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Comments made by AmerBuddha

DeMaio, Filner Continue Attacks, Mudslinging In KPBS Debate

I can't believe anyone would even slightly consider Filner for mayor. What a joke. Just look at his record in Imperial. Its arguably the most run down neighborhood in the city. And you want to vote for him? All he talks about is Demaio, he has no accomplishments to brag about in 20 years except he knows so and so, and he so stuck on this 'big bad business people want to take over'. He has no idea how business works and frankly, no idea what government's role is with a free- market system. He's clearly a socialist who thinks government can run the economy better than the private sector while at the same time government programs like pension funds have been the problem to begin with. It seems as if he has no sense how bills get paid. He wants all these programs and it never occurs to him that someone has to pay for it. He is higher taxes which will result in higher unemployment. It would be really scary to see him as mayor.
(Did you notice how his biggest fan was the 21 year old college student who wants the Chargers to stay? Then he even kisses her butt saying how he's such a big Charger fan.)

He would be destructive as mayor. He could very well ruin this city...

October 2, 2012 at 8:30 p.m. ( | suggest removal )