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Comments made by AmyGee

Carl DeMaio And Marti Emerald Discuss City Contracting Initiative

This show was just full of lies!
When I signed DeMaio's petition, they told me it was to create more jobs that would help me earn more than a minimum wage!
Instead I find out today on These Days it's just one more way for DeMaio and his business & corporate pals to get rich by squeezing us working men & women out of ANY benefits or a decent wage.

It's a lie that only 1 person wanted their name off his petition. I WANT TO TAKE MY NAME OFF HIS PETITION! I'm glad These Days was on & I could hear the truth because there's NO WAY I'd have signed if I knew what this petition was really about.

I don't belong to a union but sure wish I did!
I work for minimum wage, shop at 99 cents store for food & everything I need, get my medicines at the county clinic & my grown kids have to help pay my share of utilities at the apartment I share with my 2 friends.

If I didn't live & work close to the library, I couldn't even send this email. Earning minimum wage & being poor makes it easier for DeMaio & his pals to lie to us and keep us from speaking out or making our voices heard.

I didn't even know who Carl DeMaio or Marti Emerald were before I heard this show, but THANK YOU MARTI EMERALD for standing up for us when most of us are too busy just trying to earn enough to get by.

June 17, 2010 at 10:39 a.m. ( | suggest removal )