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Comments made by Btok

Scientists Weigh In On The Politics Of Climate Change

We Need Legal Representation To Get the Copenhagen Summit Cancelled and Save Our Country!
I believe the Copenhagen Treaty Summit should be cancelled! How in God's name can this be considered a legal agreement when a "Huge Amount" of the basis for the "Climate Change Data" has been found to be "Fraudulently Sabotaged" and absolutely "Inaccurate"? This is signing a contract or agreement Document that has "No Legal Foundation" of Realistic conditions or elements due to "Inaccurate and Manipulated Data" as described and therefore, anything stated on this "Copenhagen Treaty Document" should be considered "Null and Void"! Why create a Pandora's Box, subject to "Lawsuits and Misgivings" due to total inaccuracy of "Scientific Measurements"? Which "Now" is proving to be the case! This Treaty has no Legal ground to stand on and is and will be a "False Document" from day one!

Any International lawyers Canadian or American, that want to help keep our Sovereignty and Freedom should Pres. Obama or PM Harper sign this Copenhagen treaty?

There are four reasons the UN and IMF, Global Elitist Members Re: Ban Kai Moon ( Who has openly expressed his stong desire for Global Governance ), PM Gordon Brown, Bilderberg Member Henry Kissinger, Senior Bilderberg Member David Rockerfeller as well as an unprecedented number of Dictators that run various countries who are members of the United Nations as this Copenhagen Treaty was designed to acquire four goals, the least of them being climate improvment or protection as Lord Moncton has stated!

(1.) To de-industrialize Sovereign Countries ( No Jobs keep you dependant on State ) ( 2.) Take your money and assets - Hence, Fraudulent Carbon Emmissions and Carbon Gases for Carbon Credits and Carbon Taxes! (3.) Take away your property (4.) Take away your Sovereignty and Freedom!

Find out what Governments are doing behind your back, go to:

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