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Comments made by AndroPat

Doing Time in Donovan State Prison

I really don't know what is California's governor's angle. If he wants to close some jails as he already decided, why don't he just leave some jails open for the most dangerous criminals.
He could do something public like Arizona's Maricopa County sheriff Joe Arpaio has done. As I see it, Arpaio is the only no-nonsense sheriff that is not afraid of public criticism and is seriously looking out for the people he supposed to protect.
Aldo on the other hand is ready to let loose all those dangerous criminals back to our neighborhoods.
If criminals must reintegrate to society they should (at least for the rest of their sentence time) ware an uniform that will warn people of who is round their homes and their women and children.

February 1, 2010 at 11:37 a.m. ( | suggest removal )