Electric Vehicles On Local Roads

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As recent gas prices have reached as high as $4 in San Diego, alternative energy sources for vehicles becomes a pressing issue. A collaborative program called Smart City San Diego is tackling some of these concerns. This morning we speak with Byron Washom, director of strategic energy initiatives and Lisa Bicker, President and CEO of CleanTECH San Diego, to discuss how Smart City San Diego is involved with the future of electric cars in San Diego.

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Can Private Partnerships Save Public Universities Struggling With Budget Cuts?

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How can the private sector help public universities facing difficult budget cuts? Cal State San Marcos President Karen Haynes talks about how the university has benefited from private partnerships during difficult financial times.

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How Will Proposed Budget Cuts Impact The UC System?

Last month, Governor Jerry Brown proposed a $500 million dollar cut to both the UC and CSU systems. This could mean that for the first time in UC history, the students will be contributing more to the university budget than the state. Will this proposal affect students in the form of tuition increases, which have already climbed by 40% in the last 2 years? Listen ahead as we speak with Patrick Lenz, UC's Vice President for Budget & Capital Resources, and Wafa Ben Hassine, Associated Students President at UC San Diego, about the impact on students and San Diego.