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Stories by Tom Fudge

Tolls Are Cut To Boost Use Of SR 125

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San Diego planners hope public ownership of the South Bay Expressway will mean that more people use it. Lower tolls begin on Saturday.

Anderson Forecast Predicts Job Growth In Golden State

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The rate of job creation in California will exceed the nation as a whole over the coming two years, according to UCLA's Anderson Forecast of the economy.

Neighbors Fight (Astro) Turf War With SD Parks

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City policy that favors artificial turf for new joint-use parks is rubbing College Area residents the wrong way.

Bronner Brings Hemp Fight To The White House

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An Escondido businessman lands in a D.C. jail for the cause of legal hemp, while an Oregon senator brings it to the floor of the U.S. Senate.

City Heights Montage Goes Up On 43rd Street

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A photographic mosaic of life in City Heights has been installed on the wall of an apartment building.

Mike Wilson Withdraws From The Race Across America

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A stiff wind and an injured foot have ended the Race Across America for San Diegan Mike Wilson. Meanwhile two Alpine peddlers approach Appalachia as they fight for first place.

San Diegan Mike Wilson To Race Across America

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Cyclist Mike Wilson has his heart set on finishing the most grueling contest in the world of sports.

Planning Commission Approves Plaza De Panama

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The San Diego Planning Commission has unanimously approved a controversial plan to remove cars from the heart of Balboa Park.

Typical CEO Salary In San Diego Is $256K

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A survey of San Diego companies shows executive pay is less than you might expect.

City Heights Looks For More Places To 'Park'

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The shortage of parks in City Heights was caused by poor urban planning. Solving the problem is a question of money.

Alaska Airlines Starts Flying To Fresno

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Alaska Airlines begins daily service from San Diego's Lindbergh Field to three mid-sized California markets.

Is Temecula Still Worth The Commute?

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High-priced gas and changing values have made the affordable homes of south Riverside County seem like they're even further away.

Park Staff Prepare To Tackle A San Diego Summer

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Memorial Day marks the beginning of the summer season, which is prime time for city parks.

San Diego Makes Top Ten Among Big-City Parks

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The Trust for Public Land says San Diego has one of the best American park systems, though finding a park close by can be a problem.

State Senate Paves Way For Robocars

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A bill approved the California Senate is the first step toward legalizing cars that can drive themselves.

Grantville Opposition Delays Vote on 'Riverbend' Development

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Some people in Grantville fear a new development will bring lots of traffic and environmental harm to the San Diego River Valley.

Brown Targets Mortage Settlement Funds For State Budget Gap

Housing advocates want the governor to stay away from settlement money that's meant to keep people in their homes.

Honor Flight Heads for DC With Over 100 WWII Vets

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The non-profit group Honor Flight left San Diego today with a plane full of veterans to honor their service in World War II.

Somalis In City Heights Lead Fight Against Liquor License

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The move to create a new liquor store next to a mosque in City Heights has led to intense neighborhood opposition.

Creating Bike Safety In A City Built For Cars

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The death of a cyclist near San Diego State leads to demands the city do something to make streets safe for bikes.

Students Arrive In San Diego After A Semester At Sea

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Students from around the country wrap up a trip around the world as they dock in San Diego harbor.

The Business Of Providing A Low Cost Of Dying

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A new San Diego undertaker wants to corner the market on low-cost funerals.

San Diego's Green Line Will Finally Arrive Downtown In September

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A major revamp of the trolley system will bring the Green Line downtown and the Blue Line, eventually, to UC San Diego.

A 'Greater Vision' Means A More Urban San Diego

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A San Diego Foundation poll shows San Diego residents will accept greater urban density to get more convenience and better use of the environment.

Freeway Lids Hold Hope Of Reconnecting Neighborhoods

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Freeway lids can make freeways disappear in urban neighborhoods, but only if cities are willing to pay the price.

SANDAG Puts Off Rapid Bus Debate

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Critics say SANDAG has postponed a decision over an unpopular transit plan by cancelling a Friday meeting.

For Population Density Think LA, Not New York

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A new census report shows the nation's four most densely populated urbanized areas are all in California.

Does Your Neighborhood Make You Fat?

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Experts explore whether walkable neighborhoods can help fight obesity, despite confounding factors like low income and poor diets.

Home To Work In 18 Minutes Afoot

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Tom Fudge describes the trials and pleasures of his mile-long walk to work on Walk to Work Day, April 6, 2012.

Ken Salazar Visits San Diego Zoo In Push To Promote American Tourism

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The Obama Administration's desire to create jobs though promoting tourism came to San Diego, as the interior secretary visited the zoo.

Habitat For Humanity Starts Building In Imperial Beach

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The charitable housing group plans to build four single-family homes as its first construction project in Imperial Beach.

Rail Authority Wants Private Sector To Connect San Diego

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California High-Speed Rail Authority says it can cut costs and create a connection to San Diego with help from companies seeking profits.

Otay Ranch Has A New Kind of Home

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Builders of "Village 2" in Otay Ranch respond to a changing home market with smaller homes and innovative designs.

Planners Say Terminal 2 Will Be On Time And On Budget

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San Diego airport executives look forward to finishing their billion-dollar terminal expansion plan by August of next year.

A Dance With Non-Profits On Stage At The Old Globe

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People running for San Diego mayor appeared in a forum at The Old Globe to talk about how they would support the arts and non-profits, if elected.

Business Owners Want Rapid Buses Off Of Broadway

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Some downtown San Diego business owners say rapid buses running on Broadway will be noisy and smelly and will drive away customers.

'Dreamliner' Helps Make San Diego Airport's Dreams Come True

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Boeing's 787 is launching a new era of international travel at San Diego's Lindbergh Field. But the economy and the cost of fuel will also determine how long the city can rely on its hemmed-in airport.

CCDC Delays Downtown Quiet Zone

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A "quiet zone" for trains that traverse downtown San Diego is being delayed until May.

Tourism Industry Seeks Long-Haul Visitors

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San Diego tourism was up in 2011. But it still hasn't rebounded to pre-recession levels.

Underwater Homeowners Start To Lose Patience

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The seemingly endless mortgage crisis has San Diego homeowners seeing foreclosure as a good alternative, and housing experts saying principal forgiveness is the only good answer.

Chula Vista Waterfront Plan Awaits OK From Coastal Commission

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Chula Vista hosted the March meeting of the California Coastal Commission last week. Now the city is looking forward to seeing its waterfront development plan on the agenda.

Japanese Activists Join Americans To Protest Nuclear Power

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Activists in northern San Diego County and southern Orange County this weekend will recognize the anniversary of Japan's Fukushima nuclear disaster.

UCS Calls Safety Precautions At Nuclear Plants 'Inadequate'

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The Union of Concerned Scientists marks the coming anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster by saying the American nuclear industry has not done enough to prevent a similar event.

SD Futurist Looks To The Past To Size Up Today's Presidential Race

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San Diego futurist and science fiction novelist David Brin sees the 2012 election as a debate over how to preserve the American middle class.

Analysis: Prop 8 Ruled Unconstitutional

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A federal appeals court has declared California's same-sex marriage ban to be unconstitutional, paving the way for a likely U.S. Supreme Court showdown on the voter-approved law.

San Diego Looks For A Place To Park All The Cars

San Diego's rising population will bring with it hundreds of thousands more cars, more concerns about finding place to park and a fear that parking lots will overtake the city's landscape.

Carl Luna Handicaps San Diego Mayoral Election

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Political scientist Carl Luna says San Diego voters are looking for a mayor with a vision, who is interested in doing more than pinching pennies.

Psychologist Calls Child Stabbing Predictable And Preventable

A psychologist says the shocking stabbing death of a 12-year-old boy, allegedly by his 10-year-old playmate, can be traced to clues and causes in the childhood brain.

Southeast San Diego Honors MLK With An 'All Men March'

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The All Men March takes place on Saturday to send a message of male accountability on the Martin Luther King Day weekend.

San Diego Assemblyman Calls High-Speed Rail A Fantasy Train

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Assemblyman Martin Garrick is co-sponsoring a bill to give California voters a chance to change their minds on high-speed rail.