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Stories by Renee Villasenor

More Drones Sent To Southern US Border

The U.S. government will begin flying unmanned aircraft along the Mexican border in East Texas on Wednesday.

What Are Your City Leaders Making?

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Months ahead of state efforts to post municipal employee’s salaries online, KPBS has gathered salary data for the mayors, city managers and City Council members of all 18 cities in San Diego County.

What City Leader Annual Salaries Cost Per Resident

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Following revelations that the city manager of the small city of Bell in Los Angeles County was paid almost $800,000 a year, KPBS surveyed the salaries of city managers in cities around San Diego County. Officials’ salaries weigh more heavily on the pocketbooks of taxpayers in the county’s smaller cities.

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Comic-Con And San Diego Have Grown Together Over Past 40 Years

Costumed convention-goers crowded downtown San Diego Thursday for the first day of this year’s Comic-Con event. About 125,000 pop culture enthusiasts will flock to the convention center throughout the weekend. The event has come a long way since 1970.

Fair Employment And Housing Office Closure Will Not Affect Services In SD

The scheduled closure of the office of the Department of Fair Employment and Housing in San Diego has caused advocacy groups to criticize the department, but the budget cuts may not have as big an impact on the region as they originally thought.

SD Groups Protest Fair Housing And Employment Office Closure

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Local advocacy groups voiced their opposition to the state’s plan to close the Department of Fair Housing and Employment office in San Diego in November. The planned closure is part of proposed state budget cuts.

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Bringing Dinosaurs Back From Extinction

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Those who saw Jurassic Park might be wary of the idea of resurrecting dinosaurs from extinction. However, one scientist claims that this idea is not only possible, but he knows how to do it. We speak with the author of "How to Build a Dinosaur," a book that claims extinction doesn't have to be forever.

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Where Will Homeless Go When Winter Shelter Closes?

The City of San Diego's temporary winter homeless shelters will close today. Where will the hundreds of homeless who have used the shelter over the last few months go? We speak to the Bob McElroy, who operates the winter shelter, about the impact it has on the local homeless population.

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The Future of Marriage and Non-Traditional Relationships

From an early age, society teaches that monogamy is the only option for having a family and living a long, happy life. But does society have room for those who do not fit this mold? What are the legal, individual and social ramifications for those who seek non-monogamous relationships? We speak with a law professor, marriage and family therapist and a pioneer in the polyamory community about the future of relationships.

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SDSU President Talks Budget Cuts, Future Goals

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How can state colleges and universities continue to provide a quality education in the midst of growing state budget cuts? SDSU President Stephen Weber joins us in-studio to talk about the budget cuts, his goals for the future, and SDSU Month.

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Marines Face New Challenges In Marja Assault

How are U.S. and Afghan forces faring in their assault on the Taliban stronghold of Marja? We speak to Los Angeles Times reporter Tony Perry live from Afghanistan.

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Abusing Prescription Drugs

The face of a drug addict is changing from the neurotic junkie to the average upper-class high school student. We talk to a local deputy district attorney and a physician about the growing problem of prescription drug abuse in San Diego.

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How Technology Affects Etiquette And Social Interaction

What are the effects of technology such as Facebook, Twitter, texting and email on social interaction and etiquette? We speak with technology etiquette expert, Elaine Swann and experts on social networks, James Fowler and Noah Arceneaux about the relationship between new technology and social behavior.