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Stories by Tom Fudge

Mayor Faulconer On Terrorism, Services For Homeless

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In his monthly update on the business of the city, San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer tackled a number of topics ranging from terrorism to services for the homeless on KPBS Midday Monday.

DNA Test Exonerates CSU San Marcos Frat House Rape Suspect

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The Oceanside Police Department say a CSU San Marcos student accused of raping a female student at a fraternity house party has been cleared by a DNA test.

One Man's Quest For Good Bread Turns Into An Adventure In Baking Around The World

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A journalist turned award-winning baker and author is sharing his secrets about making the perfect loaf of bread in a new memoir, "In Search of the Perfect Loaf — A Home Baker's Odyssey."

Are Earthquakes Linked To Drought?

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The 6.0-magnitude quake in Napa, California is causing some to take second look at UC San Diego research that indicates an uplift in the earth's surface — caused by the drought — is causing seismic activity to spring up.

Depression Is Not A Death Sentence

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The death of comedian Robin Williams sparked conversations about depression. We look at resources available in San Diego and what to say to someone who may be suffering.

What You Need To Know About West Nile Virus In San Diego County

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West Nile virus has been found in two dead birds in San Diego County. We'll tell you what you need to know to protect your family — and how you can help the county track the mosquito-borne virus.

Chicago Symphony Veteran Takes Over In San Diego

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The San Diego Symphony announced Thursday that Martha Gilmer, an executive at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, will become its new CEO. She will replace Ward Gill, who is leaving after 10 years.

Ocean Beach Says It’s Time To Turn In Your Marshmallows

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Ocean Beach residents say the sticky mess and rowdiness of the past indicate the annual Fourth of July marshmallow fight must come to an end.

Weekend Festival Celebrates American Roots In Bluegrass

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Banjo, fiddle and guitar jamming is set to get underway this weekend at the Huck Finn Bluegrass Music Festival in Ontario, California. We have a preview from the band Lonesome Otis.

USD Report Finds Outlook For San Diego Nonprofits Is Hopeful

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A new study by the Caster Family Center For Nonprofit and Philanthropic Research at USD examines the well-being of local nonprofits using data and feedback from their leaders.

Young Undocumented Immigrants Begin Renewing Deferred Action Permits

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Young undocumented immigrants who received temporary legal status under the Deferred Action Childhood Arrival program in 2012 can now apply to renew their permits.

San Diego Aging Summit Provides Resources, Support For Caregivers

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As baby boomers reach their '"golden years" families are finding themselves caregivers. A summit this week in San Diego focuses on personal safety for our seniors, elder abuse and challenges for local families dealing with dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

James Hubbell Opens Home, Studios For Public Tours On Father's Day

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In what has become a Father's Day tradition for more than 30 years, the artists James and Anne Hubbell will open their home and art studio in Santa Ysabel to the public this Sunday June 15.

California Teacher Tenure Law Ruled Unconstitutional

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Los Angeles County Superior Court judge Tuesday ruled in favor of nine students who sued the state saying tenure and seniority policies have made it virtually impossible to fire bad teachers.

Business Owners Weigh In On Proposal To Raise San Diego's Minimum Wage

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As a San Diego City Council committee gets ready to discuss raising San Diego's minimum wage to $13.09 an hour, we hear from San Diego's small-business community.

San Diego Researcher Helps Draft New Dietary Guidelines For Cancer Prevention

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A UC San Diego researcher helped draft new dietary guidelines for cancer prevention, they encourage people to limit alcohol, dairy products and red and processed meats.

California Chrome's Next Race May Be At Del Mar

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Though California Chrome's Triple Crown hopes were dashed this weekend when the horse tied for fourth place in the Belmont Stakes, the 3-year-old's career is far from over.

San Diego Author Of 'Once Upon A Mulberry Field'

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Some forty years ago Saigon fell to communist North Vietnam. A local author who lived in Vietnam during the war explores his experience in his first novel, Once Upon A Mulberry Field.

San Diego Voters Reject Barrio Logan Community Plan

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Propositions B and C would have rezoned Barrio Logan to separate industry from the homes of people. The San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce and other business interests opposed the measures.

San Diego Judge To Rule On De Anza Cove

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Legal ruling this week could mean the end of a battle over a mobile home development in Mission Bay Park.

San Diegans Pitch Their Creations At 'Inventors Day' Event

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The folks from Telebrands are in San Diego Thursday to host their annual "Telebrands Inventors Day" that invites people to show them their creations.

Is The Initiative Process Jamming The System In San Diego?

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The initiative process is democracy in action, but is it jamming up San Diego and its courts?

San Diego Climate Researcher To Lead Vatican Discussion On Climate Change

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Ram Ramanathan, a distinguished professor of atmospheric and climate sciences at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, has been studying global warming since the 1970s. This weekend, he has an audience with Pope Francis.

Petco Park 2014: More Than A Ballpark But Not All That Was Promised

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Ten years ago, ballpark boosters said Petco Park would be a spur to development that would transform downtown San Diego. Ten years later, those promises appear to have been half true.

Cesar Chavez's Legacy Continues To Inspire San Diego Labor Movement

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On Cesar Chavez Day, San Diego labor leaders remember the labor leader's legacy and discuss the state of the labor movement in the region.

Kevin Faulconer Sworn In As San Diego Mayor

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Former City Councilman Kevin Faulconer took the office of San Diego mayor, promising to make public safety his first priority and boost standards in police department.

San Diego Museum Hosts Only Documented Pirate Treasure Ever Discovered

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It's not all puffy shirts and parrots — a treasure chest of pirate artifacts is now on display at the San Diego Natural History Museum. It's the only documented pirate treasure ever found.

What's Happening Around San Diego In February?

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From a retro soul music show to a poetry reading and an unusual film screening, here's a preview to some of this month's top events happening around San Diego.

Mindfulness And Child Development Focus of UC San Diego Conference

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Mindfulness — paying attention to the here and now to reflect instead of reacting to people and circumstances around you. Teaching mindfulness in the classroom is the focus of a conference being sponsored by UC San Diego School of Medicine this week. It looks at how mindfulness can help with everything from pain and stress management to ADHD.

Jamul Indian Village Breaks Ground On Casino Amid Opposition, Legal Challenges

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The town of Jamul is still fighting a local tribe's plan for an Indian casino, even as earth is being cleared to make way for it.

New Calif. Law Adds 3-Foot Protection For Cyclists But Will It Make San Diego Roads Safe Enough?

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Beginning in September, California law will require drivers to be three feet away from a bicyclist handlebars or shoulders while passing on the road. Will the new law make San Diego cyclists feel safer?

Renowned Fiber Artist And Fantasy Novelist In San Diego To Teach Storytelling

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The newest genre in fiction writing is using crafts in storytelling. A renowned fiber artist is using her love of yarns to launch a trilogy of fantasy books based in needlework.

Decoding The Paleo Diet

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Discussions of diet have some people arguing that our modern use of grains, including bread and cake, is unhealthy. The premise of the "paleo diet" says we're best off going back to the kind of diet that preceded the agricultural revolution of early human civilization.

Proposal: Monitoring Foreign Flight Students In San Diego

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The San Diego County Board of Supervisors this week takes up an ordinance that would put into place new restrictions to flight schools in our region who train foreign nationals. We take a look at those backing the proposal that's opposed by pilot groups, flight schools and instructors.

One Year After 'Blackfish,' SeaWorld Goes On Offensive

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The documentary "Blackfish," about SeaWorld and killer whales in captivity, premiered at Sundance Film Festival in 2013. A year later, the debate continues and SeaWorld is going on the offensive.

Blood Test To Predict Heart Attacks Found By Scripps Researchers

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Scripps scientists have found a bio-marker in the blood that can predict heart attacks. The next question: How far in advance do they appear?

Roundtable: City Code Breakers; More One Paseo; 2014 Economic Outlook

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A group you've never heard of is shaping city development codes. This year, the rubber meets the road at One Paseo. And San Diego's economic outlook for 2014 is not too shabby, experts say.

Task Force Recommends New Lung Cancer Screening Guidelines

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The U.S. Preventative Services Task Force said lung cancer screening for many chain-smokers and former smokers should be done with a CT scan instead of an X-ray.

2014 Rings In New Laws For California

The first of the year is a handy date for putting new laws into effect. So on Jan. 1, expect changes in a range of areas from voice-activated texting while driving to gun sales to financial literacy for school children.

How Much Does It Cost To Raise A Family In San Diego?

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A new cost-calculating tool provides detailed estimates of family budgets in each of California's 58 counties.

Year In Review 2013: Mayor Filner's Sexual Harassment Scandal

No doubt the biggest story in San Diego this year was the sexual harassment scandal that lead to the political demise of former Mayor Bob Filner.

Southern California Home Sales Dip In November

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DataQuick reports the number of November home sales was down, while prices were up, compared to November 2012.

Roundtable: Filner Sentenced, Revenge Porn Busted, Car Culture Questioned

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Former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner was sentenced to house arrest and probation. The San Diego owner/operator of a revenge porn website was arrested for extortion and charges. A North County summit takes on the automobile.

San Diego Citywide Bike Path Plan Goes Before City Council

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The San Diego City Council will consider a plan to add 595 miles of bicycle paths to double the size of the citywide bike network.

Roundtable: Rolando Megadorm, Bitcoin Fever, Holiday Films

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Is the new construction at 63rd Street and El Cajon Boulevard a megadorm or luxury apartments? Bitcoins are virtual, pricey and, right now, relatively useless. And are any films worth our time and money this season?

Alvarez, Faulconer Headed To Runoff In San Diego Mayor's Race

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City Councilman David Alvarez edged past fellow Democrat Nathan Fletcher and earned a spot in a February run-off for mayor against his colleague, Republican Kevin Faulconer.

How To Navigate Frustrating Customer Service Experiences 'The Smart Way'

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A new guidebook can help you through your next encounter with an unresponsive service worker, and even build some respect.

Chula Vista Nature Landmark In Danger Of Closing Its Doors

A 28-year-old South Bay nature landmark is in danger of closing its doors. Financial pressures may force the Living Coast Discovery Center in Chula Vista to shutdown. The center needs to raise $200,000 by the end of October to remain open.

'Detained In The Desert' Opens At La Jolla Playhouse

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'Detained in the Desert' parallels two very different people; a second-generation Latina and an anti-immigrant talk show radio host, whose lives converge in the Arizona desert.

Tracking Ovarian Cancer Through Blood Cells

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With no reliable screening tests and few symptoms, ovarian cancer is among the hardest forms of cancer to diagnose. Research underway in San Diego analyzes blood from women with ovarian cancer to track tumor cells and better understand the spread of cancer.