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Comments made by 1union1

Life In Prison: Harriet Salarno, A Victim Speaks

Isolate but not torture and murder, that benefits no one and harms many.
This pure evidence of torture and murder by state employees in California prisons just cost the taxpayers $475,000.

In 1850 Dorothea Dix and the quakers managed to get all the mentally ill taken out of prisons and jails and put into private homes and hospitals whose intent was to heal, not to punish sickness. No mentally ill person was ever deterred from being sick because another mentally ill person was locked in a cage and tormented. The majority of prisoners are non-violent

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Life In Prison: Harriet Salarno, A Victim Speaks

The comment that "obviously everyone who is in prison deserves to be there" is illogical when we consider that 80,000 people are incarcerated over minor, non violent crimes such as being a half hour late to a parole appointment, stealing food with the full permission of the priest, even stealing a watermelon out of a field where they are rotting is a felony. The people who will be released are the ones who should never have been imprisoned in the first place except for the organizing work of Harriet Salarno and her manipulated cohorts. A prisoner dies every day, more die shortly after release, what about those murders taking place in our names, paid for with our tax dollars? What about their grieving families?

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Life In Prison: Harriet Salarno, A Victim Speaks

Empirical Evidence by leading criminologists prove that prisons do not deter crime When people receive a college education, they are taught the difference between who should be considered a valid source or not. The lawmakers allegedly have college educations, why are they ignoring empirical evidence that incarceration doesn't work?

Because they are feeding off this human bondage industry, which is nothing less than modernized slavery. On read comments from leading criminologists, others, Prisons are a failure. Why not put the money on the front end to prevent crime and mental illness via education? Why empower punishing instead of prevention and healing? What a bunch of morons we, the people, have empowered over our lives.

We need to elect smart-on-crime politicians. Many books are in print right now with empirical evidence that prisons aren't working Imprisoning Communities: How Mass Incarceration Makes Disadvantaged Neighborhoods Worse (Studies in Crime and Public Policy by Todd R. Clear =Imprisoning America: The Social Effects of Mass Incarceration by David F. Weiman------ -- Prison State: The Challenge of Mass Incarceration (Cambridge Studies in Criminology) ---------Downsizing Prisons: How to Reduce Crime and End Mass Incarceration by Michael Jacobson , the intellectuals are speaking out against prisons as a failed practice from the dark ages.

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Life In Prison: Harriet Salarno, A Victim Speaks

Most murders occur amongst known families and friends, all of this vengeance on other families because mentally ill people act out their illnesses helps no one. Harriet Salerno and the Crime Victim's groups have been manipulated by the CCPOA and other law enforcement labor unions to build a huge human bondage industry that has caused far more than destruction than it has prevented.

I wonder how she can truly believe that her hatred and vengeance honors her daughter that so many other people have lost their children due to the harsh, overcrowded, negligent conditions? Salerno is a good organizer, it's too bad she doesn't see healing and prevention of mental illness as better solutions to crime than mindlessly punishing sick people. Harriet Salerno has certainly shared her pain and inflicted it upon other family members whose loved ones died preventable deaths in the prisons. Thank you Harriet - a heroine you are not...the law enforcement labor union's simple use you as a puppet.

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California Medial Facility

Preventable deaths are up because AG Jerry Brown refuses to hold guards and prison officials accountable for torturing and murdering inmates. The Republican politicians blocked reforms, overcrowded the prisons for a profit and are committing crimes against humanity with no remorse. The releases need to happen now. Take a look at this destruction being done in our names, paid for with our tax dollars.

Prisons don't work, all they do is take sick people who are on the edge and push them over.

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