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Comments made by Airmoe

Padres Checkup With Team Doc

Hello, I enjoyed your interview with Dr. Hoeneeke. I have a question as a triathlete. Like many athletes, baseball, football and other athletes who train a lot can be susceptible to getting colds from pushing their bodies to the limits in training. I took a fluoroquinolone based antibiotic a year ago August for a bronchitis infection. These class of drugs like Cipro, Levaquin and many others are associated with tendon ruptures, soreness and connective tissues issues. I suffered from soreness and weakness in my achilles, thumbs and bicep tendons. I wonder if the Dr and or your resources have any insights on this topic and if so how long these issues can last. I'm much better than before but not 100 % yet. Its scary that despite recent black box warnings on these drugs they are still popular and widely prescribed.

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