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Comments made by Brenna

San Diego Kids More Likely To Get Dental Care Than Others In California

Perhaps one of the reasons that First 5 San Diego invests about $3.4 million annually in oral health for children ages 5 and under. To promote continued oral care, First 5 San Diego has supported parent oral health education as part of its Oral Health Initiative (launched in 2005) and its Healthcare Access Initiative (launched in 2004). First 5 has also run PSA's on children's oral health and participates in community fairs around the county. One of the key messsages of these programs is regular dental checkup for children beginning at age one (which is the standard of the American Pediatric Dental Association). First 5 San Diego also provides free dental treatment services to young children and pregnant women in poverty -- over 10,000 children and 4,000 pregnant women in FY 11-12. I don’t know how much credit First 5 San Diego can take in this accomplishment, but these programs reach thousands of parents and children annually and are certainly key contributors to San Diego County measuring 20% better than statewide figures in children's access to dental care.

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