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KPBS' 50th Anniversary

Media Gallery

In 1960, the price of a gallon of gas was 31 cents, Elvis topped the billboard charts with “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” and a new type of broadcasting took shape at San Diego State College. Our video and picture galleries invite you to see the many sides of KPBS.

Video set

Anniversary Spots

KPBS' 50th Anniversary campaign includes a series of spots highlighting the people and events that have shaped KPBS' past and impact our future.

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The Community - Will Cherashore


KPBS 50th Anniversary highlights Will Cherashore from The Lodge at Torrey Pines, current sponsors of KPBS Celebrates the Sixties. Produced by Tami Rogers.


KPBS Creates Hall of Fame

Sept. 13, 2010 | By KPBS Staff

From left to right, Hall of Fame Inductees Paul Marshall, Paul Steen and John Witherspoon at the 2010 Hall of Fame ceremony, September 2010.

As part of KPBS’ 50th anniversary, the newly established Hall of Fame serves to honor the extraordinary individuals and families while providing inspiration for the future generations. These charter inductees are very diverse in their contributions and accomplishments, but they share one common characteristic: the vision and dedication to help KPBS grow and thrive in the San Diego community for future generations.


From Lamb Chop To Chopped Liver

Oct. 13, 2010 | By Tammy Carpowich

From Lamb Chop To Chopped Liver

As a kid, I loved people in costumes. I saw the characters at Disneyland and aspired to be part of the “cast.” I had just graduated from college when I finally got my chance.


Broomstick Editing

Aug. 26, 2010 | By Ron Stein

Broomstick Editing

The early days of television editing were nothing like it is today. There were no computers to control the tape machines and digital media wasn’t even a dream. All the video was recorded on 2-inch tape equipment that we called Quads. They were huge machines that used air pressure to guide the tape and hissed all the time.


Everything Went

July 22, 2010 | By Gloria Penner

Everything Went

My colleague, Ken Kramer, characterized the KPBS television auction of the 70’s and 80’s as an “everything went” event. For 7 nights, we sold the most unimaginable to the most exquisite items in a wild, no-holds-barred preview of QVC. In fact, QVC was born the year we bid adieu to the KPBS auction after a 12 year tumultuous and often emotional ride.


Increase the Peace

Aug. 13, 2010 | By Monica Medina

Increase the Peace

I had been at KPBS barely a month when I was given a directive to focus on teen violence. More specifically, to plan an event that could help young people learn ways to handle aggressive behavior. With no other instructions, and little knowledge of how to achieve this, it seemed to be a very tall order. I had a bare-bones budget and a lofty goal. Yet somehow this event happened in a big and meaningful way.

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