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Steve Walsh

Military Reporter

Photo of Steve Walsh

As a military reporter, Steve Walsh delivers stories and features for TV, radio and the web.

Before coming to KPBS, Steve worked as a journalist in Northwest Indiana and Chicago. He hosted a daily public affairs show on Lakeshore Public Radio and was an original host and producer for the storytelling project at WBEZ in Chicago. He has been a reporter on Back At Base, a collaboration between NPR and seven public radio stations that looks at veterans and the military.

He is a graduate of Indiana State University. He spent a large portion of his career as a print reporter for the Times of Northwest Indiana and the Post-Tribune in Gary, Indiana. At the Post-Tribune, he was embedded in Iraq twice. He was also an investigative reporter and covered the Indiana Statehouse during the term of three governors.

Recent Stories by Steve Walsh

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California Guard Expected To Roll-Out For Border Duty

April 26
By Steve Walsh

Guard troops expected to perform a number of secondary roles with the U.S. Border Patrol.

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San Diego Part Of Effort To Honor Chinese American WWII Veterans

April 20
By Steve Walsh

Advocates want to award a Congressional Gold Medal to Chinese American veterans of World War II who fought aggression overseas while facing discrimination at home.

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California And Pentagon Still At Odds Over Guard Deployment

April 16
By Steve Walsh

Despite a rare moment of agreement between California and the Trump Administration, the two sides have so far not reached an agreement to call up the California National Guard as part of a multi-state effort.

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Marine Who Won Court Hazing Decision Faces Discharge

April 13
By Steve Walsh

Sgt. Jamie Ortiz remains restricted on board Camp Pendleton, even after a ruling that threw out his case in a major crackdown on hazing ordered by the commander of the 1st Marine Division.

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It's Not The First Time California Deploys National Guard To Border Missions

April 11
By Steve Walsh

Gov. Jerry Brown's decision follows up on missions in 2006 and 2010 where California sent troops to support border operations.

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Navy Working To Keep Sailors In The Service As Fleet Expands

April 3
By Steve Walsh

The Navy is canceling retirement incentives, replacing those programs with new programs to retain sailors and officers ahead of an expansion in the number of ships.

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Navy SEALs To Be Tested Prior To Training, Monitored For Brain Injuries

March 30
By Steve Walsh

The program is part of a Navy effort to more closely track traumatic brain injuries among special operators and other sailors.

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After Congressional Protest, Navy Rejects Humanist Chaplain

March 27
By Steve Walsh

The Navy won't allow the military's first secular humanist chaplain to serve after members of Congress protest the move.

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My Lai Exhibit Highlights Dark Anniversary Of Vietnam War

March 14
By Steve Walsh

The incident called attention to the deaths of unarmed civilians and became a turning point for public support of the Vietnam War.

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In Cost-Cutting Move, Navy Shutting Down Combat Camera Units

March 13
By Steve Walsh

The storied unit shot through the depths of World War II and Vietnam but will not survive the digital age, according to the Navy.

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