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Comments made by 4Americanow

Arizona Lawmakers Consider Funding Armed, Volunteer Militia

You are all missing the point here. As soon as a girl can have a baby, she runs across the border and pops one out. She then has her anchor baby that is an "American citizen".The mother is uneducated and doesn't speak English. She will see these babies as a commodity. She now get welfare, food stamps, medical, housing, WIC, etc. etc. She continues to pop one of these "citizens" out every year for more benefits. This is the basis for the family so the parents can work under the table and live better than most Americans. They don't have to bother with paying for food, medical, can buy a car without bothering to register it in their name, and therefore don't need insusrance, their housing is paid for etc., etc. The misuse of the 14th amendment is how this is justified.
When the arguement is used that prices would go up if illegals didn't provide cheap labor, figure out how much of your tax dollars go to these illegals. Add to this the violence that is acceptable in their society, and the cost suddenly is not so cheap. The 14th amendment never was meant to be used like this. It needs to be ameded or reinterpreted to mean that only people showing allegiance to the United States are citizens. Any baby born here to an illegal alien should be immediately deported to its mothers country along with the illegal mother, and barred from returning.
This would stop the incentive to run across the border. If they can't self support, they will self deport, and Americans will have their country back.

February 15, 2012 at 1:40 p.m. ( | suggest removal )