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Comments made by AnAsianParent

Closing Achievement Gap Is Nationwide Challenge

I'm sorry there was no Asian voice heard in this conversation. I actually got connected but the program ran out of time.

There is one critical part of the education system, which has been often less emphasized in American society but was pointed out by President Obama in his election year. That critical part is the RESPONSIBILITIES of YOU, the PARENTS!

We know lots of Asian immigrants have very poor economic condition, huge language barriers. However, their kids are generally doing well, most of them can at least go to a college, if not top ones. Not mention to the kids of middle-class immigrants.

Why? Because they have such a consciousness in their deep mind that they know the importance of education to the future of their kids. They sacrifice their spare time, spend money, energy, and time, to pay attention to their kids education. Even if they are poor, they would still spend huge portion of their saving to send their kids to after-school classes for music, math, and other courses. They do know to turn off their TVs!!!

Education of your own children is a responsibility of your own, to large extend. You cannot expect government to spend hard-working tax payers money and legislators to design biased rules favoring under-performed groups, while their parents themselves don't take the responsibilities and make sacrifices.

The stresses of immigrants mentioned by Dr. Flores and the above comment are similar, either to Latinos, or to Asians, or to any other populations. Those are realistic reasons, but we'd better not make it become an excuse.

If you parents cannot take the initiative to take care of your own kids education, there is little hope to change the current gap, no matter how hard the government tries.

September 16, 2010 at 10:24 a.m. ( | suggest removal )