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Stories by Tom Fudge

San Diego Aims To Have Fewer Parking Spaces And More Affordable Housing

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The San Diego City Council will require less parking for affordable housing developments to reduce costs and encourage alternative transportation.

SD City Hall Gives Mixed Signals On Land Preservation

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San Diego conservationists say the city might be blowing its chance to preserve thousands of acres of open space.

San Diego Law Enforcement Defends Death Penalty

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The San Diego District Attorney, police groups and victims' family members urged voters to defeat Proposition 34, which would repeal the death penalty in California.

Californians To Cast A Life Or Death Vote On Prop 34

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Supporters and opponents of the death penalty look to an election showdown over Proposition 34.

UCAN Demands Former Executive Director Return $474,000

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The chairman of the board of the Utility Consumers' Action Network (UCAN) demands Michael Shames return hundreds of thousands in "bonuses."

Sister Helen Prejean, Church Leaders Urge Passage Of Prop 34

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A dozen San Diego religious leaders joined the author of "Dead Man Walking" in a movement to repeal the death penalty.

Housing Construction Boom Transforms San Diego State

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Demand for student housing and construction of apartment buildings is turning San Diego State into a true campus community.

Chula Vista Looks For Bayfront Investors In China

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Chula Vista and port authority officials visit China to drum up financing for a $2 billion bay-front redevelopment.

Rich And Poor San Diegans Take Stock Of The American Dream

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In San Diego, rich people believe in the American dream because they lived it. Poor people believe because they need to.

Shockey Fire Near Campo Blackens 2,851 Acres, Leaves One Dead

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Crews made accelerating progress today in defeating a wildfire that claimed one life and leveled at least 20 back-country homes in rural southeastern San Diego County over the last three days.

Supporters Of Prop 34 Say Death Penalty Is Broken And Can’t Be Fixed

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Legislative committee hosts a hearing in which people debate the merits of the death penalty and of Proposition 34, which would repeal it.

How To Get A Skatepark In City Heights

Skateboarders in City Heights skate wherever they can, in hopes that a skatepark will someday be built in their neighborhood.

Some Question The Tactics Of The Election Integrity Project In San Diego

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A citizen's group will watch out for voter fraud at San Diego polling places this November. Whether the group is good influence or not depends on who you ask.

Legal Battleships Are Still Docked At De Anza Cove

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The years-long court battle over 76 acres of Mission Bay Park, and the mobile homes that remain there, could end early next year... unless it's appealed.

San Diego Sees Chance To Bolster Land Preservation

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The California Legislature passes a bill allowing San Diego to boost the number of acres that are off-limits to developers.

City Heights Looks For A Place To Skate

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A neighborhood eyes the obstacles to getting skaters off the street and into the skatepark of their dreams.

Tests Show Majority Of People Arrested In San Diego Are High On Drugs

Annual tests of inmates in San Diego county jails indicate well over half the people brought into custody test positive for illegal drugs.

San Diego Zoo Parking Lot Goes Solar

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The San Diego Zoo will get a system of solar panels that will provide energy for five vehicle charging stations. It will also provide shade for up to 50 cars in the parking lot.

County Treasurer Hopes Home Sales Bring Further Uptick In Tax Revenues

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Treasurer Dan McAllister tells association of realtors short supply and rising prices are good for county coffers.

San Diego Trolley Celebrates One-Seat Ride To Downtown

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Mayor Sanders and other city bigwigs touted the extension of Green Line and $720 million in transit improvements.

New Padres Owners Take Questions But Give Few Answers About Team's Future

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Today, the Padres formally introduced the team's new owners in a news conference at Petco Park. Members of the O'Malley group offered guarded answers to questions about investing in players.

'Cave Robber' Reveals New Spider Family

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California scientists discovered a one-of-a-kind spider in Oregon caves, though it may have relatives in the redwoods.

San Diego Rescue Team Eyes New Orleans As Isaac Approaches

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California Rescue Task Force 8, based in San Diego, is ready to head for the Crescent City if Hurricane Isaac puts people in danger.

San Diego Zoo Will Mimic Nature To Create New Products

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The San Diego Zoo wants to create innovative products for the American marketplace by stealing ideas from mother nature.

Lawyers Say We'll Soon Know The Cost Of Reclaiming De Anza Cove

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Court is expected to settle the legal question of relocating mobile home park residents early next year.

Cal Fire Dismisses Al Qaeda's Plot To Start Wildfires

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Al Qaeda has schooled would-be terrorists in starting wildfires. But Cal Fire says their 'Ember Bomb' is no big deal.

MLB Owners Approve Padres Sale

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Major League Baseball owners have approved the sale of the San Diego Padres to a group that includes the O'Malley family and pro golfer Phil Mickelson.

San Diego-Built Exxon Valdez Is Being Dismantled

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The infamous Exxon Valdez was built in San Diego. Now it's being dismantled on the coast of India.

Grantville Is Split On Subject Of 'Riverbend'

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A plan to turn some beat-up industrial land along the San Diego River into the Riverbend housing development has won over the people Grantville... unless they are opposed to it.

Chula Vista Waterfront Development Approved By Coastal Commission

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The California Coastal Commission approved a plan to develop the Chula Vista waterfront, which means construction can soon begin.

Baby You Can Drive My Car2Go

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Car-sharing and companies like Zipcar and Car2Go have put a dent in the expectation of car ownership, even in auto-dependent San Diego.

Move To Install Charging Stations Still Not Charging Ahead

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"Parking problems" are standing in the way of installing electric car charging stations in San Diego County.

Study Says High-Speed Rail Will Be Good For Environment

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The proposed high-speed rail system in California may be expensive, but two researchers say it will almost certainly reduce California's greenhouse emissions.

Construction Crews Put Dome On Central Library

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San Diego's new central library is capped with its signature dome as construction crews refocus on the building innards.

Mission Valley Project Gets Planning Commission Go-Ahead

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A plan to build nearly 1,000 homes along the San Diego River will go before the City Council.

UCSD Astronomer Ponders Disappearing Space Dust

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The disappearance of a field of space dust around a distant star has rattled theories of how planets are formed.

How To Make A Stadium More Than A Stadium

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San Diego architecture students reimagine Qualcomm Stadium and try to create a new kind of mall.

Fireworks Company Blames Computer Glitch For Fourth Of July Bayfront Bust

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Thousands of spectators who lined San Diego Bay for July Fourth fireworks saw one big burst then dark skies. Some answers emerged one day later.

Free Trade Negotiations Sneak Up On San Diego

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Just last week, it was safe to say that almost no one in San Diego had heard of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement. This week, the 13th round of negotiations between member nations is underway here at the Bayfront Hilton, complete with accompanying demonstrations and marches.

Homeowner Protection Bill Awaits Governor's Signature

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California would become the first state to write into law much of the national mortgage settlement negotiated this year with the nation's top five banks, and expand it to all lenders, under wide-ranging legislation state lawmakers approved Monday.

'Robosquirrel' Helps Tell An Epic Story Of Evolution

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A San Diego State University biologist shows how evolution has changed the rattlesnake and its prey, the ground squirrel, and he does it with a little help from a robot.

Opponents Of SD Transportation Plan File Legal Arguments

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Legal briefs were filed today in a suit that accuses SANDAG of promoting dependence on car travel.

Tolls Are Cut To Boost Use Of SR 125

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San Diego planners hope public ownership of the South Bay Expressway will mean that more people use it. Lower tolls begin on Saturday.

Anderson Forecast Predicts Job Growth In Golden State

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The rate of job creation in California will exceed the nation as a whole over the coming two years, according to UCLA's Anderson Forecast of the economy.

Neighbors Fight (Astro) Turf War With SD Parks

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City policy that favors artificial turf for new joint-use parks is rubbing College Area residents the wrong way.

Bronner Brings Hemp Fight To The White House

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An Escondido businessman lands in a D.C. jail for the cause of legal hemp, while an Oregon senator brings it to the floor of the U.S. Senate.

City Heights Montage Goes Up On 43rd Street

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A photographic mosaic of life in City Heights has been installed on the wall of an apartment building.

Mike Wilson Withdraws From The Race Across America

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A stiff wind and an injured foot have ended the Race Across America for San Diegan Mike Wilson. Meanwhile two Alpine peddlers approach Appalachia as they fight for first place.

San Diegan Mike Wilson To Race Across America

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Cyclist Mike Wilson has his heart set on finishing the most grueling contest in the world of sports.

Planning Commission Approves Plaza De Panama

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The San Diego Planning Commission has unanimously approved a controversial plan to remove cars from the heart of Balboa Park.