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Comments made by Borego

LGBT Students Protected at Cal State San Marcos and SDSU

@Adam & Wlee67: Your assertions are inaccurate. Many Christian denominations have somehow seen through the hateful rhetoric enough to embrace gay people and bring them into their flocks (Episcopalians, Anglicans, Lutherans, Methodists, Presbyterians, Quakers, Moravians, Unitarians, the United Church of Christ, etc.), as have Reformed Jews. And before you continue to drop that needle into its groove and persist in telling us how much God hates gays, please remember that the Bible's position on homosexuality is contextually shaky at best and that--as I'm sure you're aware--there are many "inspired" directives in Scripture that we no longer practice today (unless you're one of those nut-jobs who refuses to eat clam chowder). To get at scripture's true meaning, try listening to the gist of its overall message (judge not, love thy neighbor, etc.) rather than fixating on what's black-and-white on the page. Because until the more intolerant churches do that, the Matthew Shepards of the world will continue to be murdered and murdered again. And one more thing, Adam, for the record: Homosexuality isn't a choice for most people. It's an orientation. Only someone whose own sexuality leans a bit more toward the center of the spectrum--i.e., toward bisexuality--could ever conceive of making sexuality a "choice." So thanks for that insight about you.

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LGBT Students Protected at Cal State San Marcos and SDSU

Unfortunately, nothing will change until the churches do. People look to their religions for truth and, as long as there are doctrines that denigrate gays or brand them as others, we'll see a continuance of hatred and violence.

It's true that certain t.v. shows, films, and personalities have raised the bar, but those advances have only been cultural (and spotty at best). The more substantial changes--the ones that speak to shared values and how societies govern themselves--must find their beginnings in the pews. Once they do, it'll all be downhill.

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Prop 8 Ruling, Next Steps And History Of Same-Sex Marriage

Okay, okay--enough already about gay marriage vs. African-American civil rights. One's based in sexual orientation and the other's based in race so, as far as that goes, the difference is minor. But, at the same time, one cause isn't *more important* than the other, either.

Same-sex marriage is a basic right, just as the '60s civil rights movement was about basic rights. At their core, the causes one and the same; only the communities themselves are different. So let's stop pretending that there's a difference between the two because, really, the only difference is in physicality. Everything else--the right to equal opportunity under the law, the right to inclusion, the right to dignity--is one and the same.

Think of it as a parallel universe similar to the war between the sexes: Men and women are different, but equal. Let's start treating gay marriage and the black civil rights that way, too. It's more just.

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Events: Survey Select, Gay Pride, And Jace Everett

Hi Jocelyn,

>> Fun fact for Borego: Many in the Shakespeare and literary community propose that Shakespeare was gay. <<

I'm sure you're aware that there's no concrete evidence on that score. Besides, even if it were true, it doesn't belie the fact that the bulk of his output celebrates hetero love and that his literary concepts helped form the West's understanding of straight relationships. And that's nothing to sneeze at.

Thanks for your aside, and Happy Pride.

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Events: Survey Select, Gay Pride, And Jace Everett

Because sexual orientation is what sets gays and straights apart, that's what's going to get showcased.

However, the gay community is no more "vocal" about its sexuality than is the rest of the population. In fact, because we're a minority, our sexual expressions aren't nearly as socially endemic as those of our straight (and more financially backed) counterparts. Media, advertising, entertainment, culture, sports--all are rife with straight sexual imagery, references, overtones and double entendres which are, in turn, rammed down our collective throats on a daily basis. And you can't get much vocal than that.

Have you seen the video for Lady Gaga's song, "Fernando"? Pretty "vocal," huh? If a gay artist made that video, he or she would be rabidly attacked by every Evangelical and "family values" group in America, with their complaints (and the resulting fallout) plastered on every channel network. Yet the attention has been minimal, Gaga hasn't lost any career traction, and MTV continues to show the full, unedited version with only a brief disclaimer. Why? Because she's a girl and her dancers are guys.

Here are a few more examples of straight sexual vocalizing:

Shakespeare. Madonna. Ron Jeremy. Saturday Night Live. Beauty pageants. Beer ads. Situation comedies. Biblical stories like those of Adam and Eve, David and Bathsheba, and Lot and his daughters. Victoria's Secret. The Chippendales Dancers. People Magazine. TMZ. Any TV program involving one guy, twelve women, and a rose. Countless billboards. Cheerleaders. Frat parties. Bikini contests. The Man Show. Soap operas. Straight couples holding hands or kissing in public. Almost every movie ever made since the invention of film. Every love song ever written by a man to a woman (there've been more than just a few). Every marriage ceremony ever celebrated by a man and a woman (ditto).

The sexuality of straights is so pervasive that you don't even notice it, Kelvin. Isn't it time that the rest of us got our due?

P.S. Besides, Jocelyn's right: There's a much more important issue at hand. It's easy to focus on the sexual stuff because--as I said--that's what separates the two communities. But keep in mind that gays are struggling for basic equality and human rights, not the opportunity to lap dance with our drunken friends on a boat in the middle of Bass Lake wearing nothing but a wet t-shirt and bikini bottoms.

We'll leave that to our straight brothers and sisters.

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