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Comments made by Aurora

Perez Vows Action On Prison Overcrowding

No more wasteful spending on trying to keep the elderly,the sick,the pregnant moms and low level crimes,the Supreme Court said let them go!! Go! Obey the law,Gov.Brown! your not the king of Cali!

Got it! and for the other's too that are almost done with their sentences,Let them go!

The system of corrections need to be reformed so they really reform,but we need the public to be the overseer's of this reform! The real general public and those who have one incarcerated those who respect humanity and their inalienable rights! No public accountability for those in running correctional system will never change for the better. There must be those who represent,advocate the voice of those imprisoned be allowed to stand in their behalf! in all things daily,weekly,monthly,yearly. Public transparency on Prison protocals,procedures,rules,etc...

September 1, 2013 at 10:50 p.m. ( | suggest removal )