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Comments made by Bioteacher

Grier Says San Diego Unified Unlikely to Secure Special Stimulus Funds

Cheating is only one potential problem. How can you evaluate a teacher's performance when up to half of his/her students are suspended? I had 2 honors classes where my students would have scored above the 95th percentile even if I did nothing, and I had one bottom track class with a failing rate of more than 50%, because they didn't turn in work or come to school on test days. Many were constantly suspended for drugs, fighting, threatening other teachers, etc. Many had more than 60 days (of 180) out of school. Would my bonus be linked to their performance? Favorites of the administration would get good classes and perceived "troublemakers" would get poor performance classes that could almost guarantee a financal penalty for honest disagreements. This becomes a tool of the administration rather than a plan to benefit students, and is unfair to teachers who really care. The efforts today are for alternative assessment. If students are poor test-takers, but understand and an use the material taught, is a single, high-stakes test, the best way to evaluate and reward good teachers? I think it is throwing money at a quick fix solution that will not imporve education. There are better ways to use Stimulus money. Since the money comes from taxes, taxpayers have a stake int he outcome. Post your ideas here.

August 15, 2009 at 6:35 a.m. ( | suggest removal )