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Comments made by Ampu92

What California's Orca Bill Would Mean For San Diego's SeaWorld

Sorry that was a tad off topic. It wasn't influenced by the interview, it was mostly a reaction to Jean's comments and some others. I find them disturbing.

And to Peking Duck, you are awesome! I love that you have commented so much. It makes me feel like the good could win! Even though there's so much more evil and ignorant people in the world (my opinion from experience) the good will speak louder and we shall have justice!! We are more motivated than the bad guys. (:

And a side note about when you said "breed on-demand". Seaworld actually does not breed their aquatic animals. They actually artificially inseminate them. They pretty much just jack off their animals, collect the sperm and then inject the sperm into the female... That way they can make more animals and don't have to wait for the animals to get in the mood. Isn't that weird/really disgusting?? All for money too. ):

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What California's Orca Bill Would Mean For San Diego's SeaWorld

Let's make a human zoo! I bet we would love it (: We'll call it Humanworld! You can see all the races there and it will be a really enriching and educational experience.

Just kidding..... But how are there so many heartless people in the world? Is it just because they're conditioned while young to believe they are so better than the rest of life? Humans are not important to the world. They only destroy. I truly admire our ability to understand the world and make amazing discoveries, but then we exploit this consciousness and knowledge for money and power. And money is just a made up thing. Paper and electronic numbers... Sometimes I wish humans would just all die off and leave life alone to just live.

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