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Comments made by BigAL

Balboa Park Parking Plan Draws Fire

I also find it more than ironic that our city planners talk a lot about so-called, "smart growth", putting people before cars, walkability, etc. - however, this typically comes at the expense of historic sites (i.e., lets demo this historic building and build a high rise to promote walkability). There has been a great deal of grasses root support for bringing back the early 20th century street cars that once transported people about what is now the urban core. I see this discussion tied into the Balboa Park discussion. Examine the original street car lines and let us spend money not on a $36 Million Dollars (it would be much higher and funded by "donations" and parking garage fees - really?) on this boondoggle, but put that money (which BTW is not Dr. Jacob's money) toward street cars AND freeing the Cabrillo Bridge AND the Plaza de Panama of cars. Big Al

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Balboa Park Parking Plan Draws Fire

There is near universal agreement about freeing the Plaza de Panama of cars. For the handicapped, of course there will be access to handicapped parking spaces nearby and trams.

How did visitors arrive at the 1915 Panama California Exposition? By trolley cars, restore, rebuild the trolleys (this is a very popular idea in Uptown), connect the park with trolleys...

I am a native to San Diego (1950s) and first learned about the park in the 1970s as a runner. I ran on nearly all the trails and first admired the Spanish Colonial buildings for their beauty, long before I knew anything about architecture. There are still many views of the National Register buildings that must be protected. Dr. Jacobs' bypass bridge would be way too destructive to the western and most important entrance. I hope that he and his committee and SOHO sit down and have an earnest discussion and fully examine the options...

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Balboa Park Parking Plan Draws Fire


If you walk below the 1915 Spanish Colonial historic buildings as I did recently, you will see that the drawing with the bypass bridge is 1. part of the Cabrillo Bridge and 2. about 40-50 ft above ground. The bypass drawing is distorted to create the false impression that the bypass bridge is barely above ground - not true.

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Balboa Park Parking Plan Draws Fire

I cannot understand how Dr. Jacobs believes that his bypass bridge is not a part of the historic Cabrillo Bridge, even his drawing shows this. Dr. Jacobs also states he supports, desires that the Cabrillo Bridge be closed to cars but that the community does not support that. How does he know this? I live in Uptown and have been for a traffic free bridge for years......

SOHO sounds like they are several options to the bypass bridge, including parking elsewhere such as the former Naval Hospital parking lot (a 5-10 min walk that would have have a tram to take people into the historic core).

From listening to the show this morning it sounds like Dr. Jacobs is married to the bypass bridge and road - I think that this would destroy the main and traditional entrance from the west. How the HRB/City could make the findings that a bypass bridge is compatible with the Secretary of the Interior's Standards is beyond me.

Dr. Jacobs' vision of a traffic free Plaza de Panama is a good one and one that SOHO and others have advocated for years. However, I am completely at a loss understanding why he wants the bypass so much. The Plaza has only 70 parking spaces and these are easily recovered around the core.

He wants a bypass bridge, road around the historic Bertram Goodhue 1915 Spanish Colonial buildings and a new parking garage but will not pay for them all - the $36 Million (likely much higher) will come from donations (really?) and parking fees (who will pay to park there, most of us hate to pay for parking)....

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