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Comments made by BernieLevy

Who's Supervising San Diego?

The current status of the San Diego Board of Supervisors is that of an oligarchy. We know that oligarchy works but at a terrible cost – cost of spirit, the verve and democracy. These are five persons who are close to similar as possible. They are all white, all conservative, all Republican and all between the ages of 60 and 70 years. All have been in office for extended periods of time – three for 18 years and two for 15 years. The relationship is self-perpetuating.

It is important that San Diego, the state and the nation return to an active democracy which means term limits. This is the method used by both San Francisco and Los Angeles counties to secure democracy.

We have an opportunity to vote for term limits for Supervisors in San Diego County. A “yes” vote on Prop.B, supports an amendment to the County of San Diego charter limiting Supervisors to two terms.

This is critical to San Diego County with its need for alternative energy and alternative energy systems. We must defeat Prop.16 on the statewide ballot. If the two-thirds vote gets defeated, the Board of Supervisors can set up special criteria for alternative energy publically-owned utilities. A change in the make-up of the Board is essential.

We must vote Yes-Prop.B, term limits for County Supervisors and No-Prop.16, no limitations on alternative energy public utility ownership.

For further information contact: Bernie Levy (760) 739-2251

June 5, 2010 at 12:34 p.m. ( | suggest removal )