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Comments made by BrabynC

Uncertain Fishing Season Ahead For San Diego-Based Boats

As I learned in my Un-natural disasters course, although regulations may have the best intentions, they still always hurt someone in some way. This Video clip proves that San Diego is no exception. Sport fishers in San Diego depend on their catches each year and if they don't catch enough they go belly up. The MLPA puts restrictions on the ocean right off the coast of La Jolla, in hopes that the kelp beds and the fish will be able to repopulate and have a chance to get older and bigger like they are in the Birch Aquarium. As nice as this sounds taking away that area effects people. Fletcher states, "And there's been four or five boats already basically gone bankrupt here in San Diego, and if we have another bad year there will be more. And the MLPA has not helped." Its hard to find a place where both fish can flourish and so can people. It is obvious that fishing is not as good now as it was fifty years ago so if we stay at the same rate of fishing then obviously its going to keep decreasing until we reach a point where there is no fixing the population of fish problem. It is tragic for sport fishers to become jobless but i feel for the future these types of regulations need to be made, or at least regulations that make sure they don't harm the environment, as well as the fish that are caught need to be a certain size. But even with a regulation like this it is very hard to regulate. Resource issues are definitely hard to manage and control and i feel will always cause issues one way or another.

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