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Comments made by Bullybob

Pit Bull Attack Raises Questions Over Pet Regulations

Satariel... dont worry our shelter wouldnt adopt a pit bull type dog out if you have a two year old. It might be ok if the PB were a puppy and grew up with your child but an adult pit bull would probably not be a good choice.
Most of our adoptions do go to households with adults only or older children. With the best mannered PB we adopt to 10 and above. Some are adults only with power breed experience.

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Pit Bull Attack Raises Questions Over Pet Regulations

Pit bull type dogs should not be left unwatched in a backyard. They are way to smart and can dig out. When my dogs go in the backyard I always watch them or are in the backyard myself. I have a very good fence but still they are strong intelligent dogs.

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Pit Bull Attack Raises Questions Over Pet Regulations

I have owned adopted pit bull type dogs for over 15 years now. I also volunteer at a shelter which is pit bull friendly. I would say they are definitely not a dog for everyone. They are a power breed dog. They take exercise and training. Cesar Milan (dog whisper) has the best comment ever about power breeds. "with the power breeds the level of responsibity goes up".
Pit bull type dogs are certainly over breed presently. They have a bad reputation which turns off alot of potential owners/adopters. Then there are the people that should not adopt a pit bull type of dog because they are basically too irresponsible to own this type of dog.
As for me I love these types of dogs. I am physically a pretty active person but also like a dog that is affectionate.
Just as a small not a pit bull is not a breed it is a type of dog. Many breeds of dogs will be called a pit bull.

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