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Comments made by 14ktau

California's Foie Gras Food Fight

Today's UT paper Bryan Pease states he doesn't think people should continue to judge him for what he did in his 20s (stun gun incident) now that he's 34 year old. Well, perhaps he should start acting like he's 34 years old. Tweeting someone's home address (despite where else it can be found or finding a verbal legal loop hole to defend this action) is not the character of a professional grown man. Neither is posting how much money you "just deposited" (at 34 years old) on a day the bank is closed. He currently call others (mostly chefs and editors) obscenities on public formats and even suggested in the UT last month that one chef was the reason his son recently committed suicide. This is not how a grown professional man acts in public or in private. This is how an amateur behaves. On a more positive note, Philip Wollen (former VP of Citibank) delivers a poignant speech last month brilliantly debating the benefits of how our health, economy, environment will vastly and immediately improve by reforming how we eat and our treatment of animal. An eloquent example of a real man -

June 24, 2012 at 3:12 p.m. ( | suggest removal )