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Comments made by BillCasper

Dumanis Explains Courtroom Challenges

What you allowed to happen today with District Attorney Dumanis was so unfair that it bordered on the obscene. I would like to point out that I do not know any of the judges mentioned, and had only scanned prior newspaper stories on this subject.

She and her assitant started by stating that they never file a complaint unless there is an expectation that you could not get a "fair trial in front of this judge". They then pointed out how rare an event it is for the prosecution to challenge a judge. They then went to great lengths to express how seriously they considered their decision to file a preemptive challenge of a judge. They did not deny that they had essentially black balled a particular judge for some period of time.

After making the above comments, does Ms Dumanis really expect anyone to take seriously her assertion that the public should make no assumptions about the particular judge's qualification and her office's actions should in no way influence one's vote?

How convenient that the judge's code of conduct prevents them from making any public comments on the matter to defend themself. Where is her code of conduct or her sense of fairness.

Where was anyone with an opposing view, and where were the tough questions for the interviewer? You allowed D.A. Dumanis to essentially slander several judges without a preemptive challenge from anyone.

Fox news in all of its hypocracy does a better job of being "Fair and Balanced."

I for one expect better from KPBS and our elected officials.

Dr. Bill Casper

March 1, 2010 at 5:23 p.m. ( | suggest removal )