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Comments made by 071267mom

Child Abductions By Parents Into Mexico Rising

Please this is urgent I need advice

I am pregnant and due any day

I currently reside with the father, however i am concerned because he has said very seriously that if we ever split up he would take my kid with him. And that he probably would leave to mexico..he is a resident in california. I am very concerned because he's smirked out little comments as well like "i'm going to go with my kid to tijuana to show him off to all the girls" I tell him if you want to take him down there it has to be with me but he i feel he has a sneaky agenda...Im just very worried that as soon as my child is born or in any circumstance even if i to split up with him, and arrange child custody and visitations he will still take the kid to tijuana.. I feel he is very capable and i am very scared.. I want to something to prevent this...maybe make an agreement of some sort...I am not married to him... so I thought maybe i could make an agreement saying he cant leave the country with my child without me.
I am just very desperate and worried...I dont want to deny him his child..its just i am scared he will leave one day without notice..

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