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Tesoro Toll Road Seeks Permit In San Diego

This is still biased. The arguments against the 5 mile road are specious yet given prominent location in the "read" of the article. This road is actually 10 miles from the coast, 10 miles from Trestles and 10 miles from the state park.

They say it will lead to 16 miles of road someday, really? Sounds like non-profit embellishment for $$$ fundraising.

The 5 mile extension from Oso Pkwy to Hwy 74 provides real value to the 14,000 homes being built in Rancho Mission Viejo. It also has ZERO impact on the Trestles wave formation, ZERO impact on wetlands and ZERO impact on San Onofre State Beach.

Where is this information in your article?

June 19, 2013 at noon ( | suggest removal )