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Comments made by AlexSachs

52nd Congressional Race: Bilbray, Peters, Saldaña On The Issues

In reply to Philosopher, San Diego will have a Latina/Latino in Congress - either Jian Vargas or Denise Moreno Ducheny. While I generally support women and candidates of color, this fact about Lori is not a compelling reason to vote for her. While a white male, Scott still comes from a social justice background that highly values diversity and lifting up our society as a whole.

In addition, anyone who has tried to work with Lori knows that she is contentious. Is too bad. She is also incredibly thin skinned, she could not even withstand some mild, muted potential criticism from her natural allies at City Beat. the GOP $1 billion juggernaut will NOT let Bilbray's seat be lost without an ugly, ugly fight, one I don't think the thin skinned Ms. Saldana is prepare to withstand. Thanks.

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52nd Congressional Race: Bilbray, Peters, Saldaña On The Issues

What? Bilbray says he is a moderate on social issues? What social issues? Even your profile says he is rabidly anti-choice and anti gay marriage. He has led a vitriolic campaign against immigrants - I consider that a social issue. He is against funding for planned parenthood, he is a tool of the GOP leadership. He is far out of step with his district and has been since his return from his exile/lobbying days.

Democrats need to be prepared to withstand a $1 BILLION national GOP jjuggernaut - one Billion with a B. the voters of the 52nd need to and will change representatives this fall. I think Scott Peters is prepared to restore sense and sanity to our representation in Washington, and to get things done for San Diego. DON'T VOTE BILBRAY!

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Candidates Debate: San Diego County Supervisors District 4

Sorry, typed too fast on my comment above. The County has not lived up to its obligations regarding homelessness for any segment of our society, not just seniors. Ron is right he has worked on the Veterans Village, and it's a great facility, but just covering the tip of the iceberg. We need the permanent homeless facility downtown and much more. The County needs to do the work it is supposed to do to create a social safety net. Under Roberts and the rest of the right wing GOP supervisors, the safety net has way too many holes.

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Candidates Debate: San Diego County Supervisors District 4

Roberts has not been a leader on homeless issues related to the downtown shelter. The City of San Diego's supervisor must lead, and he has not. Whenever homeless issues come up at the City of San Diego, there is a mention of the County's obligations, and there is always a chuckle that rolls through the room. Everyone knows the County has NOT lived up to its obligations to help our homeless seniors. The County needs a leader on this issue who will work with Todd Gloria, who has led the way at the City. That's Stephen Whitburn, not career incumbent Ron Roberts.

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