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Comments made by Appalled_by_Police

Solana Beach Presbyterian Church

People should think twice about having anything to do with this church. I've heard very bad comments about a recent pastor of theirs, and now there is this:

April 14, 2011 at 8:30 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Fifth San Diego Police Officer Accused of Misconduct

This linked story is even worse in some ways than the ones you have reported on recently because it involves SDPD and CPS misconduct, cover up of the suspected involvement of a known drug felon in child abuse and neglect, and threats and harassment against the father to intimidate him.

The father's name is already widely publicized by the abusive cop Tim Williams and the ex-wife and her many gullible supporters.

Many source documents are available on this link. The names of the children and the ex-wife are being withheld to try to protect the kids, even though the ex-wife doesn't deserve any protection. She deserves to be prosecuted for perjury, filing false police and child abuse reports, and costing San Diego and California taxpayers what is likely hundreds of thousand of dollars in wasted government funds.

She is pursuing a false complaint against a local therapist, too, because that therapist tried to protect the father from the ex-wife's attacks.

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