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Comments made by About_Disabled

Parking Spaces Removed From Balboa Park

Why is it that are not handicap can decide to remove all the handicap parking close to the buildings and Prado that was convenient for disabled parking. Have you ever been there with a person in a wheelchair, walker or using a cane and had to park a half mile away and walk up a steep hills when movement is only 1 mile per hour?. Forced to stand and wait in a dislocated parking lot for a tram bus that will also most likely be difficult for disabled to climb into (they don't go up steps well). Why don't they get a group of a dozen or so disabled people and let them decide if it is a good idea to get rid of disabled parking spots. The idea of any underground parking garage stinks like the exhaust that it would produce and force people to breath as they wait in line to get out. Keep the parking lots free so everyone can afford to go to the park not just the rich who can afford 5, 10 or 15 dollars for a parking garage or other parking fees. You know if there was a parking garage they would have to charge everywhere to force people to use it. The park already lacks adequate security at night a parking garage would create a whole host of new problems and smells. San Diego is slacking when it comes to providing enough parking for handicap as you can easily see if you visit the social security office in Down Town San Diego, and don't park in the 3/4 faded out unmarked (no sign) loading zone for 5 minutes or you will get a 200 dollar ticket as I did. There is only 1 handicap spot on the opposite side of the block and of course it is already taken, I wonder how much money has been bilked from the disabled in this way.

July 5, 2013 at 3:50 a.m. ( | suggest removal )