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Comments made by Being7

The Justice Department Talks Trash On Prop. 19

Great! The Feds are suing to "let" illegals roam free in AZ and Nationwide. Now they are going to Witch-Hunt harmless US citizens who have a small piece of a natural plant with healing properties dating back thousands of years with tax potential for our economy. It was even grown by George Washington (fact). Yes, the General on your depreciating dollar bill!
Great idea Obama and Holder: let's make the murdering Mexican cartels even richer with our hard earned money and send it to Mexico, while prosecuting and criminalizing legal citizens in CA at the cost of taxpayers from all 50 states including military members, while it is just fine for college students to die from alcohol poisoning and prescription pills frequently, even though there has never been a confirmed death from cannabis in the history of the world. Wow! I will be voting yes on 19 and see what happens in a supposed "free country" with "rights" by a "democracy" that has "borders". Lets pursue our happiness and peace. It's our God given right.

October 16, 2010 at 12:32 a.m. ( | suggest removal )