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San Diego Among Cities To Participate In Countrywide Call For Immigration Reform

IS IT ANY WONDER California Senator Nancy Pelosi wants a massive amnesty for
illegal aliens? Pelosi sits near the top of the pile of wealthy Democratic Men and women. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Madam Pelosi and her husband have amassed riches approaching $55 million—much of it from real estate development and Central California Napa Valley Vineyard ownership. Sacrifice a few minutes to investigate (C.R.P) and a list to find out how much money your local representatives have in the bank.) It is near assurance that part of her and her husband's wealth is derived from grape-picking that depends predominantly on the availability of cheap foreign labor There vineyards exploit non-union labor to pick grapes and sell those grapes to
non-union wineries. Pelosi has led the Democratic opposition to any effective
border controls or documentation requirements. She opposed the Secure Fence Act of 2006, signed into law by President Bush, and voted against final passage of a border security and enforcement bill in 2005 which required that all businesses must use an electronic system to check if all new hires have the legal right to work in this country.

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San Diego Among Cities To Participate In Countrywide Call For Immigration Reform

Pelosi does not want employers to be accountable, with a mandate to pay the cost of illegal aliens’ hospital care. She voted against a bill that would make employers accountable for the reimbursements if an undocumented employee seeks medical attention. And she voted in favor of rewarding illegal aliens from Mexico
with Social Security benefits. Pelosi has led the Democratic resistance to any
Effective border controls or documentation requirements. She opposed the Secure Fence Act of 2006, signed into law by President Bush, and voted against final passage of a border security and enforcement bill in 2005 which required that all businesses must
use an electronic system (E-Verify) to check if all new hires have the legal
right to work in this country. Governor Moonbeam Brown signed into law for illegal aliens, I think the death toll will rise from mostly uneducated drivers. Go to “The dark side of Illegal Immigration” to view the statistics of illegal alien, hit and runs, menacing California highways. Pelosi is a hard core California Liberal and a hypocrite,
who I am sure, this woman is involved in Drivers Licenses for law breakers;
stealing jobs by using citizens Social Security numbers and the newborn. It's time for a full frontal assault! Tell Congress "NO AMNESTY for illegal aliens! NO REWARDING those who broke the law coming to America!" Congressional Democrats want nothing more than to pass the immigration bill and gain millions more votes that would turn America into a LEFT Socialist wilderness—a country with no borders. Tell Congress "NO BACKROOM DEALS! END THE PUSH FOR AMNESTY!" Be a true American Patriot and fight back? It’s President Obama and his thrall that America bow to his every whim and that there should be freebies for all, even if you slid pass border agents or come to America as an OVERSTAY, with no intention to leave?

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After Drop, Number Of Immigrants Illegally In U.S. Levels Off

I think some compromise could be in the works, which to me
would be a cap on Stem workers (Scientists, digital techs, Engineers and
mathematicians) in that category of highly skilled workers and scholars. They
should be given a special preference along with immediate family
members for working visas. The cap would be in the number of entries allowed on
an annual basis; if they have the availability of a job? What we don’t need is
an out of control importation of foreigners. If we must have foreign Guest
Workers, they must be strictly regulated and the majority of their wages
withhold and returned to them once back in the country of origin. Millions already
arrive here legally each year and that doesn’t denote we should financially
support every person who sneaks in here illegally.

In a new House and Senate law, any illegal entry after a definite
deadline should be prosecuted as a felony, not a civil violation.
Anybody really believes there are only 11 million illegal aliens already living in the United States, need their heads examined?

Every business owner who has no mitigating circumstances and
implicated in hiring foreign nationals, should get a mandatory jail sentence of
at least 1 year, including a hefty fine.

The number of immigration officers, either U.S. Border Patrol
or ICE, should have an equal number of agents to control the border, with
interior enforcement by ICE following through on Whistle Blower accusations
against businesses, and the Border Patrol to observe activity through the new
arrangement cameras, drones and equipment along the border. As an original policy
of the 1986 Secure Fence Act, another seven hundred miles of double layer

What is the most paramount expensive payout in the hundreds
of billions of dollars? It’s the bad misinformation doctrine of “The Birthright
Citizenship Act” This was predestined and ONLY meant for children/babies of U.S.
citizens. The real law was to acclaim those slaves and their descendants had a
right to citizenship, not the offspring of illegal aliens. This has been a
significant pathway for pregnant Mothers to dodge border enforcement and at
airline terminals.

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After Drop, Number Of Immigrants Illegally In U.S. Levels Off

Just remember California State Senator Nancy Pelosi, who is now pressing for own immigration reform measure. She has an ulterior motive, as she and her husband use a lot of central California acreage and much is grape plantations. That kind of lucrative asset needs a lot of cheap labor?

Angeles: A Failed City— Poverty kept rising in Los Angeles post-recession, data

By Stephen Frank on 09/20/2013 of California
News & Views.

Former Mayor Phony Antonio raised billions in new bonds, now being paid off
by those left behind in LA. The city has a policy of allowing criminals
from foreign countries free reign on our streets, to steal jobs, crowd our
schools and hospitals. Los Angeles
is now a mess. Now we know the financial cost of this affair with
criminals and taxes.

“The numbers are another sign of continued suffering after the economic
downturn: More than 17% of people in the Los Angeles,
Long Beach and Santa
Ana metropolitan area lived below the poverty line
last year. That number rose year by year since 2007, when roughly 13% lived in

Millions of illegal aliens in California
displacing African-Americans in the workplace, and Liberals cry and wring their
hands over what they call "fairness".

Economic hardship is even more common within the city of Los Angeles, where
the share of people living in poverty rose from 18.5% to more than 23% between
2007 and 2012, the new figures show.”

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Border Surge Compromise for Immigration Reform?

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) and Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) were irate today about the immigration debates, because the Democrat Senators run off even though very important amendments were pending. Both Sessions and Lees were ignored, because the Gang of Eight and all those who approved this bill behind closed doors, with the Unions, Dept of Commerce, meat packers and poultry plants, agriculture, foreign government advisory, radical advocates as La Raza , construction and development companies and all the wealthy special interests deciding the enforcement laws. This G8 are trying to rush this immigration reform bill S.477, which as it is, will never gain a breath inside the House of Representatives, without amendments being voted on? Unless every amendment is voted on, we are head for the same closed door, middle of the night travesty as the ObamaCare insurance nightmare. Both these great Senators are worried that the G8, 4 Democrats and 4 Republicans are going to push for an up and down vote, the losers being the 12 million jobless American workers.

Are you ready to stand with millions of American to abolish the Internal Revenue Service? The movement that began its spiraling of signatures is creating a battle plan to end this insidious agency of the government There is no excuse for the intimidation and abuse of Conservatives, the Tea Party, churches and religious organization. If you were going against the grain of the Obama administration and its subordinates, you could be waiting years for their tax exempt status, only to be faced with several pages of questionnaires with suspicious undertones? There is no exoneration for the Internal Revenue Service and all Americans can make this happen. We have the power of the vote and remove this stigma from our society While citizens and legal permanent residence and even some illegal migrants and immigrants have paid into the system, but its been guaranteed for decades that the tax code has been offering unique privileges in corporate welfare and special interests, including fraudulent payouts of up to $5000 dollars for children of illegal immigrants. Senator Ted Cruz has set up an email address for people to contact if they believe they were besieged by the IRS. That address is: WAIT TELL THE STATEMENT GETS OUT NATIONWIDE? In a rally in Washington Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas said, “the very best solution is we need to abolish the IRS,”


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Border Surge Compromise for Immigration Reform?


The real Double layer parallel fencing must be constructed, with rolls of razor wire upon its top. No illegal alien should gain citizenship, until they have achieved their penance at the end of 13 years. No loopholes should escape view, including not one welfare program for illegal aliens and every person must undergo strict medical exams, learn English, and pay fines, pay back taxes and no waivers, as in the1986 amnesty fraud. No employer should escape heavy fines and prison for violating the law in 1986. Every Guest Worker must be fully vetted and investigated for criminal records back home, or they will be rejected unlike what happened in 1986. BUREAUCRAT HOMELAND SECURITY SECRETARY JANET NAPOLITANO, ERIC HOLDER, JOHN MORTON SHOULD HAVE NO DISCRETIONARY AUTHORITY AS LIBERAL PROGRESSIVE TO ADMINISTER THE LAW. CHRIS CRAIN OF THE ICE UNION stated they have no confidence in these egotistical women, because she is not an elected official. Whereas Chris Crain border patrol agents take an oath of office, to defend America’s people and uphold the law. She allowed her supervisors at her discretionary orders to release illegal aliens with odious criminal records back on the streets. The person who is in charge should be an elected official, not another civil servant.

As an addition to enforcement an entry and exit protocol which tracks visitors to our country at airports, shipping and ferry docks and other entrance ways must be mandatory. The Supreme Court should visit the Birthright Citizenship law, because it is giving instant citizenship to every child born of illegal aliens, which in reality should take the parents country of origin. Many other foreign countries have rescinded this law of birthright citizenship including Mexico, as United States law was for the emancipation of slaves, so their descendants could become a citizen. Let lawmakers know you are watching their every move, “A vote for De Facto amnesty means NO VOTE FOR THEM IN THE NEXT ELECTIONS!" We can cripple their phones at toll-free -- 1-888-978-3094-- or you may phone the United States Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121. A terminal operator will connect you directly with the Senate office or just about anybody lawmaker in Congress you request. Set up your message on Twitter or Facebook and Social network as the Left is doing the same with their counterproductive ambiguous information. You can contact millions of people on these Social networks, so we can hammer away at these untrustworthy politicians who many become rich by bowing to lobbyists. Read even more facts about illegal immigration at American Patrol website.

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More Immigration Officers Oppose Senate Reform Bill

I just learned that Apple computers and its affiliates paid literary no taxes. EVERYBODY SHOULD PAY TAXES. We must all demand a new tax code that nobody escapes, except when they die? NOBODY!

HEY! No Copyright. Copy & Paste and distribute freely. REMEMBER WHO DOOMED YOU IN FUTURE ELECTIONS.

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More Immigration Officers Oppose Senate Reform Bill


As many citizens acknowledge that this Senators conference is a dark role playing theater production, as a big show for the people of the United States. Probably the amendments have been discussed within the shutters rooms where old men as Senator Chuck Schumer Sen. Leahy, (D) of N.Y., Sen. Richard Durbin (D) of Illinois judging what's best for our future? Not even considering that a huge proportion of Black, Hispanic, White, Latino, Asians need work, not competing with criminals aliens. Out of the few the only Senator who has shown that he is entitled to his pay and massive pension is Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama. A mild mannered man and must be considered as courageous, going up against a brick wall of idealistic Senators who should be rocking on a front porch, whiling away the retirement days, thinking laughingly how they scammed the American taxpayer. Sen. Feinstein and the rest were more or less sarcastic, to Sessions reasonable amendments. Almost every amendment to the G8’s appalling immigration bill has been defeated, and each and every American voting patriot should ruthlessly reflect on both Democrats and Republicans who voted against Jeff Sessions amendments. Remember each Senators facial features clearly who rejected sensible amendments, to save taxpayers money, including the whimpering Senators who rejected Sessions ability to stop the illegal children tax credits of 7.4 billion dollars from honest applicants. With the primaries arriving soon, we must show these SOB who's in charge and vote them out of office. These Senators are a conniving lot who are as corrupt in some respects, as the dictators in foreign governments or that reside in Washington.

No more need be said about the illegal immigration reform fiasco, it’s all about gain, greed, money and Washington corruption? Never mind that the taxpayers bare the cost? When the country elects a bunch of mostly ex-lawyers, you can just guess the irreversible consequences? The Bard himself Will Shakespeare had nothing nice to say about lawyers; in fact he hit the nail on the head for the most of them with his quotes? Having had contact with most of these professionals, you know they're going to drain you of every penny you have got? If the Senate. 477 bill passes then the U.S. Government is going to be coming to all of us, via the notorious IRS for more taxes. I have nothing more to say on this insipid subject, so its up to the American public to use the power of their vote. Just investigate and judge the cost and outcome for you and your family? Call your U.S. Representative toll-free --1-888-978-3094—and discover for yourselves the implications at NumbersUSA, American Patrol and Judicial Watch sites. Find the time to do some carefully scrutiny, as you will be the financial victims of this veiled amnesty.

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More Immigration Officers Oppose Senate Reform Bill


Of all the immigration reform amendments that should have been passed by today, was to cut off welfare benefits to illegal aliens. This amendment by Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas introduced this law. The Judicial Immigration committees amendment in stopping illegal aliens from getting any public benefits, but this was dismissed by a vote of mostly hard core Democrats who want taxpayers to pay these trillions of dollars. Public assistance is the giant magnet that is still going to attract millions of foreigners by this financial incentive to cross into America or fly here by plane.

Which Senators got paid- off by Special Interests for this lump of corruption, which is really a cloaked AMNESTY?


Practically every respectable amendment has been sacrificed by the G8 immigration judicial committee by mostly Democratic Senators with less deliberation about the doctrines of the law and instead pandering to the special interests and moreover to accommodate to criminal illegal aliens and visa overstays. IN SUCH KEY CHANGES IN THE LAW, AMERICANS CITIZENS SHOULD DEMAND A NATIONAL REFERENDUM? TAXPAYERS ARE THE ONES WHO ARE ALREADY PAYING THE HUGE FISCAL BILLS, AMID MORE ENORMOUS TAXES TO COME. BUT AS A PATRIOTIC AMERICANS RECOGNIZE THIS IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, OTHERWISE THE CORRUPTED PEOPLE IN WASHINGTON WOULD NOT HAVE THE CONTROL OVER US. IT’S JUST LIKE THROWING THE GENERAL TAXPAYERS UNDER THE BUS AGAIN, JUST AS IN 1986? There is not much difference in the new immigration reform bill, other than they don’t call it—AMNESTY. That’s a joke, if it wasn’t disgusting and outrageous as they still get to stay and live of us like the proverbial parasite, just like half this country does with this one sided tax code.

They have been duly warned? These Senators treat citizen voters, conservative and the millions of TEA PARTY activists like dirt and silently undermine our lives of our families. Most of the enforcement triggers discarded, including the renaissance of the 2006 Secure Fence Law. Don’t let this arrogance go unnoticed and throw out senators in both parties. I wonder how much money they got paid under the table, by corporations, union’s bosses and special interests lobbyists. A POX ON BOTH HOUSES!

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Border Security, Drug Wars, Immigration — Obama's Trip To Mexico

We have four Senators fighting hard against the Amnesty Bill: Rand Paul (R-KY), Mike Lee (R-UT), Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Jeff Sessions (R-AL). We need to support their efforts, paper Washington with faxes at numbersusacom NO AMNESTY, NO WAY Fax Blasts sent in your name to every member of the House and Senate.

Our national security is at risk. Look what happened with the Boston bombers--they slipped through.

Our livelihoods are at risk. Illegal’s will flood in and take our jobs.

Our well-being and the future for our children are in grave jeopardy if this Immigration Reform passes? Imagine millions of illegal’s added to the welfare system. What will that do to our taxes?

This is urgent. Tell Congress, "AMNESTY IS BAD FOR AMERICA! VOTE NO!" and do it today by phone central Washington switchboard at -free t 1-888-978-3094. We can win this fight with your help with prudent taxpayers. Read the huge amounts of daily information disclosed on AmericanPatrolcom. This is the articles, blogs and media reports that are a must avidly read. Learn so much more about illegal immigration bills at JudicialWatchorg.
Boston Herald today:
Tsarnaev family received $100G in benefits

The Tsarnaev family, including the suspected terrorists and their parents, benefited from more than $100,000 in taxpayer-funded assistance --- a bonanza ranging from cash and food stamps to Section 8 housing from 2002 to 2012, the Herald has learned. -- "The breadth of the benefits the family was receiving was stunning," said a person with knowledge of documents handed over to a legislative committee today...

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