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Comments made by BilllHawkins

Feds Inspect San Onofre's Cyber Security Training Amid Years of Employee Complaints

PROBLEM STATEMENT: Based on review of power data supplied by Southern California Edison for Unit 3 during January 2012, one concludes that SONGS most likely exceeded Unit 3 Reactor Thermal Power allowed Upper NRC Limit of 3478 MWt (Includes Reactor Coolant Pumps contribution of 20 MWt ±0.58% allowed NRC Crossflow UFM instrument Error) ~ 23 times out of 31. NRC needs to review Unit 3 Operational data for 2011 to determine if it was a procedural problem of calibrating the Crossflow UFM instrument system, and if so, why it was not detected and corrected by SCE.

Background: Maximum Power Level Southern California Edison Company (SCE) is authorized to operate the facility at reactor core power levels not in excess of full power (3438 megawatts thermal). Based on its review of the information provided by the SCE regarding the Crossflow UFM system measurement uncertainty and plant power calorimetric measurement uncertainty, the NRC staff finds that the SONGS Units 2 and 3 thermal power measurement uncertainty using the Crossflow UFM is limited to ±0.58 percent of reactor thermal power and can support the proposed increase in licensed reactor power.

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Judge Orders Edison To Show San Onofre Cost Is Reasonable

Senator Boxer needs to start an inquiry with SCE/MHI Engineers testifying under oath as to what was wrong with the Original Combustion Engineering Steam Generators and what Industrial and Academic Research Benchmarking did they do to fix these problems in the SONGS MHI Replacement Steam Generators. Recommend a Joint Committee headed by US Justice Department and Independent Steam Generators Expert specializing in Thermal Hydraulics, Chemical, Nuclear, Reactor Engineering, Computer Modeling, Design Bases Accidents, 10 CFR 50.59 and FSAR. These Experts need to determine the exact Root Cause of damage to San Onofre Unit 3 Replacement Steam Generators and a damage assessment difference between Units 2 & 3.

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Feds Inspect San Onofre's Cyber Security Training Amid Years of Employee Complaints

This is not only an excellent and true story by the very reporter, but reflects actual way of every day life at SONGS. Fire/Safety Violations, Design Procedures Violations (SONGS Steam Generator Problems), Retaliation of Plant Workers for reporting safety concerns is a routine operation. SONGS Managers are putting too much pressures on workers to produce for their bonuses instead of giving the workers time to do the job right first time. That is why SONGS is an INPO 4 Plant and Worst Safety Record, Which is ignored by SCE and NRC. Due to SONGS SG Degradation, SONGS should be in NRC Column V not Column 1, which reflect that things are normal at SONGS. Who would believe that? Any how back on the Cyber Security Story..

1000 employees and/or contractors were found out of compliance with a SONGS Site Cyber Security Initial Awareness Training Procedure. When this happens, it represents a significant breakdown of SONGS Quality Assurance Program and reflects NEGATIVE Management Behavior. One of the SONGS Senior Management Team Leaders thwarted the initial and renewed attempts of the one former SONGS employee to inform these leaders of the training deficiency via a Nuclear Notification. This Senior Management Team Leader was afraid or embarrassed of giving permission for a notification to be published informing SONGS Workers of the Leaders Training Deficiency, which was previously repeated in another Anonymous Notification earlier. This Senior Management Team Leader was afraid to tell the Cyber Security Program Manager, who is also a Site Vice-President and Site Manager to fix the problem immediately, which they should have been done anyhow. Despite retaliation and warnings by this Senior Management Team Leader, the former SONGS employee wrote another Notification anyhow to inform the SONGS Leaders and fixed the deficiency by working with the Executive Management Training coordinator.

“You cannot borrow from Peter to Pay Paul.” When this SONGS Employee questioned Edison Management about SONGS “Cyber Security Initial Awareness Training violations by the these Senior Management team Leaders”, Edison Management responded reluctantly, “These leaders have taken the Edison International (EIX) Corporate Cyber Security Initial Awareness Training instead of the SONGS Training.” But these Leaders work at SONGS not at EIX Headquarters in Rosemead. The question is, “Is It is OK for Senior SONGS Leaders with Six Weeks of Super Expensive Leadership Academy Training to Violate a SONGS Procedure. This does not fit the Model Behaviors and Expectations of the SONGS Leaders specified in the SONGS Excellence Book, which is signed by the SONGS SVP/CNO Pete Dietrich.” Off course, if EIX Training is much better than SONGS Training, then why not discontinue one and replace it with the other? We believe that if asked, the NRC, NEI and INPO will all say, “NO, It is NOT OK for SONGS Leaders to Violate Any SONGS Procedures.”

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NRC To Hold Public Meeting On San Onofre Oct. 9

San Onofre Unit 3 SG Eight Tube Failures – The Citizen's Concern from 2000 on dangers from tube ruptures came true in 2012 with factual plant data and extensive analysis presented by Fairewinds Associates and Professor Dan Hirsch. NRC Analysis to date does not agree with Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research, Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulations and research papers published by MIT and European Research Scholars. NRC AIT Report has downplayed the potential dangers, which could have resulted from of San Onofre Eight Tube Failures.

Southern Californians were very lucky this time because a potentially serious nuclear accident in progress was stopped by the swift and intelligent actions of SONGS Shift Manager Mr. Flynn and his Operating Crews. Eight steam generator tubes (wear range 72-100%, length of wear 23-34 inches) in the newly replaced San Onofre Unit 3 Replacement Steam Generator (RSG) E-088 failed their pressure testing. The rupture of as few as eight steam generator tubes could have resulted in the meltdown of the Unit 3 reactor fuel rods, potentially releasing catastrophic amounts of radiation into San Onofre Neighboring Communities creating Major Nuclear Accident Like Chernobyl and Fukushima, killing thousands of people and destroying the economy of Southern California. Think with your life about NRC and SCE letting Restarting Unit 2 without a Full NRC License Amendment and full public participation/approval? Who is the Boss - The Citizens, NRC or SCE?

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Report Critical Of San Onofre Restarting Steam Generators

Ultimate Enlightenment, Nuclear Wisdom & Expensive Lessons Learnt: A joint enquiry by the US Departments of Justice and Labor into the dark inner secrets of SONGS Steam Generator Degradation and Safety/Discrimination/Intimidation/Retaliation/Harassment Concerns will not only cure SONGS Problems but will improve safety record at other similar US Nuclear Power Plants. This investigation will help CPCU, NRC, NEI, INPO and other US Agencies responsible for the protection of health and safety of Americans from potential radiological accidents, which can be caused by natural forces, human errors, equipment failures poor training, poor operating procedures and production/profit oriented management, etc. Foreign-owned NEI Qualified,"US Nuclear Manufacturers/Designers" will dominate the Future US Nuclear Energy Market, but NRC, NEI, INPO and other US Agencies need to ensure that their technology is safe, reliable and affordable for the US Public and Rate Payers by using: As a NRC Section Chief of MIT Intelligence says to his dedicated staff, "Before approving any Safety Evaluation and other Licensing Documents/Inspection Reports, Please, "Read and reread in-between the lines', use a 'Critical Questioning & Investigative Attitude' and 'Solid Teamwork & Alignment' between NRC Staff, Licensee, Manufacturers and Vendors." This saying is consistent with the teaching of World's Foremost Expert on preventing the adverse and expensive effects of Turbulence-induced vibrations and Fluid Elastic Instability in Nuclear Power Plant Components and Heat Exchangers.

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