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Comments made by AnnOminous

Convicted Sex Offenders Petition For Changes To Jessica's Law

To Olsentm,

You are just as ignorant as the people who wrote Jessica's Law. It's bad enough that the recession had created homelessness across the state that even I'm starting to see the homeless in neighborhoods that NEVER had them before, both sex offenders AS WELL as mothers with children at tow. It's worse when people like you don't see with opened eyes and how this kind of attitude is turning America into Dystopia.

Jessica's Law does not protect anyone, not even my father. He got caught up in this bullcrap over some child pornography accidentally downloaded several years ago via dial-up in unmarked zip files; he was originally trying to collect tasteful nudes of both sexes when I asked for some references for potential self-taught life drawing. It was only by sheer chance of a timeline loophole that, thanks to our lawyer's reasoning, since the FBI discovered his home computer containing unsorted and unlabeled child pornography few hours before the law was put into effect non-retroactively, he did not get the full penalty of Jessica's Law. If fate had been crueler, he would have been either evicted from our house, separated from his family, or sent to jail where he would more than likely die within a week under the fisticuffs of 'high-moral' murderers.

Jessica's Law was set up to demonstrate to the public that 'they' were doing something about these recent medial banterings of sex offenders. This law specifically targets innocent bystanders who are not violent by nature but know nothing about how serious possessing child pornography is. Even a sex-related spamertisement email, if accidentally opened and shows a nude teenager and your hard-drive writes it down into its cache, will get you into so much trouble -- yes, over one f#@$ing picture!

In addition, the homeless sex offenders, who are extremely hard to track down BECAUSE they have no home, are more than likely to cause more crimes unrelated to their original offense, or even molest the aforementioned homeless child in front of the defenseless, homeless mother. The increasing number of homeless sex offenders is endangering the public.

Jessica's Law had made me lose faith in the justice system, because I know very darn well while they prosecute innocent people like my father for being a pervert, the smarter criminals who really ARE child molesters and sex demons are still out there doing their thing unnoticed by anyone. And I'm sure one day, one of those perverts will come for me at random. I do not want to go down being attacked by a sex offender made homeless under Jessica's Law.

There is no solution to control the sex offenders, and laws do not change people; they just do things quietly and hope to God they don't get caught. It protects no one, not the children, not the victims, and definitely not the falsely accused ones. Your lack of pity will one day bite you in the butt when you have a run-in with the law in the most surreal dystopian manner.

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