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Comments made by Alexfdezl69

Former President Of Mexico Discusses Ways To Stop Drug-Related Violence

I am Mexican (I work and live in Tijuana)... And as Mika mentioned, this is probably the only time I agree with something Vicente Fox Said.
Respectfully, I don’t think David65 and ridgwayjm are looking at the large picture...
I think the point that Fox made in the last part of the interview is valid... The origin of the problem is CONSUMPTION... as long as there is demand for drugs (or any other product)... In a capitalist society (as the one we all love and live in) there will ALWAYS be a supplier...
Americans may not know this, but the US, puts much pressure (utilizing all of the leverage it has over Latin America) for us to fight and stop drug production and traffic… But as Fox said… We have NEVER seen any US government take a DEFINITIVE stand, or a RADICAL position against drug CONSUMPTION… Yes, there has been a US war on drugs, and it has been going on (at least politically since the Vietnam War), and yet the USA is still BY FAR the single largest market of illegal drugs….
So … If the wealthiest country in the world, with a strong Police and border patrol agencies, with a Solid Judicial system, can’t (or won’t) STOP the problem…. How can you (the USA) expect a poor, corrupt, week country like Mexico (or any other country in Latin America, Asia, or the Middle East) to stop it for you???
Food for thought… What is more complicated? Wholesale? or for retail sales? Where do you need a larger network?

Viva Mexico y Viva la paz…

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