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Comments made by BigMike

"Brownouts" Slow Fire Department Response To Choking Toddler

The Citizens of San Diego, and the City of San Diego need to ask themself what level of service they want and how they want to pay for it. Last years county wide parcel tax ( Prop "A") was voted down . I was told the voter in the City of San Diego voted agaist it and the measure Fail. This tells me that th Citizens of San Diego want less emergency sevices. So they can't complain that the city has to close fire stations. If they want to see better services then we all have to pay a little bit more. I want to know how the City of San Diego Fire Department can justify Closing a hole station/ fire engine. When they have four crew members on every fire engine, fire truck nad heavy rescue unit. They are the only fire department in the county that runs with a four man company. The standard in the county is three crew members. Yes having a four man company is safer for the firefighter and more work can be done on the scene of an emergency. But in these hard times would it not be beter to have a three person crew at fire station 38 than none at all. I am not saying all fire station need to be staff with only3 crew members and there may be a need for some units to have 4 or 5 crew members. This might be a way to save money and raise the level of care. I will add to the readers that I am a fire fighter in the county for the past 20 years and I have 10 more left, I know that all of my firefighter brothres and sisters find it hard to see any fire engine brown out, for us it realy is all about public service and safety.

July 22, 2010 at 10:54 a.m. ( | suggest removal )