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Comments made by Alessandra

Defending Prop 8: Someone’s Got To Do It

What I observe is a highly ridiculous situation. While we have a society full of homosexuals with damaging views and behaviors concerning relationships/marriages and sexuality, all of this is largely ignored or lied about, and endless energy and time is spent on the question of legalizing or not SSM.
Not that the latter is a trivial question or one without profound consequences. However in light of all the cowardice to deal with exploitation and violence issues involving non-heterosexuals as perpetrators, it does reflect a larger dishonesty dynamics in the current panorama of American culture, which is in itself part of a larger denial problem to deal with such
issues involving heterosexual perpetrators.

Homosexual propaganda fits like a glove in any highly violent and irresponsible society like the US that has endemic and epidemic sexuality and personal relationship issues.

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Defending Prop 8: Someone’s Got To Do It

we never see any homosexuality zealot in these Internet discussions (and
similar ones outside the Internet) take the initiative to inform anyone about any problem concerning homosexuals or bisexuals as perpetrators of aggression or violence. Either the homosexuality zealots outright lie, or they lie by omission, or they trivialize any related issues or data. And specially if the question involves heterosexuals or minors as victims, then the propaganda machine goes into full gear.

In particular, on the narrower subject of SSM (and not just any other behavior
concerning homosexuals), I have never seen any proponent of SSM take the initiative to inform people that homosexuals shun marriage like the plague in countries where SSM has been legalized. It is another way homosexuality zealots lie by omission concerning problems with homosexuals, thus showing their dishonesty. Since the reasons for this marriage shunning involve dysfunctional attitudes found in a good number of homosexuals, the propaganda is put into to place to conceal reality.
There is a good amount of qualitative data on why homosexuals shun marriage. If taken to heart, marriage is incompatible with promiscuity, and non-committed or perverse and exploitative attitudes in personal relationships and sexuality. And that is incompatible with the psychological make-up of a great number of people with a homosexual problem. (Certainly not only a problem concerning homosexuals, but surely a major problem with this population).

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