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Comments made by 1olderugger

Should County Supervisors Have Term Limits?

Don't be fooled by labor - again! They don't want competition, they want to be able to buy their way into County politics, and the easiest way is to term out popular (that is, they win the popular elections), productive, fiscally conservative (i.e. they don't kowtow to the union demands for ridiculous contracts and pension plans), and responsive representatives. They want to do to the County what they've done to the State of CA and City of San Diego with term limits, serving their own needs and desires at the expense of the voters! And they want the majority to be in their back pocket, as with the SD Unified School District and Lakeside Fire Board, where they can do whatever they want to please the unions that bankrolled their campaigns, and ignore the citizens that were fooled into electing them. NO ON PROP B!!!! NO ON PROP B!!

May 21, 2010 at 7:34 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Lakeside Fired Up Over Fire Board

Re: firing of Chief Baker: It IS a union issue. At the meeting wherein he was fired - by a 3-2 vote - the chief spoke first, the union rep said he'd speak at the end of the meeting, the community members lined up to speak 100% in favor of the chief, and at the end, the union rep DECLINED to speak - he already knew how his boys were going to vote! And they're hiding behind comments like "he was going in a different direction," "different leadership styles," (officially "loss of confidence" and "incompatability of management styles") but the meeting agenda stated for disciplinary reasons. NO SPECIFICS HAVE EVER BEEN GIVEN, NOT EVEN AN EXAMPLE. This is how the unions take over government entities, people! Remember this when they step up the vote encouraging term limits for County Supervisors (we already have term limits, it's called the VOTE!). They can't run a union stooge against a popular Supervisor like Jacob or Roberts, but can spend millions to get their comrades elected over a lesser-known average joe! Then they can do to the County what they're doing in Lakeside (average pay for our excellent firefighters was about $110,000 in '09, if I'm not mistaken), and what they've done to the City of San Diego and State of CA!

April 10, 2010 at 6:46 a.m. ( | suggest removal )