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Comments made by BarbaraFleeman

S.D. Food Bank Partners With Local Schools

I watched the interview by Gloria Penner with Educational Reporter AnaTintocalis.
It made sense that the school was helping families apply for food stamps. Children cannot learn when they are hungry. However, Ana stated that many of the partants were Spanish speaking and need a translater. What is the school doing to teach the parents English as a second language. They are in America. They should speak our language. Also I was very disappointed that Gloria Penner did not question the San Diego School District Statement to Boycot Arizona because of the recently passed law. It is only 10 pages. Gloria Penner and Ana Tintocalis, both, should read it. It only is going to enforce laws that already have been passed by the Federal Government but have not been enforces. I would like to hear from Gloria Penner about her knowledge of the AZ law. KPBS does not have to go along with the misplaced attitude that AZ did something wrong. AZ is right in trying to keep their citizens safe.
Barbara Fleeman Hazlett, former Presidents Club Member

May 14, 2010 at 11:51 p.m. ( | suggest removal )