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Stories by Sandhya Dirks

Faulconer Gives Sneak Peak Into His Budget Priorities

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Hint: It is all about infrastructure. With $35 million in new revenue, the mayor said he will earmark $22 million toward repairing streets and fixing city buildings.

Judge Rules Barrio Logan Community Plan Will Be Referendum On June 3 Ballot

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A San Diego Superior Court judge has denied an injunction that would have put the Barrio Logan community plan into the courtroom.

Judge To Decide If Barrio Logan Community Plan Goes To Court Or Ballot Box

The Environmental Health Coalition is asking a San Diego Superior Court judge to take the Barrio Logan community plan off the ballot and into the courtroom.

Commission Looks To Raise Pay For San Diego Mayor, City Council

San Diego's Salary Setting Commission met to craft an amendment to the city charter that would change how the mayor and City Council would get pay raises.

Tradition Of Transitional Housing Runs Counter To Federal Efforts To End Homelessness

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An ideological and infrastructural bent that favors established transitional housing in San Diego may make it hard to move towards the newer federally endorsed model of housing the homeless first.

'Housing-First' Debate May Cost San Diego Homeless Programs Federal Funding

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The Obama administration has declared a goal of ending homelessness in the next few years by using a model called housing-first. But transitional housing advocates in San Diego aren't willing to give up on their work, even if it means losing federal dollars.

Todd Gloria Gets OK To Propose Measure On Increasing Minimum Wage In San Diego

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San Diego City Council President Todd Gloria got the green light to work with City Attorney Jan Goldsmith on a proposed measure to raise minimum wage in San Diego.

Questions Remain After Balboa Park Centennial Planning Group Disbanded

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After the Balboa Park Centennial planning group disbanded this week, two questions remain: Where did the more than $2 million the city gave the group go? And what happens now?

Faulconer Defeats Alvarez For Mayor; Vows To Unite San Diego

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New San Diego Mayor-elect Kevin Faulconer, who defeated fellow Councilman David Alvarez by a wide margin on Tuesday, vows to be an independent leader for all San Diegans.

Faulconer Wins Big; Alvarez Concedes San Diego Mayor's Race Via Twitter

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Kevin Faulconer will replace disgraced former Mayor Bob Filner; David Alvarez conceded shortly before midnight on social media.

Race In The Race: Discussions Of Difference in San Diego's Mayoral Election

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The San Diego mayor’s race has opened up a debate over inequality, revealing a city that is starkly divided.

Former San Diego Mayoral Candidate Aguirre Makes Right Turn, Endorsing Faulconer

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Controversial former City Attorney Mike Aguirre says the millions in union money backing fellow Democrat and San Diego mayoral candidate David Alvarez concern him.

Latino Groups Accuse Conservative Organization Of Using Racist Mailers Against Alvarez

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Latino groups are claiming a conservative group is using racist mailers to target City Councilman David Alvarez, but the group said the mailers aren't racist.

Rise In Referendums: A Look At Why Paid Signature Gatherers Have Staked Out Your Supermarket

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Here is a quick pop quiz: What do Walmart, marijuana, Barrio Logan, and a developer fee all have in common? Hint: referendums.

Many Polls, Many Different Stories On Outcome Of San Diego Mayor’s Race

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Polls are being released left and right as the race for San Diego mayor nears the home stretch. But the question is: Why do these polls differ so much?

In The Pocket: The Price of Getting Elected Mayor Of San Diego

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San Diego mayoral candidate Kevin Faulconer claims that the unions are trying to buy the election for his opponent, David Alvarez. But no one's hands are cash-free in this election.

Separating Alvarez From Faulconer: The Political Issues

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Looking beyond the personal, what are the political issues defining the race between David Alvarez and his opponent, Republican Kevin Faulconer?

San Diego Mayor's Race: Endorsements, New Plans And Press Conference Campaigning

Sen. Barbara Boxer endorsed David Alvarez, San Diego Realtors put their support behind Kevin Faulconer. It's just another day in the race to be mayor of America's Finest City.

Cracking The Endorsement Code In The San Diego Mayor's Race

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This week interim Mayor Todd Gloria endorsed David Alvarez and Father Joe Carroll endorsed Kevin Faulconer to be the next mayor of San Diego. But what does it all mean?

Alvarez, Faulconer Go Negative In First San Diego Mayoral Debate

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Were there a winner in the first mayoral debate? We take a look at Wednesday's KPBS/10News debate of the run-off election.

Start Your Engines: San Diego Mayoral Race Back In High Gear

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The race for mayor, which went quiet over the holidays, is back in action with both candidates sprinting toward election day on Feb. 11.

Shipyard Union Switches Sides on Barrio Logan Community Plan Update

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The shipyard union workers say they were lied to and now support the community plan update for Barrio Logan.

Slippery Slope Between Campaigns and Super PACs In San Diego Mayoral Race

A look into the slippery slope of coordination between campaigns and the super PAC’s that support them in the San Diego mayor's race.

Ribbon Cut on New Registrar of Voters Office

On election night, after the ballots are cast…the county registrar’s office has the job of counting all the votes and figuring out who won. The count will now happen in a brand new state of the art building.

Protesters Call For Walmart To Pay A Living Wage

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While shoppers shopped, protesters picketed outside the Walmart on Murphy Canyon Road Friday. It is part of a series of nationwide protests against the big box store.

Barrio Logan Referendum To Be Ruled On By Judge Next Week

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The fate of a citywide referendum over the hotly contested Barrio Logan Community Plan is now in the hands of a San Diego Superior Court judge.

Fletcher Says Farewell To Politics, Concedes Mayor's Race

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Nathan Fletcher bows out of the mayor's race after coming in third behind City Councilmen David Alvarez and Kevin Faulconer.

Alvarez, Faulconer Headed To Runoff In San Diego Mayor's Race

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City Councilman David Alvarez edged past fellow Democrat Nathan Fletcher and earned a spot in a February run-off for mayor against his colleague, Republican Kevin Faulconer.

Lawsuit Claims Maritime Industry Lied About Barrio Logan Referendum

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The controversial Barrio Logan Community Plan seemed headed to the ballot box, but now it might be making a pit stop in a courtroom.

Barrio Logan Community Plan Highlights Split Between San Diego Mayoral Hopefuls

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For the two San Diego councilmen who want to be the next mayor, the divide over a community plan in Barrio Logan offers a look at their political differences.

The "Other" Candidates Running For San Diego Mayor

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There are more mayoral candidates then those often represented in the news. KPBS takes a look at some of those also joining in the race to be mayor.

Boy From The Barrio: David Alvarez And The Race To Be San Diego Mayor

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As the Nov. 19th election approaches, KPBS explores the motivations and history of San Diego's native son, David Alvarez.

Candidate Confidential: A Q&A With The Mayoral Front-Runners

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What's your favorite place in San Diego? Your first job? We asked the top four mayoral candidates some simple and personal questions and got some revealing answers.

Barrio Logan Community Plan May Go To The Ballot Box

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After five years of public meetings and debate, the San Diego City Council approved a new community plan for Barrio Logan, but now it could be tossed back to the ballot box after a referendum initiative has gathered enough signatures.

Fletcher Gets Police Officers' Nod

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The San Diego Police Officers Association gave Nathan Fletcher its coveted endorsement in the upcoming Nov. 19 mayoral election.

Future Of Barrio Logan Community Plan Still Uncertain

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A plan to rezone the neighborhood of Barrio Logan is set to officially clear city council, but a referendum from the maritime industry leaves the plan's future in doubt.

What's In A Mayoral Endorsement?

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Almost every day we hear of one group or another throwing its support behind one of the San Diego mayoral candidates, but what does it really mean?

Turnout Could Be Low In Special Mayoral Election

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As San Diego marches towards a special mayoral election on Nov. 19, a new policy study finds the turnout rate may be a bit on the lighter side.

Barrio Logan Referendum Kicks Off

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The referendum to bring the Barrio Logan community plan to a city-wide vote has begun, at the same time as mayoral candidates and City Councilmen Kevin Faulconer and David Alvarez say they will continue to search for compromise.

Maritime Industry Fights Back Against Barrio Logan Community Plan

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After the San Diego City Council passed a new community plan for Barrio Logan, the maritime industry said it will try to force a city wide referendum to block it.

Barrio Logan Gets First Community Plan Update In Decades

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The San Diego City Council voted 5-4 Tuesday night to approve the first update to the Barrio Logan Community Plan in 35 years.

Debate Over Zoning Puts Barrio Logan At Center Of Turf War

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A turf war over zoning reveals a deep divide between neighborhood residents and industry in an ever-changing city.

The Women Who Accused Filner Talk About Coming Forward

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Some of the first women to publicly accuse former mayor Bob Filner talk about what it was like to come forward, and why they waited to speak up.

Filner's Exit Isn't The End Of San Diego's Mayoral Mayhem

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On Friday, the embattled mayor of San Diego officially steps down. Allegations of sexual harassment against him have rocked the eighth-largest American city, which now has to pick up the pieces and elect a new mayor.

Nathan Fletcher Readies For Mayor's Race

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San Diego Mayor Bob Filner will resign at the end of the week, which means the competition for his replacement is already underway.

Filner Mediation Results In Deal; Council Votes Friday

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The city attorney's office is reporting that a deal has been reached with San Diego Mayor Bob Filner; it likely includes his resignation. But attorney Gloria Allred says she does not know the details of the proposed agreement.

Filner Vows To Move Forward As Mayor In Recall Response

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Mayor Bob Filner did not mention the sexual harassment allegations against him in his response to the recall effort.

Filner Must Resign, Women Vets Say

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Saying that “ours was the wrong group to choose,” the leader of the National Women’s Veterans Association today launched a campaign to force Mayor Bob Filner to resign.

Civil Rights Giant Becomes Comic Book Hero

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Civil rights legend John Lewis is telling his story in the form of a graphic novel.

City Council Won't Pay Filner's Legal Fees

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Who is going to pay for the sexual harassment lawsuit against the city of San Diego and Mayor Bob Filner?

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