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Comments made by Anon11

E-Cigarettes: Safe Alternative To Smoking Or Gateway To Nicotine Addiction?

This is still such a new subject, it's hard to make an argument one way or the other. That being said, I feel the backlash against this product may be premature.

I can tell you that when it comes to marijuana, there are vast differences in the content of smoke vs vapor. By using a heating element, rather than a direct flame, you are able to extract (vaporize) the active ingredients and get the intended effect without ANY carcinogens, or so few it's statistically insignificant. And while there may not have been a study on nicotine vaporization vs tobacco smoking, it is pretty clear the distinction between the two has the potential to be drastic.

Also, e-cigs have shown potential to help curb traditional cigarette smoking habits. Not only did the 2-pack-a-day guy in the article quit, but I have also witnessed firsthand someone I know quit cigarettes completely in less than 2 months using an e-cig. This is a good thing.

I don't know why adults are so blinded by the fear of the unknown. Cigarettes are proven to kill hundreds of thousands of people every year, yet they're legal and we sell them to 18 year olds all day. But extract the active ingredient and introduce a safer, cleaner method of use and ignorant reactionaries lose their minds. It makes zero sense. It seems like it's all about control. Can't understand it? Ban it. "Think of the children." Same old War on Drugs rhetoric.

"Thanks for shining a much-needed light on the dark side of e-cigarettes."

Dark side? What about the dark side of alcohol? Go take your pitchfork to Coors, lady. You have too much free time.

"Yet another concern: school personnel and law enforcement report that kids are putting hashish oil and other substances in e-hookah pens and getting high in the classroom."

OMG. Maybe the teacher should supervise the students?!!?!

By the way, can you tell me the negative effects of vaporizing concentrated THC? Since it's YET ANOTHER concern.... Like I said, too much free time...

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San Diego Police: Parents Front Line Of Defense Against Teen Sexting

Are we winning the War on Sex yet?

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San Diego Man Faces Felony Charge Over Trimming Shrubs

From the UT article's comments:

"There's way more to this story. I live in the area and Vince is a huge problem in OB. He constantly fights with the bongo players, messes with the sewer lines with the police trailer he hates in the parking lot of the pier, has waged a small war on OBMA, and he has been in numerous fights with people in the area. Vince calls the police all the time for nothing and to basically complain that OB is... OB. If you think this is a waste of money, you should see how many police hours have been used by Vince to make citizen's arrests for bongo drum players at the beach. The guy is not all there and has been a thorn in the area's side for years. This is just karma catching up. Of course the UT is going to make it a scandal, but he obviously not going to prison for three years... and even through that's the harshest punishment possibly for this type of felony charge, I doubt the UT can find a single person sentenced to that in the last ten years. More likely he pays a small fine, put on informal "don't do it again probation" for a few months, and faces no jail time at all."

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San Diegans Boycott Stores Open On Thanksgiving Day

*three = these

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San Diegans Boycott Stores Open On Thanksgiving Day

I'm sorry but no one is forcing three employees to work. They are free to leave and find employment elsewhere. This is the nature of the business they chose to accept a paycheck from.

People such as myself don't have any ties to holidays like thanksgiving and Christmas. I don't celebrate them more than any other day. Why should employees who do acknowledge these holidays be granted the privilege of guaranteed days off? Do I get to acknowledge my own holidays and get privileges from them? Nope. So I don't feel anyone else should either. Otherwise it would be discriminatory.

If people cared about these poor employees, they would boycott. But most Americans I know can't put their money where their mouth is.

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San Ysidro Border Rush Had Been Planned For A Week

The damage has been done, and I'm not necessarily advocating an eye for an eye approach.

The way to balance this problem as effectively as possible would be more open immigration, and fair trade instead of free trade.

Immigration (especially illegal immigration) was not as prominent in the years the US had the recession, when job opportunities weren't as plentiful. If we took strides to close the imbalance between the two neighboring economies, we would have less problems with illegal immigration and long waits for legal immigration, because we will have created an economic condition which doesn't provide a great incentive to do so.

As for the whole job issue, before it even goes there:

Americans don't seem to want to work. So whose jobs are really being taken?

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San Ysidro Border Rush Had Been Planned For A Week

European settlers murdered the natives and stole their land. This is how we got to modern America.

Remind me again why this should be ignored.

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San Diego Atheist Group Looks To Spread Non-Belief

alexg - "gareDawg, I have always wondered the same thing about evangelical Atheists. If they really are certain there is no God, then why should they care to evangelize their beliefs? It seems the only logical end to a true atheistic worldview is to act completely in one's own self interest, with no concern for a greater good or helping others see there version of "truth". "

They are promoting science-based thinking, and the abandonment of faith as a tool of rationalization. Moving away from a mystical foundation as an approach to life could have seriously positive impacts.

The "only" logical conclusion is in fact, not the only one. To assert that no atheist has ever acted altruistically is blatantly prejudicial. Atheists and science have already given the world penicillin, antibiotics, vaccines, and that's just scratching the surface.

Are the people that helped invent and introduce those medicines acting purely in their own self-interest? I can't see how.

The Christian god is not the only path to good. If people actually read the bible, they'd realize how much heinous stuff went down, and how much insanity their is in Old Testament law. The logic of "God is good, therefore no god is no good" is completely flawed. It's the classic either-or fallacy.

"good point here. I've always thought that all Atheists are actually agnostics, whether or not they want to admit it, because they can never be 100% certain that there is no God, yet they will talk as though it is in indisputable fact in the face of science. They can't even be 100% certain that we are not all just brains in a jar controlled by a mad scientist, or that the world wasn't created 5 minutes ago with all memories implanted and everything artificially aged. Science is awesome, but it is simply not equipped to handle every question in life from the metaphysical to the philosophical."

That, to me, is the beauty of science, and why it should be the driving force for humanity; It is constantly evolving and learning from itself and others.

A consequence of this is that we must accept what we best know as truth, even if it is fleeting. Although science can't explain the totality of potential knowledge, it is still able to replicate its results when it is conducted properly.

Despite the shortcoming, it is still far and away the most provable, tangible, universal truth....

...and nobody can prove otherwise.

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San Diego Atheist Group Looks To Spread Non-Belief

sdreefer - "I do find it amusing to spread the belief in nothing."

Their belief is that we exist in a godless universe.

bobhudson - "The irony, of course, is that Aethism has become a religion with missionaries on the street, organized Sunday services and even a scism between these new evangelic aethists and the traditional aethists who don't feel the need to recruit new non-believers or enagage in formal activities with fellow non-belivers."

I don't think it's unfair to say that this country has extremely faithful types who have tried to incorporate religious teachings and/or symbolism into the general public. This religious "standard" means that people must engage their community on a personal level in order to inject their beliefs. A lot of this is the fault of religious ideology; straying into other beliefs is not encouraged.

Not to mention, it has been customary for religions to overlap their new beliefs with the ones they intend to replace.

"When church officials settled on December 25 at the end of the third century, they likely wanted the date to coincide with existing pagan festivals honoring Saturn (the Roman god of agriculture) and Mithra (the Persian god of light). That way, it became easier to convince Rome’s pagan subjects to accept Christianity as the empire’s official religion" (

Let me ask you this. If you were trying to spread a religion in an atheistic world, how would you do it?

"Out of this will probably come many shades of aethism and new non-believers will struggle to comprehend which brand of non-belief best fulfills their needs, or lack thereof. "Are you," they will be asked, "a science-based aethist, a reformed aethist, a congregational aethist, an O'Hair traditionalist, or what?" And, the race will be on to see who can build the first mega Sunday Assembly, led by a charismatic husband and wife team whose non-belief will be positively contagious.""

Pure speculation. Not sure why this bears mentioning.

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