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Stories by Tom Fudge

One Year After 'Blackfish,' SeaWorld Goes On Offensive

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The documentary "Blackfish," about SeaWorld and killer whales in captivity, premiered at Sundance Film Festival in 2013. A year later, the debate continues and SeaWorld is going on the offensive.

Blood Test To Predict Heart Attacks Found By Scripps Researchers

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Scripps scientists have found a bio-marker in the blood that can predict heart attacks. The next question: How far in advance do they appear?

Roundtable: City Code Breakers; More One Paseo; 2014 Economic Outlook

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A group you've never heard of is shaping city development codes. This year, the rubber meets the road at One Paseo. And San Diego's economic outlook for 2014 is not too shabby, experts say.

Task Force Recommends New Lung Cancer Screening Guidelines

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The U.S. Preventative Services Task Force said lung cancer screening for many chain-smokers and former smokers should be done with a CT scan instead of an X-ray.

2014 Rings In New Laws For California

The first of the year is a handy date for putting new laws into effect. So on Jan. 1, expect changes in a range of areas from voice-activated texting while driving to gun sales to financial literacy for school children.

How Much Does It Cost To Raise A Family In San Diego?

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A new cost-calculating tool provides detailed estimates of family budgets in each of California's 58 counties.

Year In Review 2013: Mayor Filner's Sexual Harassment Scandal

No doubt the biggest story in San Diego this year was the sexual harassment scandal that lead to the political demise of former Mayor Bob Filner.

Southern California Home Sales Dip In November

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DataQuick reports the number of November home sales was down, while prices were up, compared to November 2012.

Roundtable: Filner Sentenced, Revenge Porn Busted, Car Culture Questioned

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Former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner was sentenced to house arrest and probation. The San Diego owner/operator of a revenge porn website was arrested for extortion and charges. A North County summit takes on the automobile.

San Diego Citywide Bike Path Plan Goes Before City Council

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The San Diego City Council will consider a plan to add 595 miles of bicycle paths to double the size of the citywide bike network.

Roundtable: Rolando Megadorm, Bitcoin Fever, Holiday Films

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Is the new construction at 63rd Street and El Cajon Boulevard a megadorm or luxury apartments? Bitcoins are virtual, pricey and, right now, relatively useless. And are any films worth our time and money this season?

Alvarez, Faulconer Headed To Runoff In San Diego Mayor's Race

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City Councilman David Alvarez edged past fellow Democrat Nathan Fletcher and earned a spot in a February run-off for mayor against his colleague, Republican Kevin Faulconer.

How To Navigate Frustrating Customer Service Experiences 'The Smart Way'

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A new guidebook can help you through your next encounter with an unresponsive service worker, and even build some respect.

Chula Vista Nature Landmark In Danger Of Closing Its Doors

A 28-year-old South Bay nature landmark is in danger of closing its doors. Financial pressures may force the Living Coast Discovery Center in Chula Vista to shutdown. The center needs to raise $200,000 by the end of October to remain open.

'Detained In The Desert' Opens At La Jolla Playhouse

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'Detained in the Desert' parallels two very different people; a second-generation Latina and an anti-immigrant talk show radio host, whose lives converge in the Arizona desert.

Tracking Ovarian Cancer Through Blood Cells

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With no reliable screening tests and few symptoms, ovarian cancer is among the hardest forms of cancer to diagnose. Research underway in San Diego analyzes blood from women with ovarian cancer to track tumor cells and better understand the spread of cancer.

Congressman Scott Peters Discusses Syria, Immigration, Sequestration

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With congress in recess, we're sitting down to talk with each member of San Diego's congressional delegation. Congressman Scott Peters shares his thoughts on everything from Syria to to balancing the federal budget.

How Do You Create A Free Media Culture In Syria?

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We sit down with a Syrian journalist who shares insights on broadcasting throughout the country, and the hope of bringing news to Syrians engulfed in the ongoing war.

Aguirre Tells CPUC To Refund San Onofre Ratepayers

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Attorney Mike Aguirre has filed a motion with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) demanding refunds to ratepayers who he says have paid for nuclear power they never received.

San Onofre: Shutting Down A Nuclear Power Plant

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With the announcement that Southern California Edison will shut down the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station for good, attention now turns to the cost of decommissioning and disposal of nuclear waste.

Survey: San Diego Keeps Leading In Clean Tech

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A new survey shows San Diego ranks seventh among 50 U.S cities in clean tech.

Bike Lanes And Buffers Could Make Montezuma Safer

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Mayor Bob Filner has introduced San Diego to a set of bike lanes and traffic buffers that he says will make the infamous corner of Montezuma and Collwood a safer place.

How One Father's Military Service Impacts His Son

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A KPBS editor joins his dad on a San Diego "Honor Flight" to Washington D.C on Memorial Day weekend to see what World War II and its veterans mean to Americans and the things they believe.

Pool Safety Tips: Report Finds Most Child Drownings Occur In Backyard Pools

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Summer is all about family, friends, barbecues and pool parties. But that fun sometimes turns tragic when a child is involved in a drowning. A new report finds most child drownings occur in backyards.

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Weekend Preview: Lebanese Festival, Pop Thursdays And Secrete Discoteque II

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From a community festival celebrating Lebanese culture and cuisine to a Star Wars-themed beer event, here are a few events to check out this weekend.

San Diego Charity Turns The Catch Of The Day Over To City's Needy

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A local sports fisherman has found a way to help feed San Diego's hungry. Fish. Food. Feel Good. collects donated fish from sports fishermen and distributes them to local charities that feed the area's seniors, poor and homeless.

UC San Diego Opens Center Devoted To Studying Imagination

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UC San Diego has created an innovative academic program called the Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination.

Catholic Education Will Be History In O.B. As Sacred Heart Closes Its Doors

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Falling enrollment makes Sacred Heart Academy in Ocean Beach part of a national trend, and the third San Diego Catholic school to close in as many years.

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner Talks Pot Ruling, Budget

Mayor Filner says Monday's medical marijuana ruling does not affect his commitment to safe access to medical marijuana.

Is Compass Card City’s Bus Ticket To 21st Century?

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Cash fare for transit is becoming a thing of the past. But the San Diego Compass Card still has some transfers to make before it reaches the end station.

Final Report Says Recycling Water Is Not So Expensive

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The San Diego water department today presents its final report on water recycling and estimates it would cost no more to recycle water than to import it.

Exposition Fosters Confusion About Balboa Park History

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The 100th anniversary of Balboa Park is coming up in 2015. Or is it? Turns out the San Diego press corps has been getting it wrong about the pending centennial and the 1915 Exposition.

Study Shows Drop In San Diego Trolley Trips

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Volatile gas prices have boosted public transit ridership in most of the country. But not in San Diego, where trolley trips were down nearly 5 percent last year.

Fear Of Traffic Pits Neighborhood Against Senior Housing

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San Diego could have 60 more affordable housing units for seniors if the City Council approves it, and some residents of Allied Gardens hope they won't.

Drones, Military Bases Are New Firefighting Tools

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The latest trends in firefighting got an airing at the Firehouse World Convention in San Diego.

Former San Diego Mayor Gambled Away Millions

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Federal prosecutors say former San Diego mayor Maureen O'Connor gambled away millions of dollars.

Liberal Label Gives Way To Progress(ive)

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Left-of-center politicos lean toward “progressive” label to cast off liberal baggage.

Bipartisan Congress Members 'Get Pinned' For State Of Union

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Freshman San Diego Congressman Scott Peters will join about 40 other members of Congress Tuesday, wearing a bipartisan pin during the President's State of the Union address.

Motorist Faces Charges For Hitting, Killing Cyclist

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The San Diego City Attorney has charged a man with vehicular manslaughter in the death of Charles Gilbreth, who was hit by a car while riding his bike on Montezuma Road.

Where Smart Growth Falls Short In San Diego

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Two San Diego developments show how goals to create walkable communities can succeed and fail.

Skate Plaza A ‘Good Start’ For City Heights Skaters

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Plans for a new park in City Heights include a skate plaza, which is some, but not all, of what skaters hoped for.

SDSU Alumnus Donates Science Fiction Treasure Trove

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A collection of science fiction books, letters and manuscripts, valued at more than $2 million, is now in the hands of the San Diego State University library.

Sotomayor Tells Of Personal Hardships And Life With The Law

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A Supreme Court Justice promoted her memoir and spoke to a sell-out crowd at the University of San Diego.

City Says Bike Lane May Have Made Intersection More Dangerous

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San Diego officials say a bike lane on a busy road near SDSU made a nearby intersection no safer, and possibly more dangerous.

Japan Airlines Cancels Next Week’s San Diego-Tokyo Flights

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Technical problems with their Boeing 787 aircraft have caused Japan Airlines to cancel even more of its direct flights from San Diego to Tokyo.

Algae Fuel Could Help Solve The Navy’s Oil Dependence

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An ambitious goal to reduce the use of fossil fuels looks to algae as a way to power the fleet.

Sanford-Burnham Research Institute Chief Takes Job With ‘Big Pharma’

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John Reed, CEO of Sanford-Burnham Research Institute, has become the research head for Roche Pharmaceuticals.

Gillespie Field Expansion Brings Promise And Controversy

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Conversion of the old El Cajon Speedway to aviation use poses the question: What do you do with an airport?

Homeowner 'Bill Of Rights' Will Also Speed Foreclosures

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Legislation to protect distressed California homeowners will also expedite a process that can lead to foreclosure.

2012: Top 10 News Stories Of The Year

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Midday host Maureen Cavanaugh, along with Alison St. John and Tom Fudge, who also fill the host chair from time to time, reflect on their candidates for the top San Diego stories of 2012.